41420 crossword irregular verbs

37857 irregular verbs crossword

37857 irregular verbs  crossword
... The result of this action is a hole in the soil = _ Fill in the grid with the verbs you found in the crossword Infinitive 10 11 12 13 14 15 Past simple Past participle translation Keys...
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39197 christmas irregular verbs crossword with key

39197  christmas irregular verbs crossword with key
... p o t n e 10 13 u d Down 1) They haven’t cut the Christmas tree 2) Santa has already begun to read the letters 3) Children have already sung Christmas carols 4) Santa has drunk the milk 7) The ... presents Across 5) Santa hasn’t hurt himself 6) He hasn’t rung the doorbell 8) They have grown a Christmas tree in the yard 9) because, as you have already known, 11) The children have already ... He has fed his reindeer 17) He has sunk into his work 19) Santa has left the presents under the Christmas tree 20) He has already met all his helpers ...
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53407 irregular verbs crossword puzzles

53407 irregular verbs    crossword puzzles
... let them know which verbs they’ll be dealing with beforehand CROSSWORD 1 T H R E O W T R W O R W O R E I R O N T N T W E S K A E W U M O O K H O 10 T O W S T L E N A K E N N CROSSWORD ... usually eaten with butter or jam XXXXXX over it Have you XXXX the doors and windows? The verbs used in both puzzles are: shoot, show, shut, sing, sit, speak, split, spread, stand, steal, swim, take,...
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