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Questions to .NET and Programming in C#

Questions to .NET and Programming in C#
... Console.ReadLine() returns the input as a c) Stream of Characters a) String b) Character d) Integer In C# datatypes are divided into two fundamental categories c) Pointers and values a) Value types and ... types in simple terms is nothing but conversion of a value type into a reference type a) Casting c) Unboxing d) Overriding b) Boxing is all about converting a reference type into a value ... Basic input and output operations are performed in C# using the methods of the class in the _namespace a) InputOutput,Class c) Console,System b) InputOutput, System d) System,Console C#...
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C Sharp Review Questions

C Sharp Review Questions
... following code is meant to handle exceptions Explain why this code is not correct try { … } catch(Exception){…} catch(IOException){…} Select answer : We can’t use the type of IOException class as catch ... Sorting Caching Bubbling Question 20 : Difference between the C# statements “catch(Exception ex){}” and “catch{}”? A try statement can only have one catch{} statement(general catch clause) general clause; ... [ambiguous call’static MainClass()’ and ‘MainClass()’] Instance Static Instance Static Static instance Question 94 : What is the output of following C# code? class MainClass { static void Main()...
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