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... For non-English opinion QA, (Ku et al., 2007) creates a Chinese opinion QA corpus They classify opinion questions into six types and construct three components to retrieve opinion answers Relevant ... detection, opinion scope identification and polarity detection Some works on opinion mining are motivated by opinion question answering (Yu and Hatzivassiloglou, 2003) discusses a necessary component ... , conditioned on the opinion information expressed by the sentiment words they contain We propose to compute the conditional similarity score by linearly combining the scores conditioned on the...
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Questions to .NET and Programming in C#

Questions to .NET and Programming in C#
... Console.ReadLine() returns the input as a c) Stream of Characters a) String b) Character d) Integer In C# datatypes are divided into two fundamental categories c) Pointers and values a) Value types and ... types in simple terms is nothing but conversion of a value type into a reference type a) Casting c) Unboxing d) Overriding b) Boxing is all about converting a reference type into a value ... Basic input and output operations are performed in C# using the methods of the class in the _namespace a) InputOutput,Class c) Console,System b) InputOutput, System d) System,Console C#...
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