8761 the smurfs

the fall of the smurfs

the fall of the smurfs
... up the Smurf in the vacuum chamber and put him inthe cage with the other four The four Smurfs had lust-crazed looks intheir eyes."Kill him for me and I'll let you watch the rest of the video. "The ... parts littered the outskirts ofthe Smurf village Just for fu n, I took shots at some of theirbuildings, blasting them and the Smurfs inside them apart in an orgy ofdestruction that the Smurfs had ... ingrate." I ran the cup over the bars on the othercages, waking up the other Smurfs They woke up, joyous smiles on theirlittle blue faces."Are you going to let us go today?" they asked, their eyes...
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