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How to Write a Marketing Plan

How to Write a Marketing Plan
... information can be handled within a graphical format, such as tables and graphs, though a paragraph explanation of each is generally required Make sure to include total dollar (or other currency) amounts ... Other Areas Preferably this section includes a brief summary of current marketing decisions (see Situational Analysis) so readers of the plan can easily compare what was planned to what is planned ... with a somewhat more balanced picture of what the company may face as it attempts to implement the plan (Length: 2-3 pages) Internal Factors • Discuss company factors that may affect the plan o...
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Dial plan architecture.doc

Dial plan architecture.doc
... this allows the dial strings to remain consistent and expand the use of a single area code to multiple zone prifexes figure 6-4 illustrates this example multi zone dial plan: dial plans for multi ... challenge When creating a dial plan for a single zone in a WAN environment, it is always a good idea to use a numbering scheme that allows an easy migration to a multi zone dial plan Figure 6-3 illustrates ... such as 91# Figure –1 illustrates service prifex design in a multi zone network Single zone dial plan Dial plans for single zone betwork are faily straightforward There are a few rules that must...
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