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Báo cáo toán học: "On the area discrepancy of triangulations of squares and trapezoids" pot

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... that the difference between the area of D1 and the area of D2 is at least A1 A2 − ′′ , n′i ni because the maximum over all differences between the area of a triangle in Tn′i and the area of a triangle ... of equal areas, so that one of the vertices of the triangles is the midpoint of the line segment BC and no other vertices lie in the interior of BC Proof (i) Let a = 2α a′ , where a′ is odd and ... coordinates of the vertices of the ∆i very well ′ Moreover, the combinatorial type of the triangulations Tn0 and Tn0 shall be the same ′ A Then the quotients A′i , i = 2, , n0 , are of course...
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