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Báo cáo "Evolution of holocene depositional environments in the coastal area from the Tien river to the Hau river mouths " pot

Báo cáo
... low-lying plain in front of river mouth or tidal channel inside islands The late Holocene lithofacies distributed from to -20 m water depth in the area of delta front and prodelta Seaward, with increasing ... available The pH value of clays varies from 6,9 to 7,5, Eh from -20mv to +150mv and Kt from 0,7 to 1,4 These environment indicators proved a brackish transitional environment from river to the sea ... to express all composition and evolution of the depositional environments in coastal and nearshore area from 12Ky Bp to present Study on facies changing in time and space helps to determine river...
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Báo cáo lâm nghiệp:"Estimation of crown radii and crown projection area from stem size and tree position" pps

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... underestimation of crown projection area in beech stands shows that the estimation of Estimation of crown dimensions 401 Table V Comparison of total crown area and covered ground area, calculated from measured ... crown radii in pure stands (A: spruce, B: beech) and mixed stands (C: spruce, D: beech) Estimation of crown dimensions 399 Figure Comparison of crown projection areas calculated from simulated and ... II for each tree species and for pure and mixed plots (not for each plot!) In order to derive crown projection area from measured and simulated crown radii, the area between the radii is considered...
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Báo cáo y học: " Surgical Removal of lipoma from an area with tattooed skin"

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... DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS No similar case of surgical removal of lipoma from an area with tattooed skin using this aesthetic procedure was found in literature The intent of the case study is to ... lesion removal A first deep layer with Vicryl 3-0, slightly affecting the muscle fascia A second subcutaneous deep layer with Monocryl 4/0 and a subderm layer with Monocryl 5/0 We used interrupted ... anesthesia and hemostasis The skin was incised in the tattoo line with a scalpel blade no 15 The wall of the lipomatous lesion was identified and was isolated from the surrounding layers and freed from...
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