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... otherwise require a lot of time and human effort Data for Partial Cognates We performed experiments with ten pairs of partial cognates We list them in Table For a French partial cognate we list ... http://french.about.com/library/fauxamis/blfauxam_a.htm senses of cognate and false-friends for a wider variety of senses This task was done using a bilingual dictionary2 Table The ten pairs of partial cognates French par- English ... a small amount of seeds from a certain domain – the nature of the parallel corpus that we had, an improvement can be obtained in discriminating the senses of partial cognates using free text...
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... correspondences between vowels and consonants vastly improved the performance of the algorltbm No human intervention is needed to identify vowels from consonants, an improved version of an algorithm ... computed for each word pair Further iterations were found to yield negligible improvements to the results obtained D Improved Weights and Cognation PERFORMANCE index: 9.32/8 = 1.165 OF THE ALGORITHM ... degrees of certainty corresponding to z scores of and beyond The last improvement in the performance of the algorithm to date was brought by a redefinition of the cognatlon index Once the individual...
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1001 spanish words you already know a guide to english spanish cognates

1001 spanish words you already know a guide to english spanish cognates
... Perfect Cognates Here is the list of perfect English -Spanish cognates: Spanish English Actor Actor Admirable Admirable Agenda Agenda Alcohol Alcohol Altar Altar Animal Animal Area Area Artificial Artificial ... Kilo Lateral Lateral Legal Legal Liberal Liberal Literal Literal Local Local Macho Macho Maestro Maestro Mango Mango Man a Mania Manual Manual Marginal Marginal Mate Mate Material Material Matrimonial ... Artificial Auto Auto Balance Balance Bar Bar Base Base Bridge Bridge Brutal Brutal Cable Cable Café Cafe Canal Canal Cáncer Cancer Canon Canon Capital Capital Carbon Carbon Cartón Carton Central Central...
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