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Oxford IELTS book

Oxford IELTS book
... Speaking test sheet Acknowledgments 9 9 Books and material IELTS Preparation, Practice Samples, Free Preface How To Use This Book In this pr.ictice hook you will work your way ... with the book and the audio cassette together When you see the words START YOUR TAPE NOW in the book, you should start the cassette tape and follow the instructions given in both the book and ... exercises in the book until you see START YOUR TAPE NOW again The first part of the book works through a Practice test, section by section, following the structure of a typical IELTS Listening...
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achieve ielts grammar and vocabulary

achieve ielts grammar and vocabulary
... 184 |5 Diagnostic grammar test Do the test to help you find which grammar points you need to practise Each question is related to grammar units in Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary Choose ... and I don’t want to pack dirty clothes You need to check the weather forecast and call your parents Achieve IELTS Grammar | 19 Bohos: I ( ) the weather forecast, and it’s going to be fine and ... □ □ □ Now check your answers p168 Achieve IELTS Grammar | 27 Grammar A8 Stative, transitive and intransitive verbs Read the task and the student’s response, and write TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN...
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