Grammar terms beginning with the letter i

Báo cáo y học: " Local treatment with the selective IκB kinase β inhibitor NEMO-binding domain peptide ameliorates synovial inflammation" pot

Báo cáo y học:
... because they are mainly peptide- based and not steroid-based, they selectively block NF-κB activity in the joint without causing these side effects In addition, the NBD peptide inhibits only pro-inflammatory ... patients with RA was also significantly reduced In these synovial biopsies, the microarchitecture of the synovium is preserved, allowing investigators to study the effects of the NBD peptide on synovial ... highly specific IKK inhibitor on human synovial tissue Therefore, we collected synovial biopsies from patients with RA by arthroscopy and cultured the biopsies in the presence or absence of the...
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Coming to terms with the past in postwar literature and philosophy

Coming to terms with the past in postwar literature and philosophy
... at your past and see someone who is a stranger in terms of ideology and beliefs, then this coming to terms with your own past is simultaneously a coming to terms with the German past The significance ... relentless in pushing the process towards completion The rapidly achieved unification seemed to bring closure to postwar efforts to come to terms with the National Socialist past The initial act of the ... developments in the East Indeed, on the issue of coming to terms with the past West and East Germany diverged radically While many in the West tended to identify National Socialism with a more encompassing...
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Tài liệu Beginning Programming with the Visual Studio 2005 Environment pdf

Tài liệu Beginning Programming with the Visual Studio 2005 Environment pdf
... Visual Studio 2005 creates it for you In the Name field, type TextHello Ensure that the Create Directory for Solution check box is checked and then click OK The new project opens The menu bar at the ... opens The menu bar at the top of the screen provides access to the features you'll use in the programming environment You can use the keyboard or the mouse to access the menus and commands exactly ... foreground in the Code and Text Editor window The Solution Explorer displays the names of the files associated with the project, among other items You can also double-click a file name in the Solution...
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Tài liệu Báo cáo khoa học:
... complex than the classical definition) The set of rules in a grammar forms a formal grammar, ie it defines a language, in fact two languages, one of strings and the other of trees At the moment, there ... the grammar formalism One also sees that the grammar is declarative in nature, and thus it is interpretable both for analysis and for generation (for example, by ~nterpretlng the rules as tree ... we have yet to speak of a grammar) ; for instance, the TREE in fig does not necessitate the presence of a rule of the form "AP NT hunter ~ NP" to be in the grammar The grammar formalism for such...
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Báo cáo khoa học: "Grammar Prototyping and Testing with the LinGO Grammar Matrix Customization System" pot

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... by the customization system Not all of the Matrix- provided types are used in the definition of the language-specific rules, but they are nonetheless an important part of the grammar, serving as the ... buttons on the main page: “Test by Generation” and “Create Grammar “Test by Generation” allows the user to test the performance of the current state of the grammar without leaving the browser, and ... we return to the questionnaire to address the bugs in the sample grammar and retest to show the result Conclusion This paper has presented an overview of the LinGO Grammar Matrix Customization...
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