Tenses worksheet gap fills

Narrative tenses worksheet answers

Narrative tenses worksheet   answers
... 25/2/2016 Narrative tenses worksheet ­ Answers arrive) she'd been waiting for an hour, had drunk six cups of tea and they still hadn't arrived ... 10.    "Last time I saw you, you were going to emigrate to Canada! Did you?"   http://www.vivquarry.com/wkshts /narrative_ ans.html 2/2 ...
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Narrative tenses worksheet exercises 2

Narrative tenses worksheet   exercises 2
... 25 /2/ 2016 Narrative tenses worksheet ­ Exercises 2 8. We stayed in our seats until the film   (finish) Continue the following sentences using the words in bracket in either the past perfect simple or ... 10. "Last time I saw you, you   (emigrate) to Canada! Did you?" Narrative tenses worksheet Back to Grammar worksheets Home http://www.vivquarry.com/wkshts/narrex2.html 2/ 2 ... Put the verb in brackets in an appropriate form of the future in the past 1. "Henry! Good Lord! I forgot that you   (come) to dinner. I'm sorry, come in." 2.  The police   (charge) me with speeding, but I told them that I'd never driven a car 3. The beginning of the film was terrible. I hoped it ...
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Gap fills english grammar

Gap fills   english grammar
... room 10 He has got no ideas of his own Stay on top of your writing! Download our grammar guide from www.englishgrammar.org to stay up-to-date Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) ...
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