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... onomatopoeia, assonance and personification Superheroes Web quest A group of very old and conservative English teachers who see no value in learning about superheroes are trying to ban the reading ... been asked to write the recipe for a superhero The main conventions that we have covered about superheroes are the ingredients • You must have at least ingredients • Give your recipe a snappy...
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41071 description ability superheroes cartoon characters

41071 description  ability superheroes  cartoon characters
... doesn’t have a beard He has a big nose and he’s carrying a menhir Choose of the superheroes below and write a short description for each one (as in exercise 4): Superman Spiderman The Incredible ... has orange wings It’s very smart _ _ _ Which two characters in exercise are described in the paragraphs below?: A It’s : Its head is very big ... TALL SHORT C BIG STRONG D YOUNG THIN E SLOW SMALL F SILLY Are these sentences which describe the characters above true (T) or false LONG G WEAK (F)? Correct the false ones: Robin: INTELLIGENT/...
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