7392 summer holiday song

test review 2 in summer holiday

test review 2 in summer holiday
... “Would you like to go out for a drink?” He invited me ………… III Find out the mistakes During a curfew it is not possible walking on the streets after a specified hour 2. There are a lot of work to here ... working in this hotel six months ago I have ……… Peter said to me :” Don’t go out with my cousin” Peter advised me …… My parents make me stay at home I am made… He forgot about putting his case in ... 2. There are a lot of work to here 3.Good friendship should be basing on mutual understanding 4.I couldn’t make my car to start this morning He’s one of the most bored men I have ever met If I spoke...
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40796 my summer holiday

40796 my summer holiday
... following questions Q1 What is this text? A story about summer holiday A job application letter A letter to a friend Q2 How many people went on this holiday? Q3 Write ... their holidays? CEBI, 2013 _ _ _ Write about your holidays...
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