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An English Homophone Dictionary

An English Homophone Dictionary
... (-s) callous, callus cam (-s), camb (-s) canape (-s), canopy (-ies) cane, cain cannon (-s), canon (-s) cant, can't canter (-s), cantor (-s) canvas (-es), canvass (-es) capital, capitol carat (-s), ... (-s), emend (-s) analyst (-s), annalist (-s) ant (-s), aunt (-s) ante, anti, aunty apatite (-s) [phosphate], appetite (-s) appose (-s), oppose (-s) arc (-s), ark (-s) arrant, errant ascent (-s), ... comments and contributions from many readers We thank Scott Alexander, Carleen Cook, Tim Heiner, Michael W Judd, Marc Kamens, Hank Langknecht, Vicki Newby, Gordon Schomberg, David Whigham, and John...
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Tài liệu Báo cáo khoa học: "Detection of Japanese Homophone Errors by a Decision List Including a Written Word as a Default Evidence" docx

Tài liệu Báo cáo khoa học:
... Compound Nouns based on Character Cooccurrence and Its Evaluation (in Japanese) Journal of Natural Language Processing, 4(3):83-99 Masahiro Oku 1994 Handling Japanese Homophone Errors in Revision ... of elements of the homophone set increases Our method has an advantage that the size of DL1 is smaller The size of the decision list has no relation to the precision and the recall, but a small ... Construction of DL1 is, DL1 is the decision list to attach the written word as the default evidence to a (see Fig.l) Next, we calculate the precision and the recall of DL1 Because a of DL1 is the same as...
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Báo cáo khoa học: "Modeling Filled Pauses in Medical Dictations" docx

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... talkers This 620 Models Testing Data The language modeling process in this study was conducted in two stages First, a bigram model containing bigram probabilities of FP's in the balanced BFP-COPRUS ... NOFP-LM language models The 363,08 increase in perplexity for ALLFP-LM model corroborates the results discussed in Section Another interesting result is contained in the highlighted fields o f Table ... FP's in their speech into high FP users and low FP users A more finely tuned categorization of talkers in respect to FP use as well as its usefulness remain to be investigated Another area of investigation...
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