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List of compound nouns

List of compound nouns
... keypad keypunch keystone keystroke upstairs softball uptight upstate supercool superego superfine superhero foreleg foreman foresee oneself Compound Word List # washroom blackbird blackboard blackberries ... cardboard carefree Compound Word List # caretaker carsick carfare cargo uptake upthrust newsroom uptime carryall cartwheel wheelbase wheelbarrow washcloth fishlike waterproof fishnet newsdealer ... notebook throwaway fireproof buttermilk footnote moonbeam Sunday handmade candlelight firearm airline crossbow sideshow software sunfish moonstruck rattletrap weatherproof earthworm schoolboy sweetheart...
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List of 1000 Kanji

List of 1000 Kanji
... 44 List of 1000 Kanji 221 鳥 CHOU bird チョウ tori と り 222 店 TEN store, shop 開店 kai ten - the opening of a shop 喫茶店 kissaten - coffee shop 店員 ten in - attendant, clerk of the store question, ... 愛犬家 ken ka - lover of dogs member, official 委員 i in - committee member 会員 kai in - member, membership 社員 sha in - company employee 22 List of 1000 Kanji 院 イ ン 111 112 ... novelist, author 愛猫家 byou ka - lover of cats 救急車 kyuu kyuu sha - ambulance 特急 tokkyuu - limited express train オリエント急行 oriento kyuu kou - Orient Express 21 List of 1000 Kanji...
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