English grade 8 reading true false test 02

English 12_Unit 8: Reading

English 12_Unit 8: Reading
... crop phẩm i Vụ mùa crops Bumper thu Cải thiện Better UNIT 8: THE STORY OF MY VILLAGE - LESSON 1: READING The words in A appear in the reading passage Match them with their definitions in B A B ... grow it bumper crops d Soft wet earth cash crops e good crops UNIT 8: THE STORY OF MY VILLAGE - LESSON 1: READING Task 2: The reading passage tells us about many changes in the village Complete ... methods old new crops poor good / bumper travel no information motorbike UNIT 8: THE STORY OF MY VILLAGE - LESSON 1: READING  Task 3: Read the passage again, and find answers for the following...
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true false test

true false test
... statements are likely to be false * qualifying determiners (usually, sometimes, often) statements are likely to be true • Varying the ratio of true/ false statements from test to test so that students ... whether each type of test below is a type of recognition test or reproduction test by circling "A" if it is recognition, "B" if it is reproduction Recognition Reproduction A B True- False A B Multiple ... "true" or "false" ), which would be typed beside each question This will be easier to mark as well as prevent any wrong scoring due to misreading students’ handwriting IV Advantages of true false...
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