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Báo cáo khoa học: "Scaling up from Dialogue to Multilogue: some principles and benchmarks" doc

Báo cáo khoa học:
... we consider how to scale up dialogue protocols to multilogue, settings with multiple conversationalists We have extracted two benchmarks, MLDSA and MAG, to evaluate scaled up protocols based on ... yields protocols for querying and assertion that fulfill these benchmarks Finally, section provides some conclusions and pointers to future work Long Distance Resolution of NSUs in Dialogue and Multilogue: ... information states and formulation of protocols for querying and assertion in dialogue In section we consider three possible transformations on dialogue protocols into multilogue protocols These transformations...
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Báo cáo khoa học: From meiosis to postmeiotic events: Alignment and recognition of homologous chromosomes in meiosis ppt

Báo cáo khoa học: From meiosis to postmeiotic events: Alignment and recognition of homologous chromosomes in meiosis ppt
... recombination of homologous chromosomes In meiosis, DSBs of DNA are deliberately generated and healed by recombination between homologous chromosomes On the other hand, pairing and synapsis of homologous ... recognition Alignment of homologous chromosomes Pairing of homologous chromosomes occurs at an early stage of meiosis, involves searching for homologous partners, and leads to intimate connections ... FEBS 567 Homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis D.-Q Ding et al Recognition of homologous chromosomes Contribution of homologous recombination to pairing Bouquet formation appears to be a common...
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Báo cáo lâm nghiệp: "Evapotranspiration of a declining Quercus robur (L.) stand from 1999 to 2001. I. Trees and forest floor daily transpiration" ppsx

Báo cáo lâm nghiệp:
... importance of LAI as a limiting factor of stand transpiration has been demonstrated [19] For each year and each plot, T/LAI was calculated for oaks and was always < 0.3 Except for 2001, T/LAI was ... Intra- and inter-annual variations of transpiration, leaf area index and radial growth of a sessile oak stand (Quercus petraea), Ann For Sci 53 (1996) 521–536 [22] Granier A. , Anfodillo T., Sabatti ... (75% from pedunculate oak, 14% from Q rubra and 5% from Acer) and 4.3, 3.7 and 4.2 in the control plot (53% from pedunculate oak, 25% from Acer and 11% from Fraxinus) An automatic weather station...
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Báo cáo toán học: "Consecutive Patterns: From Permutations to Column-Convex Polyominoes and Back" ppsx

Báo cáo toán học:
... covering w with F -factors: β specifies where the factors in ν are to be “placed so as to cover” w Accordingly, w is said to be F -coverable and the pair (ν, β) is said to be a covering of w We ... mn = 1, and, for k < n, mk is the change in the y-ordinate from the bottom edge of Qk+1 to the top edge of Qk For Q in Diagram 3, δ(Q) = 4 35526541 The map δ is a bijection from CCP to Y As ... to be considered The first is to track P as a whole and the second involves tracking the patterns in P individually Relative to Q2, these respective problems are to determine y P (σ) q inv σ and...
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