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Mô tả: Giáo án Tiếng anh 7 Kiểm tra / Ôn tập Period 1I. Objectives: - T check Ss knowledge after the summer holiday. - After the lesson, Ss will be able to revise some grammar points. - To encourage Ss to learn English heartII.Preparation: - Text bookIII. Teaching procedure1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - T checks the preparation of Ss3. New lesson: A. Warm- up: - Ss play the game : Hangman - Give some questions to Ss about their summer vacation:+ Do you have a good and interesting summer vacation?+ Where did you spend your summer vacation ?+ What did you do?+ Who did you go with?+ How long did you stay there?B. Presentation: * Test:I.Thêm đuôi ing vào sau các động từ sauExample: play----playing 1.Write - . 5.Ride - . 2.Walk - . 6.Watch - . 3.Go - . 7.Swim - . 4.Drive - . 8.Skip - .II:Đánh dấu X vào các câu trả lời dúng 1.Lien likes .She usually swims and does aerobics. Sports music games 2.The weather is often in spring. cool warm hot cold 3 .are you going to stay here ? For 2 weeks. How long How often How much How many 4.We swim in the winter. It's too cold.always usually neverIII.Đọc, rồi trả lời các câu hỏi sau:1 Vui and her friends are going to camp for three days in SAPA.Vui is going to bring a tent and some food . Lan is going to bring a ball. Ly is going to bring her camera to take some photos. Nga and Mai are going to bring some drinks. 1.Where are they going to camp ? . 2.How long are they going to stay there ? . 3. What are they going to do there ? . 4.Who is going to bring drinks ? .4.Consolidation: - Remind Ss the key points:The present simple tense & the near future.5. Homework:- Revise all grammar points Ss have learnt in grade 6. - Prepare the new lesson: Unit 1: A 1,42Unit 1: Back to school.Period 2: Lesson 1: A1 & A4I. Objectives: - Language functions presented: revise and develop the way of greeting and introducing oneself. - Structures: Niceto meet you, Nice to see you. - Skill developed: 4 skills.II. Preparation: - Textbook, tape and cassette.III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - T checks the preparations of Ss 3. New lesson:A. Warm - up: - Ask Ss some questions: + Are you happy to be back again? + Do you have any new friends? + What do you say to your friends when you first meet after the summer vacation?B. Presentation: Introduction: - Introduce the situation of speaking. Preparation: - Nice to meet you. - Nice to see you. - Ask Ss to listen to the dialogues (a) & (b) with their book closed. - T writes on the BB: - Nice to meet you. - Nice to see you. - Give the meaning and the situation to say those words. - Rất vui đợc gặp bạn ( Dùng trong trờng hợp khi bạn đợc giới thiệu lần đầu tiên ) - Ask Ss listen to the dialogue again and read after. - Ask Ss to open the book and read the text silently.+ Practice 1: Pair / group work: - Ask Ss to practice reading the dialogue (a) in group of 3 then change roles. - Ask Ss to read the dialogue (b) in pair, then change roles. - Ask two pairs to practice reading in front of the class.3 + Ss answer the questions: - What is the new girl’s name? - What class is she in? - Who in the dialogue also in the class 7A?- Ask Ss to write down the answers in their note books.+ Practice 2: Listen, complete the dialogue: - Ask Ss to look at exercise 4 in the book. Tell them to look at the dialogues (a) & (b) and the words and expressions in the box. - Ask Ss to choose the right words and expressions. - Ask ss to listen to the recording and complete the dialogue. - Play once again for Ss to check. 4. Consolidation: - Give more situation for Ss to practice.- Notice the way of greeting oneself.5. Homework: - Review the key points. - Do Ex. A1 & A2 in workbook.- Prepare : A 2,3, 54Unit 1: Back to school.Period 3: Lesson 2: A2, A3 & A5I. Objectives:-To consolidate the present tense and comparative form.- After the lesson, Ss will be able to understand the text, practice formal greeting and distinguish the formal and informal greeting.II. Preparation: - Textbook, tape and cassette.III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: - Date : 7A3: . 2. Oral test: - Using cues to make dialogues in pairs: a, Hello/ nice / meet / too. b, Hi / pleased / see / again / too. c, Morning / glad / meet / new classmate / Hoa. 3. New lesson:A. Warm - up:- Give some questions: + Are there any new students in your class? + What is his / her name? + How do you say when you first meet him / her?B. Presentation:a, A2: Read and answer: - Teach some new words:still: vÉn lots of: rÊt nhiÒu miss: nhí / lìdifferent: kh¸c nhau translation: dÞch / phiªn dÞch unhappy >< happy Suggested questions: + Hoa: - from - staying with - lots of friends? - old / new school?5 - happy / unhappy? why? - Ask Ss to read silently. - Ask ss to read and answer the questions.a, She is from Hue.b, She is staying with her uncle and aunt.c, No, she doesn’t.d, Her new school is bigger than her old one.e, Because she misses her parents and her friends. - Ss give the summary of the text, using the answers above.b. A5: Listen and practice: - Set the situation and ask Ss to give the way to practice. - Play the tape twice for Ss to practice listening , then Ss repeat. - Ask Ss to read the dialogue again, pay attention to the rhythm and the intonation. - Ask Ss to practice in pairs.c, A5: Listening comprehension: - Set the situation. - Give open prediction:Which picture is formal / informal? - Ss listen to the tape once then compare the notes. - Ss listen again to check. - Call some Ss to repeat the conversation.4. Consolidation: - Make situation in which Ss practice greeting in both 2 ways, formal and informal.a, Lan / Mai.b, Miss Hoa / Van. 5. Homework:-Review the key points. - Do Ex. A3 & A4 in the workbook.-Prepare: B1,26Unit 1: Back to school.Period 4: Lesson 3: B1 & B2I. Objectives:- To help Ss study the way to ask and give personal information and address. - After the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about personal information and introduce others.II. Preparation: - Textbook, tape and cassette.III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: - Date : 7A3 . 2. Oral test: - S1 : Do Ex A3 ( a ) - S2 : Do Ex A3 ( b ) - The rest do Ex A4 orally. 3. New lesson:A. Warm- up:- Show some cards and let Ss practice with those cards: Name: Peter Pike Name: Le Thi Mai Age: 13 Age: 15 Add: 20 Le Loi street Add: 15 Tranphu street. B. Presentation:1. B1: Listen, practice and answer:- Teach the new words:7 family name / surname: hä middle name: tªn lãt.- Give gap- filling: - This is . ,Hoa. - She is years old. - She lives at . Tran Hung Dao Street.- Ss listen to the tape with book closed, then fill in the gaps.- Ss compare their notes with each other.- Ss listen again to check their answers.- Ss listen once again with books open and answers the questions.2. B2: Write: Complete the dialogue:- Revise the Wh- questions with wordsquare: W H E R E W H H M N H H O T A U O I W T A T H C R H E O N H S O T A M R - Ss find the question words then give remarks about their use.Who What Where Which How- Ss read the dialogue in B2 and use the question word to fill in the gaps.Then compare notes.- Ask two pairs to read the dialogue aloud and check the answers.- Get ss to practice readinmg the dialogue in pairs.- Give some remarks. 4. Consolidation: - Make dialogues in pairswith this given form:Name Age Class School Home address5. Homework:- Do Ex B1 & B2.- Prepare the next lesson: B4 & B5.8Unit 1: Back to school. Period 5: Lesson 4: B4 & B5I. Objectives:- To help Ss ask about transportation and distances. - After the lesson, Ss will be able to ask and answer about the distance with “ How far is it from to . ? ”II. Preparation: - Textbook, tape and cassette.III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: - Date : 7A1: . 7A2: 2. Oral test: - Two Ss make a conversation about personal information, then complete this student’s card.9Student s card’Name:Age:Class:Adress:3. New lesson:A. Warm- up:- Give some questions: - What’s your name? - Where do you live? - How do you go to school? - Is it near here ?- Show the picture of Hoa.B. Presentation:a, Present the dialogue:- Ss listen to the dialogue once with book closed.- Write model sentences on the board:+ How far is it from your house to school?+ How far is it from your house to the market ?+ It’s about one kilometer/ five hundreds meters.- T explains:How far .? : for distancefrom to : places.about : the distance.b, Practice:- Give word- cue drill:The market : 300 m.The post- office : 500 m.The movie- theater : 2 km.School : 1 km- example exchange:A: How far is it from your house to the market?B: It is about three hundreds meters.c, Production:- Ss practice asking and answering about the distances of their own.4. Consolidation:- Call one S to tell about him/ herself:+ Name:+ Address:+ Distance from home to school:10 . ..................... 7. Swim - ......................... 4.Drive - ..................... 8.Skip - .........................II:Đánh dấu X vào. procedure: 1. Organization: - Date : ................7A1:........... ................7A2:............ 2. Oral test: - Two Ss make a conversation

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