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Mô tả: The first term English test - Grade 12 Time allowed: 50 minutes Test number 123 I. Grammar and vocabulary: * Choose from the four options given (marded A, B, C or D) one best answer 1. “ ” means “an economic process in which prices increase so that money becomes less …… valuable” A. Intervention B. Inflation C. Reform D. Renovation 2. After he his English course, he went to England to continue his study.……… A. had finished B. finish C. finishing D. finishes 3. Bird flu by the virus H5N1.……… A. are caused B. is caused C. caused D. is causing 4. Nowdays women the same wages as men……… A. should pay B. will be paid C. should be paid D. will pay 5. losing lot of blood, Nam is in a stable condition.……… A. In spite of B. Because C. Despite of D. Although 6. his poor health, Mr Brown still works hard to support his family.……… A. Despite of B. Although C. Despite D. Because of 7. In my family my sister does most of the ……… A. household chores B. homework C. houses D. home 8. Quoc Hoc Senior High School, was founded in 1896, is a beautiful school in Hue.……… A. which B. who C. where D. that 9. Things greatly since we Doi Moi policy.……… ……… A. changed / had B. have changed / had C. have changed / have had D. changed / has had 10. They are trying to persuade the rich to their money to the charities.……… A. increase B. contribute C. invest D. finance 11. Do you get well with the girl shares the room with you?……… A. whose B. who C. whom D. which 12. My father helps my mother with the housework. He proves to be , especially when my ……… mother is sick. A. supportive B. supported C. supporting D. support 13. You give a party in your new house to celebrate moving into it.……… A. houseguest B. house coming C. housewarming D. housekeeping 14. Nowadays, the divorce rate is higher than it used to be young people are allowed to ……… decide on their marriage. A. despite B. in spite of C. even though D. but 15. Nowadays, the number of divorces has increased in some societies. This means that there are a lot of ……… A. single - parent families B. extended families C. nuclear families D. traditional families 16. Your must be typed into 3 copies to hand in for our company.……… A. applicating B. application C. applicants D. applying 17. They only interviewed the people letter of application and resumes had been sent on ……… time. A. which B. whom C. whose D. where 18. If she the GCSE examination last week, she the entrance examination to the ……… ……… university. A. had passed / could have taken B. passed / could take C. passed / could have taken D. passed / can take 19. Today, scientists in the word research on AIDS.……… A. does B. make C. doing D. are doing 20. Americans often say “thank you” when you help them something.……… A. to doing B. makes C. doing D. do 21. We always remember the day we first met.……… A. when B. where C. that D. which 22. he is old, he wants to travel around the world.……… A. Although B. In spite of C. Despite D. Because 23. I were rich, I would help the poor. But now I am too poor.……… A. If B. Because C. Because of D. Unless 24. Before Doi Moi, Vietnam’s economy was and stagnat.……… A. under - developed B. developed C. develop D. development 25. These shops have goods for sale at . Prices.……… A. attracted B. attractive C. attract D. attraction II. Writing * Choose one underlined part which needs correcting: 26. She has disappeared three days ago, and they are still looking for her now. A B C D 27. If you listen to the questions carefully, you would answer them easily. A B C D 28. There are also many single mothers and single father which are raising children by themselves A B C D 29. The government and people of Vietnam have taken the responsibility to reform their economy A B C D 30. The result of that test must be inform before August. A B C D * Choose the sentence ( A, B, C or D) which is closest in meaning to the original sentence. 31. They can’t work and travel because they are old. A. Despite their old age, they still work and travel. B. In spite of their old age, they can work and travel. C. Eventhough they work and travel, they are old. D. Because of their old age, they can’t work and travel. 32. The Vietnamese Communist Party initiated an overall economic reform in December 1986. A. An overall economic reform is initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December 1986. B. An overall economic reform was initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December 1986. C. An overall economic reform initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December 1986. D. An overall economic reform has been initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December 1986. 33. We stayed in that hotel despite the noise. A. We stayed in the noisy hotel and we like it. B. Despite the hotel is noisy, we stayed there. C. Because of the noise, we stayed in the hotel. D. Although the hotel was noisy, we stayed there. 34. The place was really beautiful. We spent our holiday there. A. The place where we spent our holiday was really beautiful. B. The place which we spent our holiday was really beautiful. C. The place in which we spent our holiday was really beautiful. D. Both B & C are correct. 35. “ Open your book” the reported speech is: A. I told him open his book. B. I told him to open his book. C. I told him to open your book. D. I told him opening your book. III. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 36. A. leave B. easy C. pleasure D. please 37. A. party B. family C. graduate D. can 38. A. explained B. decided C. loved D. called IV. Choose one word which has the position of stress different from the others. 39. A. problem B. worker C. number D. police 40. A. evident B. president C. employment D. different V. Reading * Read the passage below and choose the best answers to each question from the choices (A, B, C or D) given. There are more and more challenges for school children today at their early age. For example elementary pupils have to work harder to finish many types of homework. Teachers and parents can help them in many ways. Teachers should be more ready to give timely comments and feedbacks to encourage their pupils. At home, parents also need to care more about the place and time for their children to do homework. There should be enough space to work comfortably, good light, and no distraction such as television or phone calls. Taking tests is another challenge for school children. Some parents worry that their children will become stressed over the tests. However, teachers can help them prepare more carefully for the tests and be more confident to pass them. Teachers try to make sure that the pupils really enjoy the experience, so that they are able to do their best. Parents can help by not making their children’s taking tests too serious. The more relaxed parents are, the better children can perform in the tests. 41. How hard do children have to study today? A. They don’t have to finish a lot of homework. B. They have to work harder to finish many types of homework. C. They have to get good marks. D. They have to take many kinds of exams. 42. What should parents avoid when their children do their homework? A. Distractions such as television and phone calls. B. Good time and place C. Enough space D. Good light 43. How do some parents feel about their children’s taking tests? A. They help them prepare for the tests. B. They think it isn’t a challenge for them. C. they care about them. D. They worry that their children will become stressed. 44. Teachers should make school children enjoy taking tests so that ……… A. they are able to do their best B. they are more worried about taking tests. C. they prepare more carefully. D. they are not confident to take the test. 45. What kind of attitude should parents show towards children’s taking tests? A. They should be serious. B. They should be relaxed C. They should be readyD. They should be useful * Read the passage and fill in each blank with a suitable word from A, B, C or D. (46) someone’s attention so that we might speak to that person, we can use either verbal or …… non - verbal form of (47) . Let us look at non - verbal communication in English. Probably the …… most common way of attracting someone’s attention is by waving. For example, if we are at a noisy party and see a friend come in the door about 20 metres away, we might (48) our hand and …… wave to her as a signal that we see her. But how (49) can we wave in a situation like this? Suppose you are at the airport, and you …… see your brother get (50) the plane and begin walking toward you. If you are excited, you …… might jump up and down and wave as hard as you can to attract this attention. This is the instance where big, obvious non - verbal signals are appropriate. 46. A. To attract B. To be attracted C. Attractive D. Attraction 47. A. communicative B. communication C. communicate D. communicating 48. A. raise B. to raise C. raising D. raised 49. A. hardly B. hardest C. harder D. hard 50. A. in B. off C. on D. of . families B. extended families C. nuclear families D. traditional families 16. Your must be typed into 3 copies to hand in for our company.……… A. applicating. reform is initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December 1986. B. An overall economic reform was initiated by the Vietnamese Communist Party in December

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