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OÂN TAÄP TIEÁNG ANH 7 NH 2009-2010 I.Choose the best answer 1. Lan ___ some new clothes last year. a. buy b. bought c. buys d. will buy 2. Clean teeth are ______teeth. a. kind b. serious c. awful d. healthy 3. These papayas aren’t ripe. _______ are those bananas. a. too b. neither c. so d. either 4. The doctor said she _________ a virus. a. has b. have c. had d. having 5. Nam is a _______ cyclist. He cycles carefully. a. care b. careful c. careless d. carefully 6. Ba went to the doctor because he ______sick. a. is b. are c. were d. was 7. The people in Nha Trang are very ________ a. friendly b. friend c. important d. famous 8. Would you like to play table tennis?_ __, but I can’t.a. I’d love b. I’d like to c. I do d. I’d like 9. I like _____time with my parents at night. a. using b. taking c. spending d. doing 10. Walking is a(n) ______ activity. a. expensive b. inexpensive c. dangerous d. dangerously. II. Read the passage and decide if the statements are true or false. Contests are very popular TV programs. There are contests of knowledge, contests of folk music, games, sports and so on. The contestants are students, workers, or family members. In some contests, TV viewers can join in and answer the questions through telephone or by mail. 1. People like the contests on TV very much. 2. TV viewers can watch or take part in many kinds of contests. 3. Your brothers and sisters can be contestants. 4. We only join in the contests through telephone. III. Correct the following mistakes. 1. Lan is a skillfully tennis player. ……………………………………………… 2. I’m going to listen the contests of folk music…………………………… 3. They don’t like bananas. Either do Nam and Ba. …………………………. 4. Yesterday, Nam and Hoa go to the amusement center…………………………. IV. Make questions for the underlined words. 1. Liz learned English in the USA. _______________________________________________. 2. I like to watch the movies program on TV. _______________________________________. B. Choose the best option for each of the following sentences. 1. Yesterday, John and Mary ______ very happy to accept our invitation. A. is B. are C. was D. were 2. They like _______ together. A. play B. played C. playing D. plays 1 3. ___________. – It’s 500 meters. A. What is it? B. How far is it form the supermarket to the restaurant? C. Who is eating there? D. What’s the name of the restaurant? 4. Remember _____ and iron your own clothes tomorrow. A. wash B. washing C. washed D. to wash 5. What’s matter, Nga? A. The weather’s fine. B. I have a bad cold. C. The dentist was very kind. D. I likes sweets very much. 6. Clean teeth are _____ teeth. A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. unhealthy 7. I don’t like pork. _____________. A. So do I B. I do, too C. I do, either D. Neither do I 8. Hung’s father plays a lot of sports and ______ does he. A. neither B. either C. So D. Too 9. Why didn’t Trang go to school yesterday? A. Because she wanted to go to school. B. Because she walked to school. C. Because she didn’t go to school yesterday. D. Because she was sick. 10. My father always rides his motorbike _______. A. careful B. careless C. carefully D. carefulness 11. Nam plays soccer _______. A. well B. bad C. good D. skilfull 12. Would you like to play table tennis?_ ____, but I can’t.A. I’d love B. I’d like to C. I do D. I’d like 13. I like _____time with my parents at night. A. using B. taking C. spending D. doing 14. Walking is a(n) ______ activity. A. expensive B. inexpensive C. dangerous D. dangerously. 15. You ought _____ a doctor. A. to see B. see C. seeing D. seen II. Read and choose the appropriate words (A, B, C or D) to complete the passage.(3ms) There is only one disease called __(1)__: the common cold.We call it the common cold because every year millions of peope __(2)__ it. Everybody knows the __(3)__: a runny nose, a slight fever, coughing and sneezing. It is very unpleasant, but nobody knows a __(4)___. At the drugstore, there are usually shelves with cold ‘cure’. These medicines don’t cure a cold, but they do __(5)___ the symptoms. Whatever you do, your cold will last for e few days and then disappear. How can you help prevent a cold? Eat __(6)___, exercise and you’ll be fit and healthy. 1. A. common B. popular C. important D. beautiful 2. A. catching B. catch C. caught D. catches 3. A. symptom B. reason C. reasons D. symptoms 4. A. cold B. cure C. come D. cut 5. A. relieve B. relieves C. relief D. replay 6. A. bad B. badly C. good D. well III. Match a question in A with an answer in B. 2 A B 1. Why was Thuy absent from class yesterday? 2. I think I have flu. 3. Would you like to play tennis? 4. Nga has a headache and she feels tired. A. she should stay inside at recess. B. because she was sick. C. I’d love to, but I can’t. D. Are you feeling cold and hot? I’ll take your temperature. IV.Correct the following mistakes. 1. My brother plays tennis very skilfull……………………………… 2. I’m going to listen music tonight………………………………………. 3. They don’t like bananas. So do Nam and Ba……………………… 4. Yesterday, Nam and Hoa go to the movie theater…………………………… V. Put the words in the correct order to make a complete sentence. 1. to / Last Monday / late / Nga / school / got. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 2. my homework / before / I / went / I / finished / the theater / to. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2. 1. Complete the sentences using was or were. 1. He ______ very sad yesterday . 2. They ______ were not happy together. 3. My mother _______ very angry with me last night. 4. Their grandmother ______ very kind. 5. I _____ at home all day yesterday. 6. Mr. Long _______ not in his office yesterday. 7. It _______ very cold last night. 8. You ______ not very friendly to my sister. 9. Bob and Ted _____ in Viet Nam last summer holiday. 10. It _______ a very delicious cake. 2. Complete the sentences using the past simple form of the verbs. 1. I _____ at home all weekend. ( stay) 2. Angela ______ to the cinema last night. (go) 3. My friends ______ a great time in Nha Trang last year. (have) 4. My vacation in Hue ______ wonderful. (be) 5. Last summer I _____ Ngoc Son Temple in Ha Noi. (visit) 6. My parents ____ very tired after the trip. ( be) 7. I _______ a lot of gifts for my little sister. (buy) 8. Lan and Mai _______ sharks, dolphins and turtles at Tri Nguyen aquarium.(see) 9. Trung _____ chicken and rice for dinner. (eat) 10. They ____ about their holiday in Hoi An. (talk) 11. Phuong _____ to Hanoi yesterday. (return) 12. We _____ the food was delicious.(think) 3. Write complete sentences. Use the past simple of the verbs. 3 1. I / go swimming / yesterday. 2. Mrs. Nhung / wash / the dishes. 3. my mother / go shopping / with / friends / in / park. 4. Lan / cook / chicken noodles / dinner. 5. Nam / I / study / hard / last weekend. 6. my father / play / golf / yesterday. 7. last night / Phong /listen / music / for two hours. 8. they / have / nice / weekend. 4. Fill in the gap with an appropriate preposition. 1. She went _______ Vung Tau yesterday. 2. I ate ________ many restaurants. 3. They want to go _______ the beach. 4. I bought some souvenirs ________ my friends. 5. They took a lot ______ pictures. 6. Last week, I sent some postcards ____ my friends in the USA. 3. Below each sentence are four choices ( A,B,C,D). Choose the one which best completes the sentence.Blacken the letter . 1. ____________was your vacation in Hue ? Great ! A.Which B.Who C.How D.What 2. Thuong is talking to Hoa____________her new school. A.To B.about C.with D.up 3.____________went to the cinema with Anna ? Her brothers. A.Who B.What C.Where D.How 4.We went to a small restaurant____________dinner. A.with D.for 5.Yesterday Wendy and Ted____________very happy to accept our invitation. B.are C.was D.were 6.They like ____________together. B.played C.playing D.plays 7.I’m going to visit Australia____________. year B.last week C.yesterday D.two year ago. 8. My new T-shirt has some blue flowers____________it. C.on 9. Liz is____________to visit me tomorrow. A.comes B.coming C.come D.came 10. Which verb add “ es “ in the third person , like “ I wish – she wishes ” ? A.want B.visit D.teach 4 11. How much is that dress ? A.Thank you B.It’s beautiful C.I like it very much D.It’t 50,000dong 12. ____________ It’s 500 meters. A.What is it ? B.Who is eating there? C.How far is it from the supermaket to the restaurant ? D.What’s the name of the restaurant ? 13. ____________did you visit the museum ? Last month. A.What B.Where C.When D.Why 14. Complete the square. cold Hot cheap A.expensive B.good C.large D.beautiful 15. ____________? Red. A.What this. B.What colour is it C.It’s nice. D.Do you like it. 16. What____________ Nam want to do ? He wants to go camping. B.are C.does 17. Let’s ____________to the movies. A.go B.goes C.going D.went 18. Remember____________and iron your own clothes tomorrow. A.wash B.washing C.washed wash 19. What’s the matter, Nga ? A. The weather’s fine. B.I have a bad cold C.The dentist is very kind. D.I like sweets very much. 20. Is your brother a doctor ? A. No, he is a doctor. B. Yes, he is my brother. C. Yes , he’s. D. No, he’s a teacher. 21. Don’t eat too____________fatty food. A.much B. many C.a lot of D. all are correct 22. Clean teeth are ____________teeth. A. health B.healthily C.healthy D.unhealthy 23. ____________ go to bed early last night. Because I had to do my homework. A. Why did you not B.Why you C.Why don’t you D.Why not you 4. 1. Fill in the gap with an appropriate preposition. 1. How was your vacation ________ Nha Trang ? 5 2. Liz’s T-shirt has a picture of a dophine _______it? 3. They went to a big restaurant _________ lunch. 4. Ms. Trang returned _______ Ho Chi Minh city last week. 5. Tom and his family arrived _____ Paris this year from the USA. 6. She made some biscuits _______ her children. 7. They often go swimming ________ the afternoon. 2. Underline the correct words or phrases to complete the sentences. 1. ( Don’t listen to / Don’t get up ) loud music at night. 2. ( Listen to / Wear ) sunglasses. 3. ( Go to bed / Watch ) early. 4. ( Don’t use / Don’t play ) computer games. 5. ( Brush / Make ) your teeth regularly. 6. ( Do / make ) morning exercises. 7. ( Don’t drink / Don’t eat) too much coffee. 8. ( Don’t watch / Don’t see ) television late at night. 3. Put in So do I, So am I , ect ; Neither do I , Neither am I , ect . 1. “I’ll go shopping tomorrow”. ”____________________. ” 2. “I had a cold “.”____________________” 3. “I can’t understand a word he says”. ”____________________ ” 4. “I enjoyed the meal”. ”____________________” 5. “ I don’t like potatoes”. ”____________________.” 6. “ I thought the food was awful”. ” ____________________” 7. “ I was thirsty”. ”____________________.” 8. “ I didn’t like the soup at all”. “____________________”. 9. “ I’m not hungry”. “____________________”. 10.” I’m very tired”. “____________________” 4. Choose the best option for each sentence. 1. What’s that? ______ a window. A.They’re B. It’s C. he’s D. We’re 2. Which word is different ? A. call B. weigh C. kept D. give 3. _______________________? – 45 kilos. A. How tall is he? B. What does he like? C. What’s his weight? D. Is he short? 4. Why didn’t Trang go to school yesterday? A. She wanted to go to school. B. She walked to school. C. She didn’t go to school yesterday. D. She was sick. 5. Your _______ is 37 o C. A. height B. temperature C. weight D. width 6. ____________.- Once a week. A. How tall is she? B.How heavy is she? C. How does she like the movies? D. How often does she go to the movies? 7. Which word has a different vowel sound. A. call B. take C. say D. age 8. I need _____ your temperature. A. took B. taking C. taked D. to take 9. ____________ can you prevent a cold? – Eat well and exercise. A. what B. Why C. Who D. How 10. The doctor told Lan _______ in her medical record. A. fill B. to fill C. filling D. filled 6 11. The children _____ to see the doctor now. A. is waiting B. are waiting C. waits D. wait 12. What’s your height? A. 1 meter 45 centimeters B. 45 kilos C. 37 o C D. 2 square meters 13. What meat ____ for lunch, Susan? A. you like B. like you C. would you like D. would like you 14. I don’t like pork. _____________ A. So do I B. I do, too C. I do, either D. Neither do I. 15. Which word is different? A. fruit B. mango C. papaya D. orange 16. Which word is stressed on the first syllable? A. banana B. papaya C. spinach D. potato 17. I like fish. A. I am, too. B.So am I. C. Neither do I. D. So do I 18. Last night, my sister didn’t watch “ Harry Potter”, but I _______. A. do B. did C. am D. were 19. Are they durians? A. Yes, they are B. Yes, they’re. C. yes, are they D. Yes, they be. 20. Hung’s father plays a lot of sports and ________ does he. A. neither B. either C. too D. so 5. 1. Give the correct form of adverbs. 1. good _______________ 2. bad _______________ 3. fast _______________ 4. slow _______________ 5. surprising _______________ 6. careful _______________ 6. quick __________________ 7. easy __________________ 8. careless __________________ 9. skillful __________________ 10. safe __________________ 11. happy __________________ 2. Fill in each gap with an appropriate preposition. 1. My father’s very good ______ swimming. 2. Being aware ___________ the risks is the safe way to water play. 3. A lot of school children took part ______ the swimming contest. 4. Thu’s very friendly ______ her friends. 5. It’s important to improve water asfety awareness _____ children. 6. Football is popular ________ the schoolboys. 3. Rewrite the sentences using a verb and an adverb. 1. My mother is a careful cyclist. ________________________________________ 2. Bob’s a careless driver. ________________________________________. 3. They’re hard workers. ________________________________________. 4. Daisy’s little sister is a slow runner. ___________________________________. 7 5. Tom’s a bad footballer. _________________________________________. 6. Ann and Susan are safe swimmers. ___________________________________. 7. Her aunt is a good cook. ________________________________________. 8. Mai’s a skillful tennis player. ________________________________________. 9. His sister is a quick typist. ________________________________________. 4. Underline the correct word ( adjective or adverb) 1. The music is too ( loud / loudly).We can’t talk. 2. They played very bad/badly and they lost the game. 3. She reads very slow / slowly. She’s a slow / slowly reader. 4. Ann gave very short / shortly answers. 5. Please read the signs careful / carefully. 6. You sing very good / well. 7. Her exam results were very good / well. 8. She has beautiful / beautifully handwriting. 5. Multiple choice 1. My father always rides his motorbike __________. a.careful b. careless c. carefully d. carelessly 2. You ought ______ a doctor. A. to see b. see c. seeing d. seen 3. _________. I’d love to. a. How often do you go to the cinema? b. Where is the cinema? c. Is there a cinema near here? d. Would you like to go to the cinema? 4. Ted’s from England and _______ are his cousins. a. neither b. either c. so d. too 5. Which word is different ? a. generous b. kindly c. interesting d. simple 6. Nam plays soccer ________. a. good b. bad c. well d. skillful 7. Collecting stamps______ his hobby. a. is b. are c. can d. do 8. ___________________. He goes jogging in the park. a. How often does your father go jogging? b. Does your father like jogging? c. When does your father go jogging? d. Where does your father go jogging? 9. The antonym of Dangerous is _________. a. safe b. unsafe c. safety d. safely 10. ___________, he said he could play the piano. a. Surprising b. surprisingly c. surprise d. surprise 6. Write sentences,using the cue words. 1. Mary / prefer / sports shows / fashion shows. _________________________________________. 2. What / you / often / do / in the evening? __________________________________________. 8 3. There/ a good film / on Rex Theater. __________________________________________. 4. What kinds / programs / Thi / like? __________________________________________. 5. Trung / not really / like / watch sports. __________________________________________. 6. He / prefer / take part in / them. __________________________________________. 7. I / not like / durians. __________________________________________. 8. They / like / play / computer games. ___________________________________________. 9. They / clean / their room / last Sunday. ___________________________________________. 10. Thu / write to / friend yesterday. ___________________________________________. 7. Underline the error in each sentence and then correct it. 1. At the moment Nga cooks dinner in the kitchen. ___________________ 2. How many butter do you want ? ___________________ 3. They’re going to buying some food tomorrow. ___________________ 4. He had often a big breakfast. ___________________ 5. Let’s to eat out tonight. ___________________ 6. How much does those oranges cost? ___________________ 7. I’ll have six egg. ___________________ 8. There isn’t some coffee. ___________________ 8. Supply the correct form or tense of the verbs in the brackets. 1. Nga’s sister often ( go) _____ to work by bus. 2. I know he ( come) ______ here tomorrow. 3. You (see)______ the shadow puppet show on TV last night? 4. The people’s Army of Viet Nam(win) _________ the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954. 5. Nga ( study) ________ for the history quiz at the moment. 6. You can ( enjoy) ________ pop music on the radio. 7. Today Dien Bien Phu (be) ________ a tourist destination. 8. Would you like (visit) ______________ Singapore? 9. Thomas edison (invent) ________ over 1,300 things. 10. Fred enjoys ( spend) _______ time at the beach. 11. Hoa ( brush) ______ her teeth twice a day. 12. She ( forget) ______ to brush her teeth yesterday. 13. Last week the doctor _____ (fill) a cavity in my eighth tooth. 14. We usually (wash and iron) _______ our clothes every week. 9 15. We always ( wash ) _____ our hands before meals. 16. Ba (clean and tidy) _________________ his room yesterday morning. 17. Lan (not have ) ______ a health examination last month. 9. Complete the sentences using a comparative and than. 1. Today is ( warm )______________ yesterday. 2. The books in this bookstore are (new) __________________ the ones in the school library. 3. The taxi is (expensive) __________________ the bus. 4. This new TV program is (interesting) _____________ the old one. 5. The traffic is (noisy) ___________________ it was last year. 6. our school is (near) ________ theirs. 7. Thuong is a ( good) ___________ student _____________ Nga. 8. These exercises are ( difficult ) _____________ last week’s exercises. 10. Match a question in A with an answer in B. A B 1. Why do you go jogging? 2. Why does Nga brush her teeth after meals? 3. Why are they busy? 4. Why was Nam late for school? 5. Why was Thuy absent from class yesterday? 6. Why does Nam have to see the dentist? 7. Why was she sad? 8. Why do the children look so happy? A. because I want to lose weight. B. because he watched TV late last night. C. because she wants to have healthy teeth. D. because it is harvest time and they have to work on the farm all day. E. because they always eat healthy food. F. because she was sick. G. because her exam result was very bad. H. because he has a toothache. 11. Write the question for the answer. 1. _____________________________________________. They are 15 years old. 2. The students have a medical check-up once a year. __________________________________________. 3. I visited the dentist because I had a terrible toothache. ________________________________________. 4. They feel very happy now. ______________________________________________________________. 5. The cinema is on Tran Hung Dao street. ___________________________________________________. 6. Nga is a student. ______________________________________________________________________. 7. I like cartoons. ________________________________________________________________________. 10 . few days and then disappear. How can you help prevent a cold? Eat __ (6) ___, exercise and you’ll be fit and healthy. 1. A. common B. popular C. important. Trung _____ chicken and rice for dinner. (eat) 10. They ____ about their holiday in Hoi An. (talk) 11. Phuong _____ to Hanoi yesterday. (return) 12. We
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