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MISCONCEPTIONS PRE-QUIZ V Go through this pre-quiz and think intently about the answers to each question Remember: whether you get the question right or wrong is irrelevant, and so no answers have been provided If you are eager to know the correct answers, pay close attention to the subsequent lectures in the rest of this section All of the following are habits that must be broken in order to speed-read, except: A Reading words like “and,” “or,” “the,” etc B Hearing the words in your mind’s voice C Moving your eyes smoothly along the entire page D Including margins in your visual span E Reading only as fast as you feel you can comprehend Speed readers make fewer movements of their eyes than other people A True B False Effective speed readers use their finger to set the pace of their reading A True B False It’s a bad idea to read faster than you’re comfortable with, especially while you’re learning A True B False Which of these skills can you actually improve? A How wide your eyes' field of focus is B The “top speed” of the voice in your head C How fast your eyeballs move D All of the above © 2017 SuperHuman Enterprises, Inc All rights reserved
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