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PRACTICE TEST Question 1: Choose the best answer to complete these sentences It was very difficult for the inspector to………….what recommendations he should make A realise B settle C solve D decide This is not the right……… to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen! A moment B situation C opportunity D circumstance The job of student lodgings officer a great many visits to landladies A concerns B offers C asks D involves It is …….knowledge in the village that Mr and Mrs Thorne quarrel violently several times a week A common B complete C normal D usual All students leaving college at the end of term must leave their addresses so that letters can be sent……… A forward B through C on D to Of course I’m a Christian………I expect everyone who works here to be a Christian too A since B then C and D but “ My daughter, Mary, tries to……… to see me at least one a week,” Mrs Jones told the social worker A call up B go up C come on D drop in Driving in London is supposed to be confusing but I didn’t find it at…….difficult A all B first C once D least Yesterday the naval authorities………the reports in Friday’s newspaper that they had exploded three bombs near an unknown submarine A published B confirmed C re-stated D agreed C could D might 10 If only I … play the guitar as well as you! A would B should 11 The shops are always……….of people at Christmas time A full B stuffed C busy D crowded 12 The party, …… I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable A by which B at which C for which D to which 13 Children with……… diseases should not be allowed to go to school A contact B infectious C constant D influential 14 I ……… my friend to lend me his caravan for my trip to the country A persuaded B suggested C proposed D convinced 15 John swims very well and…….does his brother A also B even C so 16 They would…… go by air than spend a week travelling by train D too A always B rather C prefer D better C thought D puzzled 17 I have often… why we went to live abroad A wondered B surprised 18 My wife and I have much pleasure in ………the invitation to your daughter’s wedding A asking B accepting C thanking D welcoming 19 Her guest apologised for causing her so much…… A problem B complication C trouble D damage 20 Because his argument was so confusing,…… people understood it A few B clever C less D many 21 Some schools have very…….rules of behaviour which must be obeyed A strong B solid C straight D strict 22 It is…….unlikely that the Queen will agree to open the new Town Hall A mainly B highly C largely D greatly 23 I must tell you about my …….when I first arrived in London A incidents B happenings C experiences D events 24 In pain as a result of the fall, he……slowly home A stepped B wound C limped D sped 25 I think he is unwell; he was complaining……….a headache this morning A at B of C from D against Question 2:Rewrite sentences There was never any answer when we rang => Every _ That's an insulting name to use for him => don't call _ John asked if it was the blue one or the green she wanted => Which _ She liked Paris very little, and Roma less => She thought Rome _ I can meet you if you arrive before 11 => So They will catch all the prisoners again by tonight => All the prisoners _ I've warned you not to go near that dog => I've warned you about No, please don't tell him => I'd rather _ Why don't you ask her yourself? => I suggest _ 10 An up-to-date visa is necessary for Andorra => You'll _ Question 3: Reading Comprehension Section The nuclear family, consisting of a mother, father, and their children, may be more an American ideal than an American reality Of course, the so called traditional American family was always more varied than we had been led to believe, reflecting the very different racial, ethnic, class, and religious customs among different American groups, but today diversity is even more obvious The most recent government census statistics reveal that only about one third of all current American families fits the traditional mold of two parents and their children, and another third consists of married couples who either have no children or have none still living at home An analysis of the remaining one third of the population reveals that about 20 percent of the total number of American households are single people, the most common descriptor being women over sixty-five years of age A small percentage, about percent of the total, consists of unmarried people who choose to live together; the rest, about percent, are single parents, with at least one child There are several easily identifiable reasons for the growing number of single-parent households First, the sociological phenomenon of single-parent households reflects changes in cultural attitudes toward divorce and also toward unmarried mothers A substantial number of adults become single parents as a result of divorce In addition, the number of children born to unmarried women who choose to keep their children and rear them by themselves has increased dramatically Finally, there is a small percentage of single-parent families that have resulted from untimely death Today, these varied family types are typical and, therefore, normal In addition, because many families live far from relatives, close friends have become a more important part of family life than ever before The vast majority of Americans claim that they have people in their lives whom they regard as family although they are not related A view of family that only accepts the traditional nuclear arrangement not only ignores the reality of modern American family life, but also undervalues the familial bonds created in alternatives family arrangements Apparently, many Americans are achieving supportive relationships in family forms other than the traditional one Which of the following is the main topic of the passage? A The traditional American family B The nuclear family C The current American family D The ideal family The author of would most probably agree with which of the following statements ? A.There have always been a wide veriety of family arrangements in the United States B.Racial, ethnic, and religious groups have preserved the traditional family structure C.The idea Americal family is the best structure D Fewer married couples are having children 3.How many single people were identified in the survey? A One third of the total surveyed B One fourth of the total surveyed C One fifth of the total surveyed D Less than one tenth of the total surveyed 4.Who generally constitutes a one-person household? A A single man in his twenties B A single woman in her late sixties C An elderly man D A divorced woman 5.The passage discusses all of the following reasons for an increase in single-parent householdsEXCEPT? A a rising divorce rate B death of one of the parents C babies born to single women D increased interest in parenting by fathers Question 4: Read the passage and choose the option that best fits each space : Australia School Education Primary and secondary education in Australia are(1)… through both government and non-government providers State and Territory governments have major responsibility(2) goverment school education and contribute to (3)… for non-government schools.(4)…students enroll in government schools which operate under the direct responsibility of the State of Territory Education Minister,(5)… the rest choose non-government schooling The Australian government’s role includes the provision of significant supplementary financial (6)…to government and non-government school authorities to support agreed priorities and strategie Schooling is (7)…from age to 15 in all states except Tasmania, where it extends to 16 However, in most States and Territories, children (8)…primary school at the age f when they enroll in preparatory or kindergarden year, after (9)…primary education continues for either six or seven years, depending on the State or Territory Secondary education is available for either five or six years, depending on the State and the length of primary education Students usually commence their secondary schooling when (10)…12 or 13, reaching year 12 at 17 or 18 10 A run A of A funds A Most A where A sponsor A compulsory A learn A that A age B delivered B about B money B Mostly B while B supply B obliged B prepare B which B year C taught C in C currency C Almost C during C support C must C go C then C aged D educated D for D program D The most D which D problem D necessary D start D what D at Question 5: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form I’d rather (stay) at home than (go) out with you I’d rather you (keep) your mouth (shut) The teacher suggested that every student (bring) his own meal ration My father is going to have a machinist (repair) his car You will feel more confident when you (swim) for a few weeks The scientist (point out) that the book he (write) the previous year (be) already out of date Question 6: Fill in blank with the correct form of the words given The cost of … to the show is reasonable ADMIT My teacher is very … about the history of Vietnam KNOW There’s too much …in this world GREEDY He feels a great deal of … for the awful way he behaved ASHAMED Mr Smith is a …person If he says he will something, you know that he will DEPEND …, there are black holes in space THEORY The results of the first experiments are very … PROMISE The sun and the moon are often … in poetry PERSON Sam works as a … in an office in the town centre TELEPHONE 10 Many children have been … of their country’s history IGNORE ... primary education Students usually commence their secondary schooling when (10 ) 12 or 13 , reaching year 12 at 17 or 18 10 A run A of A funds A Most A where A sponsor A compulsory A learn A that... welcoming 19 Her guest apologised for causing her so much…… A problem B complication C trouble D damage 20 Because his argument was so confusing,…… people understood it A few B clever C less D many 21. .. Roma less => She thought Rome _ I can meet you if you arrive before 11 => So They will catch all the prisoners again by tonight
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