A study on syntactic and semantic features of the giving verb group in english and their vietnamese equivalents

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MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING HANOI OPEN UNIVERSITY M.A Thesis Field: English Language Code: 8220201 A STUDY ON SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC FEATURES OF THE GIVING VERB GROUP IN ENGLISH AND THEIR VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS (ĐẶC ĐIỂM CÚ PHÁP VÀ NGỮ NGHĨA CỦA NHÓM ĐỘNG TỪ GIVING TRONG TIẾNG ANH VÀ TƢƠNG ĐƢƠNG TRONG TIẾNG VIỆT) QUAN THI THANH HUYEN Hanoi, 2018 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING HANOI OPEN UNIVERSITY M.A Thesis Field: English Language Code: 8220201 A STUDY ON SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC FEATURES OF THE GIVING VERB GROUP IN ENGLISH AND THEIR VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS (ĐẶC ĐIỂM CÚ PHÁP VÀ NGỮ NGHĨA CỦA NHÓM ĐỘNG TỪ GIVING TRONG TIẾNG ANH VÀ TƢƠNG ĐƢƠNG TRONG TIẾNG VIỆT) QUAN THI THANH HUYEN Supervisor: Dr NGUYEN THI VAN DONG Hanoi, 2018 STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP I declare that this thesis, entitled ―A STUDY ON SEMANTIC AND SYNTACTIC FEATURES OF GIVING VERB GROUP AND THEIR VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS‖, and the work presented in it is my own and has been generated by me as the result of my own research I confirm that when I quoted from the work of others, the source was always given and no part of this work has been published before submission Hanoi, 2018 QuanThi Thanh Huyen Approved by SUPERVISOR Dr Nguyen Thi Van Dong Date:…………………… ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS During the whole process of conducting this study for her MA thesis, the writer has received the support as well as encouragement from a number of people Thus, it will probably be an unacceptable mistake if this invaluable contribution to the accomplishment of this thesis is not mentioned First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Dr Nguyen Thi Van Dong, with their patience in providing constant and careful guidance, advice as well as useful corrections and suggestions Secondly, my special thanks also go to all the lecturers in the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, Hanoi Open University for their very useful and interesting lectures which have laid the foundation for my thesis Last but not least, my sincere thanks are delivered to my beloved family and friends, whose unlimited love and support enabled me to complete this paper TABLE OF CONTENTS Statement of authorship Acknowledgements i ii Table of contents List of abbreviations iii vi List of tables Abstract vii viii Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale 1.2 Aims and objectives of the study 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Research questions Methods of the study Scope of the study Significance of the study Design of the study Chapter 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Previous studies 2.2 Theoretical background 2 3 5 2.2.1 2.2.2 2.2.3 2.2.4 2.3 2.3.1 2.3.2 2.4 7 11 14 14 16 19 Theory of syntax Theory of semantics Overview of English verbs Overview of Vietnamese verbs Theoretical framework Overview of the giving verb group in English Overview of the giving verb group in Vietnamese Summary Chapter 3: METHODOLOGY 3.1 Subjects 3.2 Instrumentation 3.3 Procedures 3.4 Statistical analysis 3.5 Summary Chapter 4: 20 20 20 21 21 22 24 SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FEATURES OF ENGLISH GIVING VERB GROUP AND THEIR VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS IN TERMS OF SYNTAX AND SEMANTICS Syntactic features of English giving group in terms of sentence 4.1 elements and sentence patterns 4.1.1 In terms of sentence elements 24 4.1.2 4.2 4.2.1 In terms of sentence patterns Syntactic features of the six English verbs in the giving verb group Syntactic features of give 35 36 36 4.2.2 4.2.3 Syntactic features of lend Syntactic features of pay 37 38 4.2.4 4.2.5 4.2.6 4.3 4.3.1 Syntactic features of present Syntactic features of donate Syntactic features of exchange Semantic features of the giving verb group in English Semantic features of give 39 39 40 41 42 4.3.2 4.3.3 Semantic features of lend Semantic features of pay 43 43 4.3.4 4.3.5 4.3.6 4.4 44 45 45 46 4.5 Semantic features of present Semantic features of donate Semantic features of exchange The giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents A comparison of giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents in terms of their syntactic feature A comparison of giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents in terms of semantics Frequency of English giving verbs 4.6 4.6.1 4.6.2 4.7 Discussion Suggestions for language teaching Suggestions for language translating Summary 64 64 65 67 68 68 68 4.4.1 4.4.2 Chapter 5: CONCLUSIONS 5.1 Summary of findings 5.2 Concluding remarks 24 46 48 63 5.3 Recommendations for further study 69 5.3.1 Limitations of the research 69 5.3.2 Suggestions for further study 70 REFERENCE APPENDIX LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS A A1 Nouns or pronouns Things/people that is influenced A2 Co Things given or received Object complement Cs E.g i.e Subject complement For example, That is No NP NP1 NP2 NP3 O Oi Od P Number Noun phrase Participant Participant Participant Object Indirect object Direct object Percentage Pre Preposition S Sb Sth V * Subject Somebody Something Verb Wrong sentence LIST OF TABLES Page Table 2.1 Vietnamese verb classification in Vietnamese Grammar 14 Table 2.2 The classification of the six English verbs in the giving verb group Total data for the research references and quoted sources 15 36 Table 4.2 The semantic functions of each clause type having the six English verbs in the giving verb group The giving verb group in terms of the sentence patterns Table 4.3 Table 4.4 Frequency of the six English verbs in the giving verb group The English giving verb group and their Vietnamese 41 62 Table 3.1 Table 4.1 Table 4.5 Table 4.6 equivalents in terms of semantic features The summary of semantic features of the giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents Frequency the six giving verbs in the bilingual English and Vietnamese literary works 22 38 62 61 ABSTRACT Nowadays, English is regarded as the language of modernization and technological advancement all over the world Learning English is also problematic for foreign learners because they are affected by their mother tongue during the process of studying grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, etc This thesis aims at dealing with investigating syntactic and semantic features of the giving verb group and their Vietnamese equivalents The data quoted from the eight bilingual English and Vietnamese literary works prove that the verb give is the most frequency use, and the verb donate is the least frequency use In addition, the giving verbs can be translated with a variety of meaning in Vietnamese The findings of this study are the valuable knowledge for translators and teachers as well as The results of the study show that the six English verbs belonging to the giving verb group are give, lend, pay, present, donate, and exchange Semantically, the six verbs in the giving verb group mostly mean transferring possession of some Gift from Donor to a Recipient However; the translators should use different words in Vietnamese depending on the different position (higher or lower) of the Donor and the Recipient These initial findings of the analysis may lead to implications for language teaching, translation as well as some suggestions for further research 10 (Họ cầm tờ mƣời dollar quyên.) (97) The one with the glasses made me give it back to her (Cơ đeo kính nhanh nhẹn giằng lấy phiếu từ tay tôi.) (98) After they left, I started getting sorry that I'd only given them ten bucks for their collection (Lúc họ hẳn, tơi đâm hối qun cho họ có 10 dollar.) (99) I didn't give a damn, though (Nhƣng tơi nhổ vào đó.) (100)If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? (Nếu cô gái đẹp tuyệt đến nơi hẹn bực đến muộn chứ?) (101)Why don't you go on over and give him a big soul kiss, if you know him? (Em biết khơng, em việc đến đó, ta, có lẽ, mừng đấy.) (102)He was the kind of a phony that have to give themselves room when they answer somebody's question (Một kẻ nhƣ lúc phơ trƣơng, chí dọn chỗ cho trƣớc trả lời.) (103) I mean I don't give a darn, one way or the other (Em đƣợc.) (104) You have to keep making believe you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and everybody sticks together in these dirty little goddam cliques (Lại tứ thời giả coi trọng đội bong chúng thắng hay thua Tối ngày tán gẫu rƣợu chè, đàn bà, tình dục, đứa có hội hè có bè lũ đê tiện đó.) (105) You give me a royal pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth (Và nói chung, cút cho rảnh…) (106)I thought maybe I might give old Jane another buzz and see if she was home yet (Tơi nghĩ – có lẽ nên gọi cho Jane lần xem nàng nhà chƣa.) 91 (107) I thought I'd give her a buzz and, if she was home yet, take her dancing or something somewhere (Tôi nghĩ – nàng nhà, mời nàng nhảy đâu đó.) (108)The only thing he ever did, though, was give these sex talks and all, late at night when there was a bunch of guys in his room (Nhƣng làm việc cho đề cập tới đủ thứ chuyện tình dục lúc đêm khuya, bọn nhóc chúng tơi tụ tập phòng nó.) (109)He said he would, but he probably didn't even give her my message (Hắn nói, hỏi lự, nhƣng có lẽ chẳng thèm chuyển lời đề nghị tôi.) (110)People never give your message to anybody (Chẳng buồn chuyển hộ điều bao giờ, bạn đề nghị.) (111)But when I got inside this phone booth, I wasn't much in the mood any more to give old Jane a buzz (Nhƣng vất vả chui đƣợc vào trạm điện thoại, tơi chẳng tâm trạng gọi cho Jane nữa.) (112)About a gallon of water was dripping down my neck, getting all over my collar and tie and all, but I didn't give a damn (Nƣớc từ đầu chảy xuống cổ, cà vạt ƣớt sũng, cổ áo nữa, nhƣng nhổ vào chuyện đó.) (113)Listen Give her my compliments (Nghe này, anh chuyển hộ lời chào đến cô nhé.) (114)Give her my compliments Okay? (Nghe này, chuyển lời chào đến cô nhé.) (115)The worst he'll do, he'll give me hell again, and then he'll send me to that goddam military school (Cùng lắm, bố la hét trận tống vào trƣờng quân sự.) (116)When he was at Pencey they were the happiest days of his life, and giving us a lot of advice for the future and all 92 (Những năm học Pencey năm tốt đẹp đời lão, khuyên bảo bọn anh lời chết giẫm cho tƣơng lai.) (117)All you have to to depress somebody is give them a lot of phony advice while you're looking for your initials in some can door (Lão phun lô lốc lời khuyên vơ dụng lúc tìm kiếm tên cánh cửa, có thế.) (118)"I don't give a damn if he does," I said (Thây kệ, anh nhổ vào tất cả!) (119)He didn't even give a damn if his coat got all bloody (Thầy chả thèm bận tâm đến áo khoác bị dây đầy máu.) (120)Give Mother a kiss (Hôn mẹ nào.) (121)She was trying to give me the dough, but she couldn't find my hand (Nó chìa cho tơi tiền, nhƣng khơng tìm đƣợc tay tôi.) (122)Just give me two bucks, is all (Đưa anh hai đô thôi.) (123)I tried to give it back to her, but she wouldn't take it (Tôi giúi tiền vào tay nó, nhƣng khơng cầm.) (124)I told her again I'd give her a buzz if I got a chance, and then I left (Tơi hứa gọi điện cho thêm lần nữa, đƣợc, đi.) (125)I didn't give much of a damn any more if they caught me (Tơi nhổ vào chuyện ngƣời ta có tóm đƣợc tơi hay khơng.) (126)If you go along with it any considerable distance, it'll begin to give you an idea what size mind you have (Nếu cậu chuyên tâm đủ học, cậu nhận khái niệm khả trí tuệ mình.) (127)I'm probably gonna give her a buzz tomorrow (Có lẽ, mai em gọi điện cho cô ấy.) (128)I decided I'd just see old Phoebe and sort of say goodby to her and all, and give her back her Christmas dough, and then I'd start hitchhiking my way out West 93 (Tôi định gặp em gái tơi, trả tiền, sau đƣờng giơ tay vẫy xe xin nhờ đến miền Tây.) (129)I figured I'd write her a note telling her where to meet me so I could say goodby to her and give her back her Christmas dough (Tôi định viết mẩu giấy hẹn nơi gặp để từ biệt trả lại tiền quà ) (130)I'd take the note up to her school and get somebody in the principal's office to give it to her (Tôi mang mẩu giấy đến trƣờng, nhờ văn phòng chuyển cho Phoebe.) (131)Museum of art near the door at quarter past 12 if you can and I will give you your Christmas dough back (Hãy chờ anh viện bảo tàng, cạnh cửa vào, lúc 12 15, có thể, anhsẽ trả lại tiền quà em.) (132)Then I started walking up the stairs to the principal's office so I could give the note to somebody that would bring it to her in her classroom (Tôi lên thang, vào phòng hiệu trƣởng để nhờ mang mẩu thƣ vào lớp cho em gái.) (133)I knew they'd give it to her if I was her brother and all (Nhƣng biết, thƣ anh trai chuyển cho em tức thì.) (134)I told her I was Phoebe Caulfield's brother, in 4B-1, and I asked her to please give Phoebe the note (Tơi nói tơi anh trai Phoebe Caulfield học lớp 4B nhờ bà chuyển cho mẩu thƣ này.) (135)She took the note off me and called some other lady, from the next office, and the other lady went to give it to Phoebe (Bà cầm tờ giấy tôi, gọi phụ nữ phòng bên cô chuyển giấy cho Phoebe ngay.) (136)I thought maybe I might stop in a phone booth and give old Jane Gallagher a buzz before I started bumming my way west, but I wasn't in the mood 94 (Tôi nghĩ có nên gọi điện cho Jane Gallagher trạm điện thoại tự động trƣớc bỏ miền Tây khơng, nhƣng chả có lòng nào.) (137)I began to get scared that maybe that old lady in the school had told that other lady not to give old Phoebe my message (Nhỡ bà già văn phòng bảo ngƣời đàn bà đừng chuyển giấy cho Phoebe.) (138)Lend me your scissors a second, willya? Ya got 'em handy? (Cho tao mượn kéo mày lát đƣợc không ?) (139)How 'bout lending me your hound's-tooth jacket? (Cho tao mượn áo da ngắn mày đƣợc không?) (140)Isabella to lend him the dough to buy ships (Isabella cho vay xu mua tàu.) (141)If you want to know the truth, I almost didn't lend him my sweater (Nói thật với bạn, không cho mượn nữa.) (142)I can lend you some (Em cho anh mượn ít.) (143)Mr Antolini forgot to lend me some (Thầy Antolini quyên cho mượn bộ.) (144)Think they'll make ya pay for em? (Thế bọn chúng bắt mày chịu tiền vé gì?) (145)I think they should've at least offered to pay for the drinks they had before I joined them (Tơi nghĩ họ phải đề nghị trả tiền cho phần họ uống trƣớc gia nhập.) (146)"Who I pay?" (Thế tiền trả cho ai?) (147)I'll pay you and all, but you mind very much if we don't it? (Thì tơi bảo trả tiền sòng phẳng gì.) (148)I said I'd pay you for coming and all (Tao trả mày tới đây.) 95 (149)I took their check off them, but they wouldn't let me pay it (Tôi giành lấy hai phiếu ghi tiền, nhƣng họ định không chịu để trả.) (150)You can take it all You can pay me back (Anh lấy đi, lấy hết đi! Rồi trả em sau.) (151)They'd pay me a salary and all for it (Họ trả lƣơng cho thứ.) 5) The Great Gatsby (152)Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction (Trong phản ứng ấy, tơi chừa có Gatsby, ngƣời đƣợc lấy tên đặt cho sách này.) (153)He object she was balancing had obviously tottered a little and given her something of a fright (Có lẽ vật đỡ lại rới khiến cô lo sợ.) (154)Did you giveNick a little heart-to-heart talk on the veranda? (Mình huyên thuyên tâm với Nick hiên phải không?) (155)Occasionally a line of gray cars crawls along an invisible track, gives out a ghastly creak, and comes to rest, and immediately the ash-gray men swarm up with leaden spades and stir up an impenetrable cloud, which screens their obscure operations from your sight (Thỉnh thoảng, đoàn tàu với toa xe xám xịt trƣờn đƣờng vơ hình, phát tiếng rít rùng rợn dừng lại Ngay lập tức, ngƣời xám ngoét tay cầm xẻng chì bâu đến nhung nhúc nhƣ đàn kiến làm bốc lên đám mây dày đặc che kín hoạt động mờ ám họ.) (156)All I ask is that they should give me a start (Chỉ cần có giúp đỡ buổi đầu thôi.) (157)She‘ll give you a letter of introduction (Cô viết cho ông thƣ giới thiệu.) (158)You‘ll give McKee a letter of introduction to your husband 96 (Em viết thƣ giới thiệu McKee với chồng em.) (159)I‘m going to give you this dress as soon as I‘m through with it (Tôi biếu chị áo không dung đến nữa.) (160)A persistent undergraduate given to violent innuendo (Một anh sinh viên hay nói lời bóng gió cục cằn.) (161)Anyhow, he gives large parties (Dù sao, biết ông ta tổ chức vui lớn.) (162)Don‘t give it another thought, old sport (Đừng nghĩ đến chuyện lần nữa, ngƣời anh em ạ.) (163)They will give you a better impression (Những tên cho bạn ấn tƣợng rõ nét hơn.) (164)I began to like New York, the racy, adventurous feel of it at night, and the satisfaction that the constant flicker of men and women and machines gives to the restless eye (Tơi bắt đầu u thích New York, tơi có cảm giác say sƣa, li kì dạo chơi ban đêm thành phố này, vui thích nhìn dòng ngƣời nam nữ xe cộ chập chờn nhoang nhoáng trƣớc mắt nhớn nhác tôi.) (165)She wasn‘t able to endure being at a disadvantage and, given this unwillingness, I suppose she had begun dealing in subterfuges when she was very young in order to keep that cool, insolent smile turned to the world and yet satisfy the demands of her hard, jaunty body (Cô ta cam chịu bất lợi thái độ không cam chịu ấy, tơi cho từ lúc nhỏ Jordan bắt đầu dùng đến mƣu mẹo để giữ đƣợc nụ cƣời lạnh lùng xấc xƣợc ngƣời, đồng thời thoả mãn đƣợc nhu cầu thân nhanh nhẹn rắn mình.) (166)They will give you a better impression (Những tên cho bạn ấn tƣợng rõ nét hơn.) (167)He jumped off to give me a better view (Anh nhảy khỏi xe để nhìn rõ hơn.) (168)Take ‘em down-stairs and give ‘em back to whoever they belong to 97 (Em mang xuống dƣới nhà trả cho ngƣời chủ nó.) (169)Until he had given them something (Chừng anh chƣa đem lên đƣợc thức gì.) (170)I don‘t give big parties (Tôi không tổ chức vui lớn.) (171)He had deliberately given Daisy a sense of security (Anh cố ý gây cho Daisy cảm giác yên ổn.) (172)If to give them a deep memory for the long parting the next day promised (Nhƣ để ghi sâuvào lòng họ kỷ niệm chia ly dài đến hôm sau.) (173)No telephone message arrived, but the butler went without his sleep and waited for it until four o‘clock—until long after there was any one to give it to if it came (Khơng có gọi điện thoại, nhƣng ngƣời hầu phòng khơng ngủ trƣa mà chờ bốn chiều – tức khơng báo, cho dù có ngƣời gọi đến.) (174)That night an obviously frightened person called up, and demanded to know who I was before he would give his name (Đêm ấy, có ngƣời gọi điện thoại đến với giọng lộ rõ hoảng hốt, hỏi chịu xưng tên.) (175)I‘ll give it to him when he gets back (Tôi chuyển lại ông về.) (176)I don‘t give a damn about you now (Bây em khơng cần anh nữa.) (177)All right, Katspaugh, don‘t pay him a penny till he shuts his mouth (Đƣợc rồi, Katspaugh này, đừng có mà trả cho dù xu chừng chƣa câm mồm.) (178)I insisted on paying the check (Tôi mực đòi trả tiền.) (179)There was a story that he‘d agreed to pay five years‘ taxes on all the neighboring cottages if the owners would have their roofs thatched with straw 98 (Có câu chuyện kể ơng xin chịu trả tiền thổ trạch cho tất nhà lân cận vùng năm năm, chủ ngơi nhà chịu lớp mái nhà rơm.) (180)Miss Baker and I exchanged a short glance consciously devoid of meaning (Baker tơi đƣa mặt vội nhìn nhau, cố tình khơng bộc lộ ánh mắt đấy.) (181)Tom and I shook hands, the rest of us exchanged a cool nod, and they trotted quickly down the drive, disappearing under the August foliage just as Gatsby, with hat and light overcoat in hand, came out the front door (Tom tơi bắt tay nhau, ngƣời tơi gật đầu lạnh lùng chào nhau, bọn họ cho ngựa phi nƣớc kiệu đƣờng xe chạy vƣờn khuất sau lùm vào lúc Gatsby, tay cầm mũ áo khoác mỏng, cửa trƣớc.) 6) The Last Leaf (182)Give her good care, and she‘ll get well (Ráng chăm sóc khỏi.) (183)He earned a little by serving as a model to those young artists in the colony who could not pay the price of a professional (Lão kiếm sống nghề làm ngƣời mẫu cho họa sĩ trẻ khu thuộc địa họa sĩ trẻ không đủ tiền mướn ngƣời mẫu chuyên nghiệp.) 7) The Old Man and the Sea (184)I‘ll give him the belly meat of a big fish (Ông biếu bác miếng thịt bụng cá lớn.) (185)I must give him something more than the belly meat then (Vậy ơng phải biếu bác q miếng thịt bụng.) (186)The boy had given him two fresh small tunas, or albacores (Thằng bé cho ông lão hai cá thu nhỏ tƣơi, thuộc loài albacore.) (187)They were in good condition still and had the excellent sardines to give them scent and attractiveness 99 (Chúng tốt xâu cá mòi thơm phức giúp chúng tỏa hƣơng hấp dẫn.) (188)Men were not and when same of the filaments would catch on a line and rest there slimy and purple while the old man was working a fish, he would have welts and sores on his arms and hands of the sort that poison ivy or poison oak can give (Ông lão chạm phải làm cánh tay lẫn bàn tay nhức nhối nhƣ thể chạm phải dây trƣờng xuân độc hay loài sồi độc.) (189)He ate the white eggs to give himself strength (Lão ăn trứng rùa trắng để tăng thêm sức lực.) (190)I must hold him all I can and give him line when he must have it (Mình phải giữ sợi dây lúc sức tàn lực kiệt nới thêm dây cần.) (191)Just then the fish gave a sudden lurch that pulled the old man down onto the bow and would have pulled him overboard if he had not braced himself and given some line (Đúng lúc ấy, cá giật mạnh, kéo lão ngã sấp xuống mũi thuyền lôi lão xuống biển lão không gồng níu giữ nới thêm dây.) (192)As the sun set he remembered, to give himself more confidence (Khi mặt trời lặn, lão hồi tƣởng, để tự củng cố thêm niềm tin.) (193)I must cushion the pull of the line with my body and at all times be ready to give line with both hands (Mình phải đƣa thân làm đệm cho sợi dây lúc sẵn sàng hai tay nới thêm dây.) (194)You give me much good counsel (Mày răn bảo tao nhiều lời hay hớm đấy.) (195)Make him pay for the line, he thought (Bắt trả sợi dây, lão nghĩ.) (196)Make him pay for it (Bắt trả sợi dây.) 100 (197)I would take some though in any form and pay what they asked (Dẫu nhận hình thức trả giá mà ngƣời bán đòi hỏi.) 8) The Scarlet Sail (198)He would give in, and the clerk, having filled his basket with wellmade, excellent toys, would leave, laughing up his sleeve (Anh hết muốn tranh cãi với ngƣời lái buôn, y cuối mua đƣợc rẻ Y cho đồ chơi chắn, tuyệt đẹp vào về, tủm tỉm cƣời.) (199)Now give it back," the little girl said timidly (Bây trả cho cháu đây, bé rụt rè đòi.) (200)Give a poor man a smoke, sir," he said Ơng chủ cho kẻ khó xin điếu thuốc với nào.) (201)"I'd certainly give you some," (Tôi cho anh thôi.) (202)He wouldn't give me a smoke (Hắn không cho thuốc lá.) (203)The tall door topped by a murky fanlight was usually locked, but the latch fit the mortise loosely and when pressed hard, the door would give, buckle and open (Tấm cửa cao lắp kính mờ phía lúc đóng im ỉm, nhƣng then cửa lại cài hờ hờ, cần đẩy tay vào kênh lên bật ra.) (204)I'll always give her a lift (Tơi cho ngồi lên xe.) (205)Won't you give us something for Z, too? (Xin thưởng thêm đôi chút.) (206)You've often given me a lift (Bác cho cháu ngồi nhờ xe mà.) (207)She took his huge, soot-blackened hand and more or less managed to give it a shake (Cô nắm lấy bàn tay to tƣớng, đen thủi, run run kéo lại phía mình.) 101 (208)When a person places the most importance on getting a treasured copper it's not hard to give him that copper (Nếu ngƣời đó, kiếm đƣợc tiền q nhất, dễ dàng cho đồng tiền.) (209)When the chief warden releases a prisoner of his own free will, when a billionaire gives his scribe a villa, a chorus girl and a safe, and when a jockey holds back his horse just once to let an unlucky horse pass him then everyone will understand how pleasant this is, how inexpressibly wonderful (Khi ngƣời cai ngục tự tay tha? tù nhân, nhà tỉ phú tặng cho viên thƣ ký biệt thự, cô đào hát két bạc, kỵ sĩ kìm ngựa đua lại để chờ ngựa khác khơng gặp may lúc ngƣời thấy chuyện tốt lành vô kỳ lạ.) (210)And I'll give him some tobacco he lost his at cards yesterday (Tôi cho cậu thuốc tơi, cậu ta hết thuốc hút rồi.) (211)Then she added that Menners had agreed to lend her some money but had demanded her love in return (Nàng nói thêm Menners đồng ý cho vay tiền nàng lão yêu mình.) (212)In the course of a year, while the Anselm sailed from France to America and Spain, Gray squandered a part of his possessions on pastry-cakes, thus paying tribute to the past, and the rest, for the present and future, he lost at cards (Trong khoảng năm, tàu A-xem Pháp, Mỹ, Tây Ban Nha Grây tiêu phần tiền cho khứ đánh chén, phần lại cho tƣơng lai - thua bạc Anh muốn trở thành thuỷ thủ ―lão luyện‖.) (213)The shipwreck has made it possible for me, acting as an offshore pirate, to present you with this prize (Nạn đắm tàu nguyên nhân để bác với tƣ cách cƣớp biển cạn có dịp trao tặng cháuphần thƣởng này.) 102 REFERENCE IN ENGLISH Alexander.L.G (1988) Longman English Grammar Pearson Education Limited, England Angela Downing, Philip Locke (1992) English Grammar: A University Course Prentice Hall International (UK) Ltd, New York Biber, Douglas et al (2002) Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English Pearson Education Limited, England Crystal, David (2008) A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics Blackwell Publisher, UK Dixon, R.M.W (1991) A New Approach to English Grammar on Semantic Principles Oxford University Press, United States Jackendoff, R (1990) Semantic Structures MIT Press, Cambridge Jack Richards Richard Schmidt (1987) Longman Dictionaryof Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics Pearson Education Limited, Britain Richard A Spears (2002) NTC‟s Pocket Dictionary of Words and Phrases The McGraw-Hill Companies, United States Levin, B (1993) English Verb Classes and Alternations: A preliminary investigation.The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 10 Levin, B (1993) English Verb Classes and Alternations: A preliminary investigation.The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 11 Linda Thomas (1993) Beginning Syntax Blackwell Publisher, UK 12 Lyons, John (1995) Linguistic Semantics An Introduction Cambridge University Press, London 13 Newman, John (1996) Give: a Cognitive Linguistic Study Mounton de Gruyter, New York 14 Quirk Randolph et al (1985) A comprehensive grammar of the English language Longman Group Limited, New York 15 Sally Wehmeier (2015) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English Oxford University Press, New York, 7th Edition 103 16 Yule George (1996) The Study of Language Cambridge University Press, London 17 V.J.Cook, Mark Newson (2007) Chomsky‟s Universal Grammar: An Introdution Blackwell Publisher, UK 18 Wierzbicka, Anna (1987) English speech act verbs - A semantic dictionary Academic Pr, U.S.A IN VIETNAMESE 19 Bùi Phụng (2000) Từ điển Việt-Anh NXB Văn HóaThơng Tin 20 Diệp Quang Ban &Hoàng Văn Thung (1992) Ngữ pháp Tiếng Việt NXB Giáo dục, Hà Nội 21 English-Vietnamese Dictionary of Current English (2014) NXB Đại học quốc gia Hà Nội, Hà Nội 22 Hồ Hải Thụy (1999) Từ điển Anh-Việt Viện Ngôn Ngữ Học 23 Lâm Quang Đông (2008) Cấu trúc nghĩa biểu câu với nhóm vị từ trao/ tặng NXB Khoa học Xã hội, Hà Nội 24 Lê Biên (1999).Từ loại tiếng Việt đại NXB.Giáo dục, Hà Nội 25 Nguyễn Sanh Phúc (1999) Từ điển Anh-Anh Việt NXB Văn Hóa Thơng Tin 26 Nguyễn Kim Thản (1977) Động từ Tiếng việt NXB Khoa học Xã hội, Hà Nội CORPORA 27 Hoàng Cƣờng (2015) Gatsby vĩ đại (The Great Gatsby) NXB Thếgiới 28 Lâm Hoài, Võ Quang (2015) Tiếng gọi nơi hoang dã (The Call of the Wild) NXB Văn học 29 Lê Huy Bắc (2004) Ông già biển (The Old Man and the Sea) NXB Văn học 30 Lê Thị Oanh (2016) Alice Ở Xứ Sở Diệu Kỳ (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) NXB Văn học 31 Ngô Vĩnh Viễn (2005) Chiếc cuối (The Last Leaf) NXB Văn học 32 Phạm Ngọc Thạch (2017) Cánh buồm đỏ thắm (The Scarlet Sail) NXB Thế giới 104 33 Phùng Khánh, Phùng Thăng (2008) Bắt trẻ đồng xanh (The Catcher in The Rye) NXB Văn học 34 Thái Hà (2010) Đoạn đƣờng để nhớ (A Walk To Remember) NXB Phụ nữ 105 ... giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents A comparison of giving verb group in English and their Vietnamese equivalents in terms of their syntactic feature A comparison of giving. .. background of analyzing the syntactic and semantic features of the giving verbs in English Moreover, the definition of the verb and classification of verb are pointed out in details Finally, theoretical... two major functions in clauses: main verbs and auxiliary verbs Main verbs are the central element in a clause and autarky verbs qualify the meaning of the main verb In addition, verb forms can
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