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MODAL VERBS Exercise 1: Complete each sentence so that it contains might, might not, must, mustn't, can or can't More than one answer may be possible Don't stand up in the boat! You _ fall in the river! Sue says she's stuck in traffic and she _ be late You really _ start spending more time on your work Tell Peter he _ stay the night here if he wants to That's a really stupid idea! You _ be serious, surely! You _ realize it, but this is very important to me Don't be silly You _ expect me to believe you! We're not sure but we _ go to Prague for Christmas this year I learn to fly! You _ be joking! 10 Bill cooked the lunch, so you _ expect anything special! Exercise 2: Fill in the blank with must have been, can’t(couldn’t) have been, have to/had to (be) and didn’t have to (be): He knows a lot about flying plane He _a pilot when he was young Vera _at the supermarket this morning I didn’t see her there John _at the bank until 10, so he arrived here five minutes ago When she _at the hospital? Early this morning We had enough foreign currency left at the end of the holiday, so I _buy any more Monica knew exactly what to I tell her twice There _an accident on South Street because the road is closed off 8 I left a message on your answer phone last night You _out You _ waiting long After all, I’m only five minutes late 10 The fire alarm went and we _out of the building in two minutes Exercise 3: Rewrite the following sentences using the given words I think you should give up smoking immediately (had) I think you _ It’s necessary for me to bring my passport (have) I _ It’s very inconvenient if you can’t drive (able) _ I am sure that John is not the thief (can’t) _ I am sure that the cat is in the house somewhere (must) _ Exercise 4: Rewrite the following sentences using the given words I’m sure that you didn’t lock the front door Here is the key You can’t It was quite unnecessary for you to carry all those parcels home yourself You It was careless of you to leave the windows open last night You shouldn’t _ I’m sure it wasn’t Mrs Mai you saw because she is in Boston It can’t I’m sure Alison made arrangement I recognized her voice It must Maybe John’s working this weekend John I’m sure he didn’t know that his brother was seriously ill He couldn’t possibly I didn’t apologize That was wrong of me I should I am sure it was Judy that I saw in town this morning It must 10 It wasn’t necessary for me to go out after all I needn’t _ Exercise 5: Rewrite the following sentences using the given words I am sure you were surprised when you heard all the news (must) You _when you heard the news It wasn’t necessary for you to all this work (needn’t) You _all this work Someone almost certainly broke the window on purpose ( must) The window _on purpose I’m sure you are very tired after working so hard (must) You _ after working so hard It is possible that one of the men died on the mountain (may) One of the men _on the mountain I’m sure that you were driving too fast (been) You _ too fast The thief almost certainly came in through the window (come) The thief _ through the window If he is not in the office, then I’m sure he’s working at home ( must) If he is not in the office, he _
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