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Bài tập các thì trong tiếng anh, đầy đủ các dạng bài từ cơ bản đến nâng cao. Giúp rèn luyện tư duy và phản xạ trong tiếng anh. Tài liệu luyện tập Tiếng Anh chuyên đề Thì Tiếng Anh có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản được sưu tầm và đăng tải. Nối tiếp nội dung lý thuyết cấu trúc 12 thì Tiếng Anh cơ bản, xin gửi đến bạn đọc đề luyện tập Tiếng Anh về các thì trong Tiếng Anh gồm nhiều dạng bài tập Tiếng Anh thường gặp khác nhau. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo TENSE Water of hydrogen and oxygen A is consisting B consists C has consisted D will consist Don’t give the chocolate to Helen She it A hates B is hating C has hated D hated The Sun us heat and light A will give B is giving C gives D has given We students, so we to school on weekdays A are/ go often B are/ often go C are/ have often gone D have been/ are often going Every day Peter at o’clock, breakfast and then to work at 7:30 A has often got/ will have/ go B often gets up/ has/ goes C is often getting/ having/ goes D has often got up/ had/ went California in the United Kingdom It in the US A is not/ is B has not been/ is C will not be/ will be D was not/ has been Cats milk, but birds A like/ not B have liked/ have not C are liking/ are not D were liking/ were not Every day, Sarah her children to school and then home to prepare lunch A is taking/ returning B takes/ returns C has taken/ returned D will take/ will return The sun the ball of fire in the sky that the Earth round A will be/ has gone B will be/ will be going C is/ goes D has been/ is going 10 Sally really hard for exams this week A takes B will be taking C is taking D had taken 11 Many people living in Seattle because it continually A are hating/ is often raining B have hated/ will often rain C hate/ often rains D hated/ was often raining 12 The sun in the East and in the West A rises/ sets B is rising/ is setting C has risen/ has set D will rise/ will set 13 on the computer now? A Is Peter working B Was Peter working C Has Peter worked D Will Peter be working 14 Listen! Mr Jones the piano You noise A is playing/ should not make B plays/ will not make C has played/ not make D played/ would not make 15 Right now, Long with his friends They differences between British English and American English A sits/ discuss B has been sitting/ will discuss C was sitting/ was discussing D is sitting/ are discussing 16.- free this afternoon? - No, I , - What ? - I my dentist A Will you be/ will not/ have you done/ have seen B Have you been/ have not/ will not do/ will see C Are you/ am not/ not see/ see D Are you/ am not/ are you doing/ am seeing 17 Listen! Someone at the door I it A knocks/ answer B has knocked/ will be answering C was knocking/ answered D is knocking/ will answer 18 Every day, John rice and vegetables for lunch, but today he _chicken soup and roast beef Today is his brother’s wedding A has/ is having B has/ has had C is having/ has D has had/ has 19 It , so we can’t go to the beach A has rained B rained C is raining D will have rained 20 My father complete silence when he A is wanting/ works B wants/ is working C has wanted/ worked D had wanted/ was working 21 Since 2003 they their son every year A visited B have visited C visit D will visit 22 Usually, Mr Pile us Physics but today he ill so Mrs Young us A teaches/ is/ is teaching B has taught/ is/ teaches C is teaching/ has been/ teaches D taught/ was/ was teaching 23 I’m sorry I cannot hear what you because everybody so loudly A are saying/ will talk B were saying/ has talked C have just said/ is talking D said/ was talking 24 I the same care for more than ten years I about buying a new one A have had/ am thinking B will have/ think C had/ will think D am going to have/ was thinking 25 My best friend and I each other for over fifteen years We still together once a week A were knowing/ got B knew/ have got C have known/ get D had known/ are getting 26 The secretary on the report for more than three hours She hopes she may finish it by the lunch times A is working B will be working C has been working D had been working 27 Please turn off the stove The water for more than fifteen minutes A is boiling B was boiling C has been boiling D will be boiling 28 In the 19th century, it two or three months to cross North America by covered wagon The trip very rough and often dangerous A took/ was B had taken/ had been C took/ had been D had taken/ was 29 My grandfather a very exciting life When he was young, he on the farm in the country, where there a lot of cattle and meadows A has/ has lived/ have been B had/ lived/ were C was having/ had lived/ had been D has had/ is living/ are 30 Mary on the essay for two hours and she that she it in one more hour A is working/ has hoped/ can finish B has been working/ hopes/ will finish C will have worked/ hopes/ finishes D had been working/ hoped/ would finish 31 I there once a long time ago and back since A went/ have not been B have gone/ will not be C was going/ am not D had gone/ was not 32 Those drivers for three hours when a heavy storm suddenly A were driving/ broke B drove/ was breaking C had driven/ was breaking D had been driving/ broke 33 I to visit you yesterday, but you at home A have come/ are not B had come/ were not C came/ were not D was coming/ have not been 34 What when the accident ? A have you been doing/ occurs B are you doing/ will occur C will you be doing/ has occured D were you doing/ occured 35 We TV when it to rain A are watching/ will start B have watched/ will be starting C had watched/ was starting D were watching/ started 36 I a mystery movie on TV when the electricity out A will be watching/ is going B watched/ was going C was watching/ went D were watching/ started 37 While the doctor Mr Jones, his son outside this morning A was examining/ was waiting B will be examining/ are waiting C had been examining/ was waiting D are examining/ is going to wait 38 When the boss into the office, his secretary , and the accountant on the phones A was walking/ has been typing/ has been talking B had walked/ was typing/ had talked C walked/ was typing/ was talking D had been walking/ had typed/ talked 39 The guard to his iPod, so he the fire alarm A had listened/ was not hearing B was listening/ did not hear C listen/ had not heard D was listening/ was not hearing 40 The Titanic the Atlantic when it iceberg A was crossing/ struck B crossed/ was striking C had crossed/ was striking D crossed/ had struck 41 We were late because we had some car problems By the time we to the train station, Susan for us more than hours A got/ had been waiting B had got/ were waiting C had been getting/ waited D were getting/ waited 42 Mike to sit down because he all day at work A had been wanting/ was standing B had wanted/ stood C wanted/ had been standing D was wanting/ had stood 43 The motorcycle to George for years before Tina it last week A belonged/ had bought B was belonging/ has bought C had belonged/ bought D had been belonging/ bought 44 No matter what next, I you A will happen/ support B happened/ would have supported C happens/ will support D is happening/ have supported 45 Wait a minute I this box for you A am carrying B will carry C carry D am going to carry 46 I he A not think/ will come B am not thinking/ will come C have not thought/ comes D will not think/ comes 47 At the time tomorrow, Peter for the graduation examination, so now he very nervous although he hard for more than years A will sit/ has been feeling/ was learning B will be sitting/ feels/ has been learning C sits/ will feel/ is learning D will have sat/ is feeling/ learns 48 By this time next summer, you your studies and a job A will be completing/ will find B had completed/ would find C have completed/ find D will have completed/ found 49 By the time I _to the office, the meeting _ without me My boss furious with me and I A will get/ begins/ is/ am fired B am getting/ will begin/ is going to be/ will be fired C got/ had already begun/ was/ was fired D have got/ began/ has been/ am firing 50 By the time he next month, he for our company for ten years A retires/ will have been working B will retire/ has been working C has retired/ is working D would retired/ was working 51 Look! There are a lot of clouds! It _ _ soon A is going to rain B has been raining C will be raining D will have rained 52 I am busy I think I my driving test this week A have not taken B am not going to take C will have not taken D not take 53 - I called you last night after dinner, but you were not there Where ? - I overtime at the fitness center A has you been/ had worked B were you/ have worked C were you/ was working D you were/ worked 54 For the last hundred years, traveling _ much easier and very comfortable Now you _from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours A becomes/ fly B had become/ flew C will have become/ will fly D has become/ can fly 55 John for his girlfriend for two hours but she At last, he to the movies without her A has been waiting/ does not come/ has gone B will wait/ has not come/ will go C is waiting/ will not come/ is going D had been waiting/ did not come/ went 56 By the time we the letter, Tom for Paris A receive/ will have left B had received/ left C have received/ will left D receives/ leaves 57 By the time tomorrow, we on the beach of Hawaii, where we before A are going to lie/ are never B have been lying/ will never be C will be lying/ have never been D are lying/ were never 58 After the boy that the wallet full of money, he to the police and it in A will find/ immediately goes/ turns B has found/ will immediately go/ turn C was finding/ went/ would return D.had found/ immediately went/ turned 59 Sandy TV in the living room at the moment At this time yesterday, she _ TV This is all she _ doing the most A watches/ also watched/ is enjoying B is watching/ was also watching/ enjoys C is going to watch/ has also watched/ has enjoyed D will be watching/ had also watched/ will enjoy 60 Jeans which by Levi Strauss in 1850 one of the most popular kinds of clothes in our present time A are first made/ have been B were first made/ were C were first made/ are D had been made/ would be 61 He his boss at this time tomorrow A is meeting B has met C was meeting D will be meeting 62 - How much is this book? - $10 - Ok, I it A will take B take C have taken D took 63 What since a.m up to now? A you have been doing B have you been doing C have been you doing D have been doing you 64 Computers in use since 1946 A are B were C have been D had been 65 to Paris before? A Are you ever B Have you ever been C Will you ever be D Had you ever been 66 Mr Pike lunch at home with his wife, but today he lunch with his friends Mrs Pike to London since two days ago A is usually having/ has/ went B has usually had/ has/ is going C usually has/ is having/ has gone D will have/ has had/ goes 67 John a lot In fact, when he only two years old, he first to the USA A always travels/ was/ had flown B has always travelled/ was/ flew C is always travelling/ had been/ flew D always travelled/ was/ has flown 68 Before we a computer, we that typewriter to type our assignments A bought/ have used B are buying/ use C buy/ have used D bought/ had used 69 John in France, but his parents in Conlogne, Germany after living there for years A was born/ had met B had been born/ met C has been born/ meet D is born/ have met 70 We each other one day while John a book in the library and I down beside him A met/ was reading/ sat B had met/ was reading/ had sat C meet/ is reading/ have sat D will meet/ reads/ sat 71 John his parents in France at the moment He in New York, but his parents for the past few weeks A was visiting/ live/ had visited B has visited/ lived/ is visiting C is visiting/ lives/ has been visiting D has been visiting/ had live/ has been visiting 72 - to come over for dinner tonight? - Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t I go to a movie tonight with some friends A Have you wanted/ will go B Did you want/ went C Do you want/ am going D Are you wanting/ go 73 He a good day until a thief into his apartment, all his money, and him up A has been having/ comes/ takes/ tied B had been having/ came/ took/ tied C was having/ had come/ took/ tied D is having/ is coming/ has take/ ties 74 - Where on holiday? - I don’t know We yet A will you go/ are not going to decide B are you going/ have not decided C have you gone/ not decide D did you go/ had not decided 75 When I the street I somebody call my name A have crossed/ hear B had crossed/ would hear C am crossing/ will hear D was crossing/ heard 76 The train at 8:58, so we in Scotland by lunchtime A leaves/ will be B left/ have been C has left/ were D left/ had been 77 I think by the time we there, Jim A get/ will have left B got/ has left C will get/ will leave D had got/ left 78 I the time when I as a teacher A have never forgot/ have first worked B am never forgetting/ first work C will never forget/ first worked D had never forgot/ was first work 79 Women in presidential elections since 1921 A vote B have voted C had voted D are voting 80 By the time the boss at 9:00, his employees for hours A will arrive/ are working B arrives/ will have been working C arrived/ have been working D has arrived/ were working 81 - I am hungry I lunch yet - Don’t worry I you a sandwich A have not had/ will get B not have/ am going to get C will not have/ have got D am not having/ get 82 Do you think everything when we from the store? A will be finished/ get back B is finished/ will get back C is going to finish/ are getting back D has been finished/ will have got back 83 Look! Mary a beautiful new dress She so pretty in the dress A was wearing/ looked B wears/ has looked C has been wearing/ is looking D is wearing/ looks 84 I am sick of rain and bad weather! Hopefully, when we up tomorrow morning, the sun A will wake/ will shine B are waking/ shines C are going to wake/ is shining D wake/ will be shining 85 When the president off the plane, the crowd for him for half an hour A gets/ will wait B got/ had been waiting C had got/ was waiting D has got/ will be waiting 86 Jane at my house when you A is/ will arrive B will be/ will arrive C will be/ arrive D is/ are going to arrive 87 They here for three years before you last week A have worked/ came B have been working/ come C was working/ had come D had been working/ came 88 These students hard since the beginning of the school year because they their graduation exam next May A studied/ are going to take B are studying/ will be taking C study/ will have taken D have been studying/ will take 89 The students chapter next week, so they to prepare for it now A have studied/ will read B are studying/ have read C will study/ read D will be studying/ are reading 90 By the time John to help, we the work A comes/ finished B comes/ will have finished C will come/ will have D came/ have finished 91 Mary sometimes to turn off the computer before she home A forgot/ had gone B has forgot/ is going C is forgetting/ has gone D forgets/ goes 92 They good preparations before they their final examination yesterday A made/ has taken B had made/ took C have made/ take D will have made/ have taken 93 He a birthday party tomorrow for his daughter who three A is having/ turns B will have had/ will turn C is going to have/ has turned D has had/ is going to turn 94 When Susan yesterday, Peter dinner He cooking very much and often the meals himself A phoned/ was cooking/ likes/ prepares B had phoned/ cooked/ liked/ prepared C was phoning/ was cooking/ has liked/ is preparing D has phoned/ is cooking/ is liking/ preparing 95 They to finish their work because they Los Angeles next Sunday A are needing/ visit B need/ are going to visit C have needed/ are visiting D needed/ have visited 96 At present Mary her clothes She the clothes on Sundays A is washing/ often washes B was washing/ has often washed C has washed/ is often washing D washed/ often washed 97 I that movie before last night A did not see B has not seen C had not seen D will see 98 I Lisa at the museum when I to restaurant but she me A was seeing/ was going/ had not seen B had seen/ went/ was not seeing C have seen/ have gone/ does not see D saw/ was going/ did not see 99 Ever since human beings the Earth, they use of various form of communication A have inhabited/ have made B inhabited/ are making C had inhabited/ had made D inhabit/ make 100 By the time John the destination, he for about three hours A will get/ has walked B gets/ will have been walking C has got/ walks D is getting/ is walking EXERCISE 1: Use the correct form of verbs in brackets In all the world, there (be) only 14 mountains that (reach) above 8,000 meters He sometimes (come) to see his parents When I (come) , she (leave) for Dalat ten minutes ago My grandfather never (fly) in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so We just (decide) that we (undertake) the job He told me that he (take) a trip to California the following week I knew that this road (be) too narrow Right now I (attend) class Yesterday at this time I (attend) class Tomorrow I’m going to leave for home When I (arrive) at the airport, Mary (wait) for me 10 Margaret was born in 1950 By last year, she (live) on this earth for 55 years 11 The traffic was very heavy By the time I (get) to Mary’s party, everyone already (arrive) 12 I will graduate in June I (see) you in July By the time I (see) you , I (graduate) 13 I (visit) my uncle’s home regularly when I (be) a child 14 That book (be) on the table for weeks You (not read) it yet ? 15 David (wash) his hands He just (repair) the TV set 16 You (be) here before? Yes, I (spend) my holidays here last year 17 We never (meet) him We don’t know what he (look) like 18 The car (be) ready for him by the time he (come) tomorrow 19 On arriving at home I (find) that she just (leave) a few minutes before 20 When we (arrive) in London tonight, it probably (rain) 21 It (rain) hard We can’t anything until it (stop) 22 Last night we (watch) TV when the power (fail) 23 That evening we (stay) up to talk about the town where he (live) for some years 24 I (sit) down for a rest while the shoes (repair) 25 Half way to the office Paul (turn) round and (go) back home because he (forget) to turn the gas off 26 London (change) a lot since we first (come) to live here 27 While we (talk) on the phone the children (start) fighting and (break) a window 28 He used to talk to us for hours about all the interesting things he (do) in his life 29 You know she (stand) looking at that picture for the last twenty minutes 30 I (spend) a lot of time travelling since I (get) this new job 31 When we (be) at school we all (study) Latin 32 When I (meet) him , he (work) as a waiter for a year 33 After he (finish) breakfast he (sit) down to write some letters 34 She (have) a hard life, but she’s always smiling 35 I think Jim (be) out of town EXERCISE 2: Choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D When I last saw him, he _ in London A has lived B is living C was living D has been living We _ Dorothy since last Saturday A don’t see B haven’t seen C didn’t see D hadn’t seen The train half an hour ago A has been leaving B left C has left D had left B paint C will have painted D painting Jack the door A has just painted My sister for you since yesterday A is looking B was looking C has been looking D looked I Texas State University now A am attending B attend C was attending D attended He has been selling motorbikes A ten years ago B since ten years C for ten years ago D for ten years Christopher Columbus _ American more than 500 years ago A discovered B has discovered C had discovered D had been discovering He fell down when he towards the church A run B runs C was running D had run 10 We _ there when our father died A still lived B lived still C was still lived D was still living 11 They table tennis when their father comes back home A will play B will be playing C play D would play 12 By Christmas, I _ for Mr Smith for six years A will have been working B will work C have been working D will be working 13 I _ in the room right now A am being B was being C have been being D am 14 I to New York three times this year A have been B was C were D had been 15 I’ll come and see you before I _ for the States A leave B will leave C have left D shall leave 16 The little girl asked what _ to her friend A has happened B happened C had happened D would have been happened 17 John a book when I saw him A is reading B read C was reading D reading 18 He said he _ return later A will B would C can D would be 19 Jack the door A has just opened B open C have opened D opening 20 I have been waiting for you A since early morning B since a.m C for two hours D All are correct 21 Almost everyone _ for home by the time we arrived A leave B left C leaves D had left 22 By the age of 25, he two famous novels A wrote B writes C has written D had written 23 When her husband was in the army, Mary to him twice a week A was reading B wrote C was written D had written 24 I couldn’t cut the grass because the lawn mower a few days previously A broke down B has been broken C had broken down D breaks down 25 I have never played badminton before This is the first time I _ to play A try B tried C have tried D am trying 26 Since _, I have heard nothing from him A he had left B he left C he has left D he was left 27 After I _ lunch, I looked for my bag A had B had had C have has D have had 28 By the end of next year, George _ English for two years A will have learned B will learn C has learned D would learn 29 The man got out of the car, round to the back and opened the book A walking B walked C walks D walk 30 Henry _ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner A was going B went C has gone D did go 31 He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he dinner A finish B finishes C will finish D finishing 32 I will be glad if he _ with us A had gone B did go C went D goes 33 Ask her to come and see me when she _ her work A finish B has finished C finished D finishing 35 Tom and Mary for Vietnam tomorrow A leave B are leaving C leaving D are left 36 He always for a walk in the evening A go B is going C goes D going 37 Her brother in Canada at present A working B works C is working D work 38 I to the same barber since last year A am going B have been going C go D had gone 39 Her father when she was a small girl A dies B died C has died D had died 40 Last week, my professor promised that he today A would come B will come C comes D coming EXERCISE 3: Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B,C, or D ) that needs correcting After Mrs Wang had returned to her house from work, she was cooking dinner Jimmy threw the ball high in the air, and Betty catching it when it came down Linda has worn her new yellow dress only once since she buys it Last week Mark told me that he got very bored with his present job and is looking for a new one Having fed the dog, he was sat down to his own meal When I turned on my computer, I was shocked to find some junk mail, and I delete it all They are going to have to leave soon and so we The boss laughed when the secretary has told him that she really needed a pay rise The telephone rang several times and then stop before I could answer it 10 Debbie, whose father is an excellent tennis player, has been playing tennis since ten years 11 I have seen lots of interesting places when I went on holiday last summer 12 When my cat heard a noise in the bushes, she stopped moving and listen intently 13 I think it’s time you change your way of living 14 Roger felt the outside of his pocket to make sure his wallet is still there 15 When I’m shopping in the supermarket, I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t met for five years 16 The police arrested the man while he is having dinner in a restaurant 17 Peter and Wendy first met in 2006, and they are married for three years now 18 Some people are believing there is life on other planets 19 Recently, the island of Hawaii had been the subject of intensive research on the occurrence of earthquakes 20 Every morning, the sun shines in my bedroom window and waking me up 21 The man died as a result of falling asleep while he drives 22 I haven’t finished the report yet, but by the time you return I will certainly complete it 23 Caroline has worn her new yellow dress only once since she buys it 24 We’ll be cycled to Hoa’s village at this time next Sunday 25 What will you when your friends won’t come ? 26 Someone was knocking at the door when I was doing the washing up 27 My friend didn’t drink any beer since we came to live here 28 We have written to each other when we were in primary school 29 After breakfast, I‘m gone to walk to school with my friends 30 Did he go to the pop concert next weekend for a change? EXERCISE 4: Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one Eight years ago we started writing to each other A We have rarely written to each other for eight years B Eight years is a long time for us to write to each other C We wrote to each other eight years ago D We have been writing to each other for eight years The boy was so lazy that he couldn’t stay up late to learn his Having finished their work, the workers expected to be paid lessons A The workers expected to be paid because they had finished A The boy was lazy enough not to stay up late to learn his their work lessons B Having their work finishing, the workers expected to be paid B The boy was too lazy to stay up late to learn his lessons C Having expected to be paid, the workers finished their work C The boy was lazy enough but he stayed up late to learn his D Having been finished their work, the workers expected to be lessons paid D The boy was lazy enough to stay up late to learn his lessons Mr Brown bought this car five years ago My father is tired of seeing any violent films A Mr Brown started to buy this car for five years A My father hasn’t seen a violent film B It has been five years when Mr Brown has bought this car B My father has enjoyed all the violent films he has ever seen C Mr Brown has had this car for five years C My father is worried about missing the next violent film D It is five years ago since Mr Brown has bought this car D My father never wants to see another violent film John used to write home once a week when he was abroad As soon as he waved his hand, she turned away A John doesn’t write home once a week any longer A He saw her turn away and he waved his hand B John enjoyed being written home every week when he was B No sooner had he waved his hand than she turned away abroad C She turned away because he waved his hand too early D Although she turned away, he waved his hand John wishes he had remembered to send Mary a Christmas card A John regrets not to send Mary a Christmas card B John regrets forgetting not to send Mary a Christmas card C John regrets not remembering sending Mary a Christmas card D John regrets forgetting to send Mary a Christmas card C John never forgot to write a weekly letter home when he was abroad D When he was abroad he remembered to write home every week 10 I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years A It’s years since I enjoyed myself so much B It’s years since I have enjoyed myself so much C It was years since I had enjoyed myself so much D It has been years since I have enjoyed myself so much My father hasn’t smoked cigarettes for a month A It’s a month since my father last smoked cigarettes B It’s a month ago that my father smoked cigarettes C It’s a month that my father hasn’t smoked cigarettes D It’s a cigarette that my father smoked a month ago ... at this time tomorrow A is meeting B has met C was meeting D will be meeting 62 - How much is this book? - $10 - Ok, I it A will take B take C have taken D took 63 What since a.m up... B am not going to take C will have not taken D not take 53 - I called you last night after dinner, but you were not there Where ? - I overtime at the fitness center A has you been/ had... lives/ has been visiting D has been visiting/ had live/ has been visiting 72 - to come over for dinner tonight? - Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t I go to a movie tonight with some friends A Have
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