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Ngày đăng: 28/05/2019, 20:10 STUDENT’S BOOK PACK Campbe M e tc a b Be + S tu d e n t’s Resource Centre B ig tre e STUDENT’S BOOK BEFORE SCHOOL Grammar (1): be, have got, there is / there are Vocabulary (1): Routines, family, clothes, school things Three apartments Living together Talk about homes and household jobs Understand the main ideas Present continuous and present simple ow iiiibn un pages -1 Talk about things happening now, and about habits and routines Vocabulary (1): Homes and household jobs O Three apartments UNIT REVIEW page 29 PROGRESS CHECK 1&2 WILD WORLD pages -4 pages -3 The natural world An environmental superstar Past simple Talk about landscapes and natural features Find specific information Describe completed events in the past c Vocabulary (1): Landscapes and natural features The h i l sound The natural world UNIT REVIEW page 41 UNIT WHAT’S COOKINGP Inside the kitchen Zach’s favourite recipe Expressions of quantity Talk about food and cooking Use headings to find specific information Talk about quantity and number of things Vocabulary (1): Kitchen equipment and cooking verbs pages -5 UNIT REVIEW page 51 PROGRESS CHECK 3&4 pages -5 Different people Talk about somebody’s personality WHO AM IP Vocabulary (1): Personality adjectives pages -6 Different people UNIT REVIEW page 63 Doodles and me Identify the aim of a ter: es with prepositions + 4ng form £ r -ess your feelings about Being things AFTER SCHOOL Grammar (2): wh- questions, like + -ing Vocabulary (2): Classroom phrases, free-time activities LISTENING & VOCABULARY GRAMMAR (2) LANGUAGE & REYOND Raspberry Pi Articles a(n) and the Get organised: Listen for the main idea Use a(n) and the to refer to things Use lists to help you organise Ask for and give your time opinions Say what you think Could you live without your mobile? (website answers) Use the correct word order Vocabulary (2): Computer parts Soap story Understand a situation Vocabulary (2): Free-time activities Wonderful wildlife photos Take notes Present continuous for future arrangements Get thinking: On the phone Identify the cause of a problem Check you understand on the phone My status update (status updates) Use and, also and too Talk about arrangements in the future © Sorry? Past continuous and past simple Get organised: Use mind maps to organise Talk about actions in information for a talk progress and finished actions in the past Vocabulary (2): Wildlife I’ve got a suggestion Make and react to suggestions A holiday story (holiday story) Write a story with time expressions © No way! What a waste! Indefinite pronouns Respect others: At a restaurant Recognise facts and opinions Use indefinite pronouns Consider other people’s needs and preferences Express preferences when you order food My favourite recipe (recipe) Order ideas Vocabulary (2): Containers and amounts © I’ll have salad Word stress in phrases Where 1belong? Recognise when speakers need time to think Vocabulary (2): Countries, nationalities and languages Stress changes in words Hopes, plans and predictions Talk about your hopes and plans, and predict events in the future Know yourself: Can 1help? Recognise what you’re good at Offer help and express spontaneous decisions A letter to myself in the future (informal letter) Use because and so © I ’ll help II THE PICTURE an avatar GRAMMAR (1) Train your brain Zero conditional, should Read quickly Talk about results and the best thing to At work Dangerous jobs Talk about jobs and workplaces Identify the topic of paragraphs Must and mustn't, have to and don’t have to Talk about the human body Vocabulary (1): Parts of the body Create an avatar UNIT REVIEW page 73 PROGRESS CHECK 5&6 pages -7 Vocabulary (1): Jobs and workplaces Talk about things you need or don’t need to Consonant pairs © At work UNIT REVIEW page 85 What’s on? A long time ago Talk about films and television programmes Identify the author’s argument Present perfect with ever and never Talk about experiences Vocabulary (1): Types of films and TV programmes The / f / sound UNIT REVIEW page 95 PROGRESS CHECK 7&8 1% • SPORTS pages -9 Strange sports The power of football Relative clauses Talk about sports and sports equipment Understand pronouns Use relative clauses to describe people, things and places Science Museum How it works Present simple passive Talk about inventions and materials Use pictures for help with new words Use the present simple passive to talk about facts and processes Vocabulary (1): Sports equipment n rn n n v i ■K 5i pages -1 © Strange sports * UNIT REVIEW page 107 Vocabulary (1): Invention verbs and materials The Ivl sound © Science Museum UNIT REVIEW page 117 PROGRESS CHECK 9&10 pages 1 -1 GRAMMAR DATABASE pages -1 WORDS & BEYOND pages -1 rPBS page 140 Q USTENING& VOCABULARY GRAMMAR (2) LANGUAGE & BEYOND Stretch! First conditional Communicate & cooperate: At the doctor’s Understand spoken instructions Talk about possible situations in the future Communicate your message when you give a talk Ask for and understand advice at the doctor’s Vocabulary (2): Exercise verbs Word stress in sentences An artist and app designer Present perfect Respect others: Sorry! Recognise a speaker’s message Talk about actions and events at an unspecific time in the past Understand how different cultures think about time Make and react to apologies Vocabulary (2): Work and study My radio Use the audio type to help you understand SPEAKING What’s your advice? (forum post) Give examples © What’s the problem? My week (informal email) Start and finish informal emails and letters © That’s OK Present perfect with already, yet and just Communicate & cooperate: Talk about problems Talk about things related to the present know what you mean b u t The best film ever (blog post) Agree and disagree with someone Use paragraphs Vocabulary (2): Crime Q I agree Sports fans Comparisons Know yourself: Winners and losers Listen for specific information Compare people, things and places Learn to deal with stress Congratulate and sympathise with people My sports report (report) Use pronouns Vocabulary (2): -ed and -ing adjectives C Z Syllable stress in adjectives © Well done! Everyday objects Past simple passive Get thinking: At the hardware store Understand new words Use the past simple passive to talk about completed actions in the past Share and exchange new ideas Describe things when you don’t know the English word Vocabulary (2): Everyday objects EXTRAS pages 141-142 © 1need a thing PROJECTS page 143 In my opinion (opinion essay) Present an argument BEFORE SCHOOL Good morning! Time t o g e t up! I haven’t got much time before school First, I clean my teeth Our house has only got one bathroom - and I’ve got two sisters I'm Dylan I wake up at o’clock and I get up at 7.10 (OK, I don’t always get up then maybe at 7.20 or 7.30.) THINK AND READ Think of three activities you before school Compare with the class (►HO Read the story Are your activities in the story? Read the story again Do the exercises below when you see this icon m n / RECALL V FAMILY Write the words for Dylan’s family members HAVE GOT a (►BEEI Complete the sentences about Dylan Listen and check Dylan has got a mum and dad H e two sisters He Dylan's dad a brother He sister Dylan and his siste rs _ any cousins But the y four grandparents any brothers a b Work in pairs Ask and answer about your family Use the words in Exercise Have you got a brother? Yes, I have His name is / I’ve got three brothers / No, I haven’t CLOTHES a Underline eight words for clothes in the story Can you add four more words? b What are your favourite clothes? Tell the class Then I get dressed At my school we wear black trousers (not jeans!), a white shirt, a green sweatshirt and black shoes (not trainers!) Ugh! Some girls wear a skirt or a dress I have breakfast with my dad and watch TV Have you g o t you r house key and you r lunchbox? H urry up! I pack my bag for school Yuck, there are lots of horrible things! ,, I go to school by bus with my sisters THINGS IN YOUR BAG ®0EE> Put the correct words together Listen and check In, Dylan,'s bttcj there’s a/an, exercise -— n key lunch \ case book time box text table pencil book house THERE IS/THERE ARE a Complete the sentences Use there is /is n ’t or there are/aren’t In »> my sister’s school bag there are five exercise books / a blue pencil case / a timetable X a lunchbox / lots of textbooks X a house key X Workbook, pages 4-5 I meet my friend on the bus We get to school at 8.30 - just in time b Work in pairs Ask and answer questions about what’s in your school bag Is there a ? Yes, there is / No, there isn’t Are there any ? Yes, there are / No, there aren't YOUR ROUTINE Work in pairs Tell your partner about your morning routine I get up at o’clock I have breakfast a t AFTER SCHOOL Please be quiet! Closeyour books! For homework write 0 words about your life School finishes at o’clock but I don't go home My teacher s name is Miss Harris I like her She’s always happy TH NIC AND READ Tick (✓ ) the things you usually after school cook homework meet people go swimming read a book Hi My name’s ®EEE> Read the story Which of the things in Exercise does Dylan today? D y la Read the story again Do the exercises below when you see this icon »> This is Anna She’s a new girl at the school RECALL > CLASSROOM PHRASES V isa* Put the words in order to make classroom phrases Listen and check Then listen again and repeat 24 / your / Open / at / books / page Open, your books c\t page 24 repeat / you / please? / Can / that, the / don’t / I / question / understand please? / the / go / I / bathroom, / Can / to , LIKES and DISLIKES a (VIES Which activities does Dylan like doing? Write sentences Then listen and check / cook He Likes cooking / listen to music / / / X read swim act speak Spanish a / borrow / please? / I / Can / pen, b Work in pairs Tell a partner which activities How / say / English? / you / / in / ‘pizarra’ in Exercise 2a you like and dislike What other activities you like? / don’t like reading I like playing basketball NOTICES Ik m tk u irn McnJalj fo ri hour to keSuM t books w M R G R e £ N ’S 5:15 in the School Library C O O KIN G C L U B COMEmv>JOINUS in rue school canteen rUESDAMS G:G5-b:00,y-' \z M I get home at and we all have dinner Dad likes | cooking a lot L j, b— H * I K SWItlMIBG Clir music cuib FHIPA'I 00 6okg art m&kramenr 0«ij;Tterstl^ Tkfc: BiOO-fcOO fkc&: ftxW |0|„ After school I usually go to a club There are a lot of clubs in our school I like doing lots of things I like swimming but I don’t like acting I hate acting W m m ftf Tut SUinmflG PDfiU m i it ftnse+or 8% &ms p th liiM L J S S j S w S S ’' ^ B m fr After dinner I my homework and write about my life I include some false information ha, ha! QUESTION WORDS a , ►HU Complete the conversation with the question words in the box Then listen and check Dylan doesn’t like acting but he says he loves drama Why? How Anna: Dylan: Anna: Dylan: Anna: Dylan: Anna: Dylan: Anna: Dylan: Anna: Dylan: What When Where Who Why (1) W lw t time is it? It’s 4.15 (2) you want to know? I want to go to the drama club (3) does it start? At 4.30 (4) does the club meet? Do you know? In the school hall (5) long does it last? 45 minutes ( ) ’s the teacher? Miss Harris She's my class teacher Do you like drama? Urn yes, I love it b Work in pairs Ask and answer questions about another school club in the story When does the cooking club start? a It starts a t Read Dylan’s homework and find the six false facts He Iwtsvitgot o[ brother b Write about your life and include three false facts Show your description to a partner Can your partner find the false facts? My name’s Dylan I’m years old I’ve g o t two sisters and one brother I always get up a t 1have breakfast with my mum School s ta rts a t 3 1wearjeans and trainers to school My teacher’s name is Miss Green I like her I also like swimming and listening to music I always tell the tru th M.y mwie’s »> Workbook, pages 6-7 WOI UNIT Page 10 COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY - DEVICES camera computer games console laptop mobile MP3 player tablet i m ^ i mr - - ^ I f llillilH WORK WITH WORDS ! ) ] ► »] TIP: Look for words that are sim ilar in your language Note if the meaning is the same or different, and note if the spelling is a little different Pages 10 and 11 APPLICATIONS (APPS) app store calculator calendar compass games mail maps messages notes social networking videos web browser GO BEYOND Which things in the word list you use? Put the things in order, starting with the one you use most 23 Page 14 COMPUTER PARTS headphones keyboard microphone monitor mouse printer screen speaker USB port webcam TASK: Which RECALL words are sim ilar in your language? wm* » GO BEYOND Tick (✓ ) the computer parts you can see on a computer at home or at school Can you name any other computer parts? Draw a picture of the part(s) and write the name under it BMP OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS advert appliance blog (n) brain chat online I connect device energy find out icon internet connection invention IT (Information Technology) log in/on relax suburb go on the internet switch off technology company text message write code Page 20 TYPES OF HOME ROOMS FURNITURE APPLIANCES OTHER apartment flat house bathroom bedroom dining room hall kitchen living room armchair bed bookshelf desk carpet chair cupboard shelf sofa table wardrobe clock cooker dishwasher fridge kettle lamp light phone radio washingmachine bath curtains door floor picture shower sink ■Mi LL WORK WITH WORDS TIP: Practise your vocabulary when you go to different places Say the words TASK: Look around you now and find words in the RECALL list Can you see any other things? s f if Pages 20 and 21 GO BEYOND Write your five least favourite household jobs from the list HOUSEHOLD JOBS clean the floor clear the table the ironing the washing the washing-up lay the table load the dishwasher make the bed sort the recycling take out the rubbish tidy the room vacuum Page 24 GO BEYOND Write your top three free-time activities FREE-TIME ACTIVITIES go ice-skating go shopping go to the cinema listen to music meet friends play football play an instrument read a book ride a bike watch television fcV _ _ _ _ Add an extra free-time activity you know in English HHH OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS advantage argue chore disadvantage L fair (adj) feed the fish generation go out (with) meeting place mess organisation originally relatives remote (control) revise (for an exam) soap opera study (for an exam) take turns train (v) Page 32 NATURAL FEATURES beach island mountain river sea tree WORK WITH WORDS ►»] TIF Writing examples in your vocabulary notes can help you remember new words TASK: Write local or famous examples of the RECALL words Pages 32 and 33 LANDSCAPES AND NATURAL FEATURES coast countryside desert field flower forest grass hill ice sheet island lake savannah stream GO BEYOND Think of where you are now Which is the nearest example of the natural features on the list? Page 36 GO BEYOND WILDLIFE ANIMALS/SEA ANIMALS BIRDS INSECTS bear dolphin frog owl parrot penguin ant bee spider REPTILES crocodile snake turtle r - Which wildlife in the list lives in your country? Tick [✓ ] the right animals, birds, insects and reptiles ' OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS awake bark (v) campaign (n) chase (v) climate change cover (v) go down join litter (n) low make a speech plant (v) reach a goal save scream (v) sleeping bag smell (v) species success take part (in) temperature torch - _ Page 42 VEGETABLES FRUIT MEAT & FISH DAIRY OTHER DRINKS carrot onion potato salad tomato apple banana grapes lemon orange chicken steak butter cheese egg ice-cream milk bread cake chips chocolate oil pasta pizza rice sandwich soup sweets coffee cola juice mineral water tea WORK WITH WORDS TIP Learn words in categories (vegetables, fruit, etc) TASK: Find words in RECALL for this category: sweet food and drink Pages 42 and 43 KITCHEN EQUIPMENT bowl chopping board frying pan knife saucepan COOKING VERBS beat chop cut fry heat pour stir Page 46 CONTAINERS AND AMOUNTS bottle box can carton jar loaf packet piece GO BEYOND Complete the sentences with the correct equipment You cut something with a You beat something in a You cook things in a You chop something on a You fry something in a GO BEYOND Complete the expressions with as many words as possible a packet of a bottle of a carton of a piece of OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS allergic (to something) diet (n) biscuits flour cream fresh delicious golden brown dessert jam ketchup lettuce milkshake omelette pancake pepper salt sauce spices throw away vegetarian waste (n) f w o EYOND Page 54 PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES calm cheerful friendly funny polite rude serious shy WORK WITH WORDS ► »] Learn adjectives together with their opposites (eg big and small) Pages 54 and 55 GO BEYOND Write the name of a famous person (a sportsperson, politician, scientist, artist, etc) for each personality adjective in the list PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES ambitious brave clever competitive confident creative emotional generous kind patient |< ’J Page 58 COUNTRY NATIONALITY LANGUAGE Brazil China Egypt France Italy Japan Mexico Poland Russia Spain Sweden USA Vietnam Brazilian Chinese Egyptian French Italian Japanese Mexican Polish Russian Spanish Swedish American Vietnamese Portuguese Chinese Arabic French Italian Japanese Spanish Polish Russian Spanish Swedish English Vietnamese OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS arrow belong circle (n) doodle (n) & (v) pattern (v) & (n) Find three pairs of opposites in the RECALL words personality shape square triangle trust (v) GO BEYOND Write the countries from the list in Africa Asia Central and South America North America Europe Adjectives with prepositions + -ing form bad at bored with excited about good at interested in scared of tired of worried about Page PARTS OF THE BODY arm back ear eye face foot hand head leg mouth nose tooth WORK WITH WORDS TIP: Learn the plural form of nouns Does the spelling change? Is the plural form different? P a ges and PARTS OF THE BODY ankle brain chest finger heart knee neck shoulder stomach throat thumb toe TASK: Write the plural form of the RECALL words Which ones are different? GO BEYOND W rite w o rd s you a s s o c ia te w ith fiv e o f th e b o d y p a rts - ve rb s, a d je c tiv e s , c lo th e s , e tc For e x a m p le , b in : head, th in k , in te llig e n t, grey Page GO BEYOND EXERCISE VERBS C h o o se fiv e v e rb s W r ite a n e x a m p le o f w h e n you d o th e a c tio n s hold look down look up point pull sit down stand up stretch touch turn For e x a m p le , / hold m y p hone w hen I use it Verb: Verb: Verb: Verb: Verb: mmmMmmmmMa j OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS audience backache balanced bone burn (v) cold (n) k complex cough (n) destroy equal eye contact flag fun run headache hurt hurt yourself overtake puzzle race (n) runny nose sore throat stomach ache sun cream temperature unfit universe whole 135 WORDS EYO N D Page 76 Eii^SiUJP JOBS AND WORKPLACES farmer nurse, doctor receptionist cook, waiter/waitress teacher shop assistant farm hospital hotel restaurant school shop/shopping centre WORK WITH WORDS ►»] TIP: Learn words with related words - for example, jobs and workplaces Pages 76 and 77 siis# # ® JOBS WORKPLACES artist cleaner dentist driver engineer fitness trainer hairdresser journalist mechanic pilot secretary travel agent gym factory garage hair salon office travel agency Page 80 TASK Make cards with jobs and workplaces Turn over a job and a workplace Are they related - can the person work there? If the answer is yes, keep the cards GO BEYOND Which jobs in the word list you find interesting? Tick (✓ ) them Which jobs are not for you? Cross (X) them You can add -e r to some verbs to make jobs Make a list of jobs with -e r from the RECALL box and this list Write the verbs for the jobs GO BEYOND Read the words silently in your head and practise pronunciation Which word WORK AND STUDY business career company course exams full-time job part-time job qualifications term university has a silent letter? has stress on the third syllable? has stress on the fourth syllable? !’||| | j OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS achieve apology : crocodile i cruel cut (v) dangerous death design (v) develop developer entertain equipment fix never mind on time PS risk (v) successful support (v) > 4! UN IT Page 86 THINGS WE LISTEN TO THINGS WE WATCH THINGS WE READ a CD music a podcast the radio a DVD a film television a TV programme a video a book a comic a magazine a newspaper a webpage WORK WITH WORDS TIP: Use media to help you practise English Listen to songs, watch films, and read books, comics and web pages in English Pages 86 and 87 TYPES OF FILMS AND TV PROGRAMMES action/adventure cartoon comedy documentary horror science fiction western TASK: Write down the title of three songs, three films and three books in English GO BEYOND Think of the title of a film or TV programme for each of the words in the list TV PROGRAMMES ONLY chat show cookery show game show news weather Page 90 GO BEYOND Write five sentences Each sentence must contain words from the Crime list CRIME accident ambulance arrest (v) crime criminal police car police officer steal (v) thief victim — I— OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS action figures atmosphere blockbuster board games character chopsticks delay (n) ending episode galaxy genre guest influence (n) karaoke merchandise rating results seres S l.” - ' r syndo traffic 137 Page 98 d23Jj BALL SPORTS WATER SPORTS WINTER SPORTS OTHER baseball basketball bowling (field) hockey football (US: soccer) golf rugby table tennis tennis volleyball sailing surfing swimming ice hockey ice-skating skiing snowboarding badminton cycling dancing gymnastics horse-riding running skateboarding WORK WITH WORDS ►»: TIP: Learn the correct verbs for sports Use play for most ball or team sports, go for -ing sports and for other sports TASK: Write the correct verbs next to the words in the list above Pages 98 and 99 GO BEYOND Tick ( /) the sports equipment that you or your family have at home SPORTS EQUIPMENT bat flippers goal helmet hoop net puck racket shuttlecock skates snorkel stick llt^ ^ Page 102 -ED AND -IN G amazed annoyed bored depressed disappointed embarrassed excited interested relaxed worried GO BEYOND ADJECTIVES Circle the words that describe you now Choose three -ing adjectives Write true sentences about you amazing annoying boring depressing disappointing embarrassing exciting interesting relaxing worrying OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS breathe coach (n) concentrate court (n) determined 138 fair play fan generous HIV/AIDS iron (adj) keep calm leather lucky mad pack of cards pitch referee score (n) stressed survive wealthy Page 108 PLACES IN A MUSEUM coffee shop entrance first floor gift shop ground floor information desk lift stairs ticket office toilets SHOP WORK WITH WORDS TIP: Note words that are different in American and British English Pages 108 and 109 INVENTION VERBS MATERIALS build calculate create design develop discover explore invent produce glass metal plastic stone wood TASK: Match these American English words to words in RECALL: elevator, first floor, bathroom GO BEYOND Write four sentences using at least one invention verb and one material WKKKKtttKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKM Page 112 EVERYDAY OBJECTS ballpoint pen bottle cap clothes peg drawing pin light bulb paper clip pencil Post-it® Notes thermometer tin can GO BEYOND Complete with the missing words (or parts of words) without looking at the list: bulb can cap cil clip _ meter Notes _ Peg pen pin OTHER IMPORTANT WORDS antenna base station bones cell phone chemist k :*- • J \v i ■ chemistry encourage frequency heat (n) ink / '< ») /: s s iiii microchip network (n) newspaper editor ray signal (n) space capsule string telescope IRREGULAR VERBS base form past simple past participle be was/were been beat beat become ■ base form past simple past participle know knew known beaten lay laid laid became become learn learnt/iearned learnt/iearned begin began begun leave left left blow blew blown lose lost lost break broke broken make made made bring brought brought mean meant meant build built built meet met met burn burnt/burned burnt/burned overtake overtook overtaken buy bought bought pay paid paid choose chose chosen put put put come came come read read read cost cost cost ride rode ridden cut cut cut ring rang rung deal dealt dealt run ran run did done say said said draw drew drawn see saw seen drink drank drunk sell sold sold drive drove driven send sent sent eat ate eaten shine shone shone fall fell fallen sing sang sung feed fed fed sit sat sat feel felt felt sleep slept slept fight fought fought speak spoke spoken find found found spend spent spent fly flew flown stand stood stood forget forgot forgotten steal stole stolen get got got swim swam swum give gave given take took taken go went gone teach taught taught grow grew grown tell told told hang (out) (out) (out) think thought thought have had had throw threw thrown hear heard heard understand understood understood hit hit hit wake up woke up woken up hold held held wear wore worn hurt hurt hurt win won won keep kept kept write wrote written STUDENT UNIT GRAMMAR Page 25, Exercise Fri glass trip nc.e- Sat Sun Mon Tue UNIT UNIT IN THE PICTURE Page 87, Exercise M'Mse-'Mm 3pm / vis if a-rcwzlzWl ?pw / ic-e- sKft'ti'Hg- llftw- _ ute-e-F gw-ntft To art proje-C-f 0-pwt Fre nc.k Fe-sF 9.15flm. _ GRAMMAR How many televisions are there in your home? How many hours of television you normally watch each day? What's your favourite TV channel? J^M my sister’s school bag there are five exercise books... for students to learn to write code? Why?/Why not? PHRASE sms Do the Words & Beyond exercises on page 130 I use my/our computer at home to I think / don't think it’s important because Workbook,... computer room has a computer for every student One day _ schools will stop using textbooks internet is best way to learn things about world Workbook, page 14 SPEAK Work in pairs Take it
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