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Ngày đăng: 28/05/2019, 20:07 A2+ WORKBOOK Before school Label the things in the school bags with the words in the box exercise book keys lunchbox pencil case textbook timetable Look at the school bags in Exercise and answer the questions Yu, is Is there an exercise book in bag A? Is there a timetable in bag A? Is there a pencil case in bag A? Are there any textbooks in bag B? Is there a lunchbox in bag B? Are there any keys in bag B? Read about Melanie's family and choose the correct options Hi! My name's Melanie and I'm twelve years old I haven't got any sisters, but I have got a little (1) sister/ brother His name's Lee and he's five We live with my (2) mum and dad / brother and sister in a house in Manila My (3) grandparents/ sisters live near our house so I sometimes visit them after school My mum's sister, my (4) uncle/ aunt Tan, also lives in our neighbourhood She hasn't got any children, but my uncle and aunt on Coron Island have two: my (5) cousins/ brothers Bayani and Datu! We visit them on the island every summer a Choosethe correct options from the box below to complete the text Raul wakes up at o'clock, but he doesn't (1) until 8.05 First he goes to the bathroom to (2) , then he goes back to his bedroom to (3) for school He normally wears jeans and a T-shirt to school but it's cold today so he's taking a (4) too After that he (5) in the kitchen with his dad and his sisters After breakfast he packs his (6) He needs to take a lot of textbooks to school today! At 8.40 he (7) by bus with his sisters They (8) at 8.55 - just in time! a get up a pack his school bag a get dressed b b b b b b b b a sweatshirt a wakes up a school bag a goes to school a get dressed go to bed clean his teeth get up skirt has breakfast lunch box finishes school get to school b Write two sentences about what you before school a ~ Listen to Eva and Joannatalking about clothes for school Tick ( I) the items of clothing you hear in the table trousers jeans shirt sweatshirt shoes ! b Think of two more items of clothing trainers skirt dress GRAMMAR s be, have got, there is / there are Before school Complete the grammar tables with the correct forms Verb: be 'rn (1) ( He, She, It 's (is) You, We, They 're (3) ( ) / 'rn not (am not) 12 years old (is not) / (2) from Mexico (are not) happy ) / (4) Verb: have got I, You, We, They 've got (5) ( He, She, It 's got (has got) ) I haven't got I (6) three brothers two sisters ~ Listen and match the conversations to the pictures Write the correct number Complete the sentences with the correct form of I There bag I There the wall Ella We Your keys Ali be or have got three exercise books two pens in my 13 years old a timetable on a lunchbox a nice teacher on the table a new textbook Write the sentences using the correct form of have got Sarah/ three sisters (.f) 5 Choose the correct option from the box below to complete the conversation Ivan: How often (1) check your emails? Linda: Oh I (2) check them very often, maybe three or four times a week My sister (3) a lot of emails to her friends every day But I (4) too busy! How about you? Ivan: I check (5) But I hardly ever (6) emails I prefer texting I (7) a hundred messages in a day! Linda: That's amazing I guess you (8) a lot of friends! you doesn't send usually am my emails occasionally a send a sometimes send a have > a a a a a you don't sends am usually occasionally my emails b sends b send sometimes b has b b b b b Rearrange the words to make questions you / every day/ Do / chat online ? Do you cl,u,yt on.Line deii.y? does / How often / send emails / Steve ? play music / Does / your phone ? normally/ you / on a console / Do / play games ? watch DVDs/ does/ your family/ How often ? have / your laptop / a camera / Does ? » Use the prompts to write questions Then use the words in brackets to write answers you / chat online Q: How often you cl,u,yt on.Line A: (not often) I iovt:t often, cl,u,yt on.Line she / write in her blog Q: How often A: (from time to time) your friends/ check their emails Q: How often A: (regularly) Leo and Vicky/ post photos online Q: How often A: (hardly ever) your parents / send you text messages Q: How often A: (every day) your computer/ crash Q: How often A: (not often) ? ? ? ? ? ? »> Rewrite the sentences with no mistakes He don't send often emails He douvt:t often, se.n.d e.WU'fils I checks every day my email She in the mornings study online How you does chat online often? How often, Regularly does you update your blog? I haven't often problems with my mobile I dovt:t They from time to time go online You talk to friends on your mobile sometimes? 11 r listen for the main ideas Label the devices d I c a m e p e t pi.ct;J:(res Which words you associate with each device? Write them under photos A, B and C You can use the words more than once album file menu number pictures save screen speakers USB port view watch ~ Listen to three short conversations Which device {mobile phone, digital camera or tablet} are the people talking about? Conversation is about the Conversation is about the Conversation is about the ~ Listen to the conversations again Did you hear any words from Exercise 2? Use them to complete the table Conversation pictures Conversation Slre.e-n, Conversation Use the information in Exercises 2-4 to explain the problems in the conversations Conversation Conversation Conversation ~ Listen again In which conversation did you hear the phrases below? Write 1, or 3, or X if you didn't hear it Brilliant! Just a moment Excuse me Thanks a lot No worries What did you say? Oh, I see What is it? Thanks What's wrong? t g You are going to write a sports report Use the Writingplan to help you prepare WRITE AND CHECK Write your report Tick ( !) the stages in the plan WRITING PLAN Make notes for your answer Describe the event Was it a game, a match, a race or another type of sports event? ··············-······ Who were the teams or players? Who did you play/go with? Add some interesting information about them Where did it take place? (Use relative clauses.) Describe what happened and the result What was the best, worst or most exciting moment? Describe your reactions How did you feel during the event? ·········-·· ··· ····· ~ How did you feel at the end? What will you remember about the event? (Use comparatives and superlatives pronouns.) Use Learn to deal with stress Read the conversation Why is Zac stressed? Oscar: Hey Zac, what's wrong? Zac: It's terrible, Oscar My dad has a new job, so we're moving to a different area I have to change schools and I feel so stressed about it Every time I think about the new school, I can't breathe and I feel sick I'm really scared of moving Oscar: Wow, yeah, you must be really angry too! When I feel stressed, I just some sport Why don't you go for a swim? You'll feel better Zac: I'm not sure I will I'm really worried about this I won't know anyone and I'll have to make new friends I can't sleep at night because I'm worrying about the move Oscar: Listen, you should try and forget your problems - why don't we go to the cinema this weekend? That'll help you to forget about things Oh, and try to get eight hours of sleep at night too Zac: Thanks but I'm not sure how those things will help Oscar: Well, just tell your parents you're not moving then! Read the conversation again and answer the questions Find the four pieces of advice that Oscar gives Does Oscar give good advice? Why?/Why not? What advice would you give Zac to help him deal with his problem? 1 Choose the correct option to complete the sentences You play football on a A(n) People who always flies a plane a mechanic b engineer c pilot You book your holiday at a travel a salon b agency c factory You wear a helmet on your a chest b back c head People in speak Spanish a Portugal b France c Mexico a court b pitch c lane You need a to play badminton a shuttlecock b snorkel c bat You need to go snorkeling a skates b flippers c rackets It's to lose a match a amazing b disappointing c exciting Find the odd word out Write why want to win are a calm b competitive c generous 10 You usually buy jam in a a box b packet c jar 11 To make a cake, you need to sugar and butter together a boil b fry c beat 12 Carrots, onions and potatoes are types of a vegetables b fruit c drinks 13 Crocodiles, snakes and turtles are types of a insects b birds c reptiles 14 A savannah is a place with a lot of a ice b trees c grass 15 You use a to keep things cold a fridge b kettle c cupboard 16 You use a to surf the internet a webcam b browser c mouse Match the verbs (1-8) to the nouns (a-h) go a the table fly b friends c horse riding throw cook d a magazine read e a match f a ball meet lay g a meal play h a plane it's different carrot onion potato banana hand leg helmet arm driver cooker cleaner writer stomach cough cold headache racket book bat hoop shy friendly amazing confident from Exercise You don't need all the phrases I can from one side of a football pitch Complete the sentences with the correct phrases to the other bear fish turtle lake I usually packet carton yoghurt can cleaning vacuuming skating ironing web page cartoon 10 western comedy at the sports centre on Saturday mornings and we go swimming together I love outdoor sports, and I every weekend It's my birthday and my mum is going to for me and my friends It's my brother's job to before dinner My favourite team is going to tomorrow ALL ABOUT ME Answer the questions with information about you What sports you love or hate? Why? What's the most unusual sport you have tried? What was it like? ·-··- What sports you want to try? Why? Complete the paragraph with the words in the box easier warmer smaller the fastest which which is who Squash is a sport (1) played in a small court with high walls You hit the ball against three sides of the court The ball is made from a kind of rubber (2) gets (3) as you play The racket is (4) than a tennis racket and it has a longer handle Some people think that squash is (5) than tennis It's one of (6) racket sports in the world People (7) play at international level can earn lots of money from prizes and advertising contracts Choose the best option from the box below to complete the conversation Hi Emily, are you OK? You look depressed Oh, I'm not depressed but I'm really tired (1) enough sleep last night? I was at hockey practice in the evening We (2) an important match next week and we really want to win but it's so hard to keep up with my schoolwork So I (3) up really late last night because I (4) my homework Our homework is (5) than last year and I don't have enough time! ? Suzanne: Have you talked to the coach about it (6) If I tell the coach, (7) me from the team! Emily: can help you How about talking to your teachers? Suzanne: You need to talk to someone (8) Emily: That's not a bad idea If I (9) them about hockey practice, they might give me less homework! than your hockey practice? Suzanne: Sure, but isn't your schoolwork (10) Suzanne: Emily: Suzanne: Emily: l.S a a a a a a a a a 10 a Have you got play stayed did as difficult yet he drops which 'II tell more important b b b b b b b b b b Did you get 're playing was staying 've done less difficult ever he'll drop where tell the most important c Were you getting c played c 've stayed c was doing c more difficult c just c he's dropping c who c told c as important Rearrange the words to make sentences The Red Sox/ the Yankees / better/ were / today/ you / ice hockey/ must/ when / wear/ play/ than you / a helmet the / we / league I in / best I the I are I team er never / golf/ have / played I I play/ you/ if/ healthy/ you/ be/ ·····~·-··· interested / sport/ a / new/ I regularly/ will I sports I in I am Find and correctthe mistakes I'm excited in watching the cycling race next week Cricket is a sport who has fans in England, Australia and India Skydiving is the most excited sport I have ever done Robert and Sue are going to playing ice hockey next week We not have to wear helmets when we go running I want to be a professional football player because I practise every day I:),!;! I I P,'/;\'lti VOCABULARY Talk about inventions and materials a Match the pictures to the correct words .Et] [tt] fli , v•• ·41'"' stairs toilets m • coffee shop • D SSS gift shop lift ticket office )n b Think of another place or sign you might find in a museum Complete the sentences with words from Exercise If there's a fire, you shouldn't take the )ift You should take the if there's a fire Let's meet at the for a drink before looking round the museum I'm going to buy some souvenirs at the A: Excuse me, where are the ? B: In front of the coffee shop, next to the lifts If you want to see the exhibition, arrive at the museum early The opens at 9am 3 a Write the words to complete the sentences in the space provided You can get maps at the desk L n, f r m elf I t I L n, I O I The coffee shop is near the entrance on the floor So many things are made of , like cars, bikes, soft drink cans and paper clips The table is made from a tree, so it's made of Water bottles, printers and pens are usually made of I The exhibition is on the floor Windows are usually made of b Rearrange the grey letters from 3a to complete the sentence Telescopes are used to y new planets Write one more thing made of wood, plastic and metal Wood:···· ·-· _ Plastic: -· · ···Metal: _ _ Complete the quiz with the correct form of the verbs from the box Then the quiz Check your answers on page 126 build design discover explore invent produce How's your modern history? Find out with our history quiz! In 1980 Mount Saint Helens erupted and a huge cloud of smoke, ash and gases Where did this happen? a in the USA b in the Philippines c in Chile They built the Hubble Space Telescope to new information about a the sun b galaxies and the universe c the Earth Zaha Ha did has a lot of buildings, such as The Guangzhou Opera House in China Where is she from? a Morocco b Yemen c Iraq In 1995 the Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov space for a record number of days How long was he there? a almost 438 days b almost 350 days c almost 212 days Face book® is popular at the moment, but who it? a Alexander Graham Bell b Mark Zuckerberg c Steve Jobs They the Golden Gate Bridge between c 1963 and 1967 a 1933 and 1937 b 1945 and 1947 READING Use picturesfor help with new words Complete the tips with the words in the box REMEMBER HOW TO ~ use pictures for help with new words pictures • • text word Look at the (1) What they show? What's the text about? Read the (2) When you see a new (3) _ , look at the pictures Can you see the word in the pictures? Look at the title of the article and the pictures What is the text about? a computer monitors b flat screen TVs c mobile phones Read the text again Decide if these statements are correct (C) or incorrect(/) Televisions have changed over the years ( They developed the first flat screen TV in 1984 Today flat screen TVs only produce two colours Flat screen TVs are made of two sheets of glass with gases between them Today, flat screen TVs are heavy GO BUONO Choose an object from the list below and use the internetto find out how it works Write notes below radio calculator printer 3· Read the text Match the phrases below to pictures a-d flat screen TV screen fluorescent tube neon and xenon gases atoms release energy HOWDO - fLATSCREEN - TELEVISIONSWORK? IN THE BEGINNING How have televisions changed over the years? Have you ever seen a very big flat screen TV screen? It might seem like flat screen televisions are something new, but actually they produced the very first flat screen television back in 1964 The difference is that the first flat screen television screens could only produce two colours Nowadays high-definition screens are used, so this isn't a problem WHAT ARE THEY MADE OF? Flat screen television screens are made from two sheets of glass Between the glass there are neon and xenon gases When you switch on the television, the electricity mixes with the gases, and atoms release energy The energy creates the coloured lights which make the TV picture They work like fluorescent tubes WHY FLAT SCREEN TVs? People like flat screen televisions because they aren't heavy and they don't take up much space They are also popular because you can hang them on the wall One possible problem is that some flat screen TV screens are very bright, which means they need more electricity - Electricity Energy co' Gases m~ Phosphor ~ coatinq Mecwoaod ) inert gases ~ ~ GRAMMAR Present simple passive Use the present simple passive to talk about facts and processes Complete the grammar table with the correct forms Present simplepassive - positive sentences Present of be Past participle The software Subject (1) created by designers Chemicals (2) used to make paints Present simplepassive - negative sentences Subject Present of be + not Past participle I (3) made of stone! Paper money (4) sent over the internet Present simplepassive - yes/no questions Present of be Subject Past participle (5) glass used to make TV screens? (6) houses built from plastic? Present simplepassive - wh- questions Question word Present of be Subject Past participle What is it made from? Complete the sentences with the nouns in the box a paper clip different parts mobile phones radio signals telescopes the museum Many Most are needed to make a phone are used to discover new planets are sent by mobile phones to a base station is usually made of plastic or metal are made in China is found on Main Street, near the post office Rewrite the active sentences to complete the passive table Active form Subject Verb Object Scientists calculate the figures Engineers Teenagers Scientists Many people create the software More than 600 million people send many text messages discover new planets every day buy tablet computers each year speak Spanish Passive form Object Verb Agent (subject) by sc.ientists every d'7f.y > Write the past participleof the verbs in the correct column make fifla need present > send test throw away Irregular Regular recycle Choose the correct option to complete the questions What c?1re mobile phones wu,rde from? @ are/made b are/ making c is/ made what telescopes for? a are / calculated b are / used c are / using How many television screens · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·····-··· · · · · · · a recycle b is recycled c are recycled Who the designs by? a is / chosen b are / chose c are / chosen What sports with a ball and stick? a are playing b are played c have played Where the phones ? a do/ sell b are/ selling c are/ sold » Complete the sentences with the correct present passive form of the verb in brackets The windows Omelettes Computers your school? They The apps »> sport (not clean) very often (make) with eggs (use) in all the classrooms (play) in the afternoons at (make) in Korea (download) onto your phone Write sentences using the present simple passive These lifts / design / for old people Mobile phones / make / of plastic and metal A lot of meat/ eat/ in Argentina ? Mobile phones / use / more than / fixed phones The phones / not send / to the shops at first The history museum / not visit/ very much in winter a »> Read the riddle What is the object? It's made of plastic and metal It contains some dangerous chemicals It's used to send messages It's used to make calls What is it? It's a b Now write your own riddle using the present simple passive LISTENING Understand new words Choose the best option to complete the tips REMEMBER HOW TO understand new words • (1) Don't/ First, look at any pictures or visuals and read the task (2) Predict/ Listen words you might hear Use (3) new/ familiar words to help you understand the main ideas (4) Don't stop/ Stop listening when you hear words you don't understand • • 2 Look at the photos What you think the listeningwill be about? Choose the correct option a glass blowing b space technology c making bread a Match the photos ( a-d) to the words and phrases below the sand is heated liquid glass b ~ furnace blow into the blowpipe Now listen and repeat ~ Listen to the complete interview with Sylvano and decide whether the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect(/) ~ Sylvano lives on an island He has just started glass blowing He helped his father when he was younger The sand changes to liquid glass when it's heated Sylvano blows into the blowpipe The glass must be cool when you're creating different shapes Complete the phrases from the interview Listen and check I think it's You a blowpipe in English the blowpipe change the shape of the glass Think of four objects that you use every day Write phrases starting with: It's used for I think the is useful because M, VOCABULARY Everyday objects -~~~ 10 Match the words to form compound nouns light bottle paper drawing tin clothes a b c d e f cap pin can bulb peg clip Label the pictures with the compound nouns from Exercise Think of two more useful everyday objects Complete the sentences with the names of everyday objects If you're ill, you use at e o e e to take your temperature Most people write with b p nt pens these days In the old days, they had to fill pens with ink Metal p r c ps are used to hold pieces of paper together It's easier to correct your mistakes if you draw with a p , not a pen p - t n t are made of paper You can make notes on them You put glass t b sin lamps, so that you can read at night WORDS & BEYOND Match the words (a-f) to the definitions(1-6) Something that sends out or receives signals Everyday object used to tie things together Colourful liquid used for writing Very small part found in a computer Interconnected computers Something that is used to see objects at a distance a ink b network c antenna d microchip e telescope f string GRAMMAR Past simple passive SI Use the past simple passive to talk about completed actions in the past > Complete the grammar table with the correct forms Past simple passive - positive sentences Subject Past simple of be Past participle The tin can (1) invented in 1809 Ballpoint pens (2) invented in 1935 Past simple passive - negative sentences Subject Past simple of be + not Past participle The clothes peg (3) invented in the US Ballpoint pens (4) used in the 1920s Past simple passive - yes/no questions Past simple of be Subject Past participle (5) the clothes peg invented in the US? (6) ballpoint pens made in 1920? Past simple passive - wh- questions Question word Past simple of be Subject Past participle Where was the clothes peg invented? > Choose the correct option to complete the sentences The Hubble Space Telescope designed / was designed to explore our galaxy Scientists created / were created the new computer components The Science Museum built/ was built in 1989 At first X-rays weren't understood/ didn't understand very well They didn't discover/ wasn't discovered penicillin until 1928 The first rockets made/ were made in China » Write the verbs in brackets in the past simple passive The bridge (build) by a Peruvian architect The telescopes (not/ design) in China The phones (send) to the shops last Friday the plans (present) at the meeting? The internet (invent) in the 1980s The Modern History Museum (open) in 2003 a » Complete the text with the past passive form of the verbs in the box create design inspire make not build open visit 1st floor: Amazing Architects! On the 1st floor there's an exhibition on architects from around the This month we have a special exhibition about the architect Zaha The Guangzhou Opera House in China (1) · · by Hadid, and is one of her most famous works The building (2) from concrete, metal and glass It (3) ··- took over five years Finally, it (4) _ _ in May 2010 Last year the beautiful building (5) _ by thousands of tourists The design for the Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport (6) also by Hadid The designs for these buildings (7) by rivers and water : b »> Write questions about the text with the past passive Who/ the Guangzhou Opera House / design / by ? What/ it/ make/ from? When / it / open ? Who / the Glasgow Riverside Museum / design / by ? What/ the designs/ inspire/ by ? SPEAKING Describe things when you don't know the English word ~ Listen to the conversation What does Mina need? Tick ( I') the correct picture m m ~ Choose the correct options, then listen again and check Mina: Hi Eric! Thanks for coming shopping with me! Eric: No worries, Mina What you (1) need/ know to buy? Mina: Well, I need (2) something/ everything for my clothes I don't know (3) what/ if they're called Eric: Do you (4) mean/ have a suitcase? Mina: No, no, no! You (5) use/ make them for drying clothes, you know, after you've washed them They're small and they're (6) created/ made from wood or plastic Eric: Ah, I know! Some clothes pegs, right? Like these? Mina: Yes! Exactly! Perfect Eric I'll take the plastic ones Eric: (7) How much / How many are the clothes pegs, please? Shop assistant: They're €2.50 for a packet Is that all you need? Mina: Yes, thank you That's all Complete the sentences with the words in the box know need that wood writing I four, please It's small, long and it's made of It's used for or drawing How much is , please? I don't what it's called Complete the conversation using the sentences in Exercise A: What you need? B: A: B: A: B: A: B: I don:t kvuJi,v vybgt it's cC'tlle,ef, Describe it to me What's it used for? · · · · · · · · · · · · ······ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ······ · · ··········· · · · · · · · · · · · How many you need? A: Here you are B: · · · · · · ················ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ····· A: That's eight euros, please a ~•#IM@di Listen to the pairs of words Which word in each pair has the /v/ sound, a orb? Choose the correct letter lab 2ab 3ab 4ab b (tm Listen and practise repeating the words a b a b WRITING Present an argument Choose the correct option to complete the tips REMEMBER HOW TO present an argument • • • Summarise your argument in the (1) first/ last paragraph Give one or more (2) paragraphs / reasons to support your argument Finish with a (3) title/ conclusion Read the text and write the phrases in the correct place Another reason In conclusion In my opinion One reason The most useful everyday object (1) _ , the most useful everyday obje~t is the ballpoint pen You can get ballpoint pens in lots of different colours but mainly red, blue and black Most people use a ballpoint pen every day of their lives (2) I've chosen the ballpoint pen 1s because j use them a lot I use them to write shopping lists and memos, homework, crosswords and lots of other things (3) for choosing it is that it's small and you can put it anywhere, for example in your bag or your poc~et (4) _ , there are many useful everyday objects but the ballpoint pen is used more than most other things, and it's used for so many different things It helps you to study, play and to organise your life Read the text again and complete the notes in the plan with the phrases in the box ballpoint pen every day small and practical use it a lot use it more than other things Para Object - (1) How often you use it - (2) Para Reason - (3) Para Reason - (4) Para4 Conclusion - (5) Rearrange the words to make sentences useful it I is / most/ in my opinion / the / everyday object/ ballpoint pen / the I chose / I / use / one of the reasons / is / I / it/ every day/ because it/ because/ and/ organise your life/ it/ small/ helps/ another reason/ it/ to study/ you/ ·····~······ is / in conclusion / everyday/ like/ is/ practical/ and ···~··· most/ useful / the / object it/ I/ is You're going to write about what you think the most useful everyday object is Make notes for each paragraph in the Writingplan WRITE AND CHECK Write your essay Tick ( v") the stages in the plan WRITING PLAN Make notes for your answer Say what object you have chosen and why Use In my opinion Object: Why: Give your first reason Use One of the reasons Give additional reasons Use Another reason Think of a conclusion Use In conclusion Share and exchange new ideas Amy's teacher has asked groups to brainstorm ideas for a gadget to learn English Read Amy's feedback for her group to the rest of the class What idea did they choose? Amy: Jan and I both thought of some ideas really quickly Tom had an idea but we didn't understand it, so we didn't write that one down Rashid had an idea, but it was bad and Magda didn't say anything, but it was OK as our ideas were both good In the end we decided to combine our ideas We agreed on a robot that can help with pronunciation and also translate for you Rashid: Actually I think my idea is good, but we didn't spend enough time discussing it G) ffl -I -I -z :c z ~ G) Read Amy's feedback again and answer the questions What things did they well when they brainstormed ideas as a group? What things could they better next time? Imagine you're going to join Amy's group to brainstorm ideas for a mobile app to learn English Follow these steps: Write down your own ideas to contribute Look at the list of things that the group did badly in Exercise Brainstorm things you can say and to help the group the task better this time 125 Ir, 11 Write the words in the correct column of the chart balls cheerful clear the table clothes peg the ironing friendly funny helmet hoops light bulb load the dishwasher make your bed paper clip racket serious shy skates thermometer Sports equipment Personality adjectives Household jobs Everyday objects Use words from Exercise to complete the sentences If you want to be safe when riding your bike, you should wear a Tennis players have six in their bags when they play matches After dinner I clear the table and with the dirty plates A: Is he confident and friendly? B: No, he's very and serious He's very He's always in a good mood Have you got a ? I need to take my temperature Look at the objects in the box Match the objects to their owners journalist ~'d.fpqpe-r student cook doctor cleaner driver I.OST OH.Jl:C:TS Choose the correct options to complete the quiz The first was invented in 1935 by the Hungarian brothers Laszlo and Gyorgy B1r6 a ballpoint pen b clothes peg c drawing pin Nicolas Appert, a chef in Paris, invented the in 1809 He used it to keep food for the army a clothes peg b tin can c calculator The American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, invented the a light bulb b electricity c lamp This is called a thumbtack in American English but in British English it's called a a paper clip b drawing pin c ballpoint pen In the old days clothes pegs were made of a plastic b metal c wood The was invented by an Italian called Marconi in 1895 a radio b flat screen TV c laptop ALL ABOUT ME Answer the questions with information about yourself Name three important modern inventions in your opinion Have you been to a museum recently? What did you see there? Is there a museum in your town? What can you see there? Write the verbs in the correct tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect or present simple passive Webcams (make) of plastic, metal and glass He hardly ever (listen to) music on his computer At the moment they (watch) a soap opera at Amina's house you ever (eat) with chopsticks? The signal (send) to your mobile phone using an antenna A: you (study) for your history exam now? B: No, I'm watching a chat show on our new flat screen television your cousin (live) on a houseboat? The police officers (not arrest) the thief yet Choose the correct option to complete the sentences When I was walking/ walked to school I saw an accident Electric cars invented/ were invented many years ago Did you go/ Were you going to the cinema last night? She didn't design / wasn't designed the Science Museum They watch / were watching TV when they suddenly heard a loud noise Were the designs created / Did they create the designs by the engineers? Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the words in brackets Use the present tense Ballpoint pens / clothes pegs (useful) f!gllpqi11tpe-~ i1re-m:ore 1:Y.efuJtkg.1,1 flqthY.peg§,_ Toy Story/ film I've ever seen (good) Computers / invention of the last 100 years (important) A pen/ a laptop (small) The Science Museum/ (interesting) Laptops/ buy go live not use see visit In the future people to the moon on holiday 50 years from now people clothes pegs We the Science Museum at the weekend After we've looked round the museum, I something from the gift shop In 60 years' time people longer and be healthier you the space exhibition or the inventions? Choose the correct option from the box below to complete the text Modern technology (1) over the years In my opinion, there are (2) interesting recent innovations, but my favourite is social networking sites One of the reasons I love them is because I can (3) photos and information with my friends Last night I (4) some photos from our excursion to the Modern History Museum and I (5) a post on the most interesting things we saw Another reason I think social networking sites are important is because people can share news stories Last month some interesting articles (6) to my page and people commented on them Finally, social networking sites (7) by some people to find jobs or promote their companies In conclusion, when I (8) of an important modern day innovation, I think of social networking! the History Museum tablets (expensive) The Golden Gate Bridge/ (beautiful) Chess/ Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box Use the correctfuture tense, will or going to bridge in the world game I've ever played (difficult) a a a a a a a a has changed much to share uploaded wrote were linking are used think b have changed b a lot of b share b am uploading b were writing b were linked b use b am thinking ... Too much texting can make your thumbs hurt! unlimited Tip nervous Tip depressed Tip thumbs Tip GO BEYOND Use the internet to find an English article about one of your hobbies or favourite ways to... think the internet is such a cool (9) _ ! Next term I want to learn to make my own (10) ! WORDS & BEYOND Choose the correct option to complete the sentences They the internet every evening a connect... the Thompsons usually on Saturday mornings large boring difficult swutU ugly_ similar relaxed GO BEYOND Look online for a video or story of people around the world who live in strange houses, eg
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