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Faculty of Economics and International Business Foreign Trade University International Trade Policy (TMAE.301) Sample questions Module 1: Introduction to Trade Policy and the WTO Briefly explain principles of WTO What are exception to the non-discrimination principle of WTO How Vietnam is applying the non-discrimination principle of WTO Explain the decision making mechanism of WTO Can one country raise it tariff above binding rate What are contingent protection measures? Compare safeguard, dumping and countervailing? What are differences between GATT and WTO How principle of non-discrimination is applied in contingent protection? Module 2: Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) 10 Define and give an example of tariff peak and tariff escalation 11 What are different approaches in tariff reduction negotiations? 12 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each tariff reduction negotiation approaches 13 How tariff negotiation has been agreed in DDR and what still need to be negotiated? 14 Why tariff are preferred measure in international trade policy? 15 What are objectives of technical barrier to trade? 16 What are differences between SPS and TBT? Module 3: Agriculture Issues 17 Define and explain the objectives of tariff rate quota? 18 What is Aggregate Measure of Subsidy – AMS? Explain the WTO’s regulation on AMS? 19 What is dirty tariffication? 20 How WTO classify export subsidy? Give example 21 How WTO classify domestic support? Give example Module 4: Trade Policy Consultation 22 What are stages in trade policy cycle 23 Why should business sector involve in trade policy formulation and implementation process 24 What are stakeholders in trade policy formulation and implementation 25 What are unilateral/bilateral/multilateral trade liberalisations? Name advantage and disadvantages of each approach 26 Why and how to monitor trade implementation?
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