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Mô tả: Nội dung PW75R-2 00-1 No. of page 10 STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION . 10-1 20 TESTING AND ADJUSTING 20-1 30 DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY . 30-1 40 MAINTENANCE STANDARD . 40-1 CONTENTS00-1PW75R-2No. of page10 STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION .10-120 TESTING AND ADJUSTING 20-130 DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY .30-140 MAINTENANCE STANDARD .40-100-2PW75R-2Pages having no marks are those previously revisedor made additions.00-2-1PW75R-2Mark Indication Action requiredC Page to be newlyAddc Page to be replacedReplace( ) Page to be deleteDiscardLIST OF REVISED PAGESThe affected pages are indicated by the use of thefollowing marks. It is requested that necessary ac-tions be taken to these pages according to tableMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevision00-100-200-2-100-2-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-1410-110-210-310-410-510-610-710-810-910-1010-1110-1210-1310-1410-1510-1610-1710-1810-1910-2010-2110-2210-2310-2410-2510-2610-2710-2810-2910-3010-3110-3210-3310-3410-3510-3610-3710-3810-3910-4010-4110-4210-4310-4410-4510-4610-4710-4810-4910-5010-5110-5210-5310-5410-5510-5610-5710-5810-5910-6010-6110-6210-6310-6410-6510-6610-6710-6810-6910-7010-7110-7210-7310-7410-7510-7610-7710-7810-7910-8010-8110-8210-8310-8410-8510-8610-8710-8810-8910-9010-9110-9210-9310-9410-9510-9610-9710-9810-9910-10010-10110-10210-10310-10410-10510-10610-10710-10810-10910-11010-11110-11210-11310-11410-11510-11610-11710-11810-11910-12010-12110-12210-12310-12410-12510-12610-12710-12810-12910-13010-13110-13210-13310-13410-13510-13610-13710-13810-13910-14010-14110-14210-14310-14410-14510-14610-14720-120-220-320-420-520-620-720-820-920-1020-1120-1220-1320-1420-1520-1620-1720-1820-1920-2020-2120-2220-2320-2420-2520-2620-2720-2820-2920-3020-3120-3220-3320-3420-3520-3620-3720-3820-3920-4020-4100-2-2PW75R-2Mark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevisionMark PageTime ofrevision20-4220-4320-4420-4520-4620-4720-4820-4920-5020-5120-5220-5320-5420-5520-5620-5720-5820-5920-6020-6120-6220-6320-6420-6520-6620-6720-6820-6920-7020-7120-7220-7320-7420-7520-7630-130-230-330-430-530-630-730-830-930-1030-1130-1230-1330-1430-1530-1630-1730-1830-1930-2030-2130-2230-2330-2430-2530-2630-2730-2830-2930-3030-3130-3230-3330-3430-3530-3630-3730-3830-3930-4030-4130-4230-4330-4430-4530-4630-4730-4830-4930-5030-5130-5230-5330-5430-5530-5630-5730-5830-5930-6030-6130-6230-6330-6430-6530-6630-6730-6830-6930-7030-7130-7230-7330-7430-7530-7630-7730-7830-7930-8030-8130-8230-8330-8430-8530-8630-8730-8830-8930-9030-9130-9230-9330-9430-9530-9630-9730-9830-9930-10030-10130-10230-10330-10430-10530-10630-10730-10830-10930-11030-11130-11230-11330-11430-11530-11630-11730-11830-11930-12030-12130-12230-12330-12430-12530-12630-12730-12830-12930-13030-13130-13230-13330-13430-13530-13630-13730-13830-13930-14030-14130-14230-14330-14430-14530-14630-14730-14830-14930-15030-15130-15230-15330-15430-15530-15630-15730-15830-15930-16030-16130-16230-16330-16430-16530-16630-16730-16830-16930-17040-140-240-340-440-540-640-740-840-940-1040-1140-1240-1340-1440-1540-1640-1740-1840-1940-2040-2140-2240-2340-2440-2540-2640-2740-2840-2940-3040-3140-3240-3340-3440-3540-3640-3740-3840-3940-4040-4140-4240-4340-4440-4540-4640-4740-4840-4940-5040-5140-52GENERAL PRECAUTIONSMistakes in operation extremely dangerous.Read all the Operation and Maintenance Manual care-fully BEFORE operating the machine.1. Before carrying out any greasing or repairs, readall the precautions written on the decals whichare suck on the machine.2. When carrying out any operation, always wear sa-fety shoes and helmet. Do not wear loose workclothes, or clothes with buttons missing Always wear safety glasses when hitting partswith a hammer Always wear safety glasses when grindingparts with a grinder, etc.3. If welding repairs are needed, always have a trai-ned, experienced welder carry out the work.When carrying out welding work, always wearwelding gloves, apron, glasses, cap and other clo-thes suited for welding work.4. When carrying out any operation with two or moreworkers, always agree on the operating procedurebefore starting. Always inform your fellow workersbefore starting any step of the operation. Beforestarting work, hang UNDER REPAIR signs onthe controls in the operator's compartment.5. Keep all tools in good condition and learn the cor-rect way to use them.6. Decide a place in the repair workshop to keeptools and removed parts. Always keep the toolsand parts in their correct places. Always keepthe work area clean and make sure that there isno dirt or oil on the floor.Smoke only in the areas provided for smoking.Never smoke while working.PREPARATIONS FOR WORK7. Before adding or making any repairs, park the ma-chine on hard, level ground, and block the wheelsto prevent the machine from moving.8. Before starting work, lower outrigger, bucket orany other work equipment to the ground. If thisis not possible, use blocks to prevent the workequipment from falling down. In addition, be sureto lock all the control levers and hang warningsign on them.9. When disassembling or assembling, support themachine with blocks, jacks or stands before star-ting work.10. Remove all mud and oil from the steps or otherplaces used to get on and off the machine. Alwaysuse the handrails, ladders or steps when gettingon or off the machine.Never jump on or off the machine.If it is impossible to use the handrails, ladders orsteps, use a stand to provide safe footing.PRECAUTIONS DURING WORK11. When removing the oil filler cap, drain plug or hy-draulic pressure measuring plugs, loosen themslowly to prevent the oil from spurting out.Before disconnecting or removing components ofthe hydraulic circuit and engine cooling circuit,first remove the pressure completely from the cir-cuit.12. The water and oil in the circuits are not hot whenthe engine in stopped, so be careful not to getburned.Wait for the oil water to cool before carrying outany work on the cooling water circuits.00-3PW75R-2IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICEProper service and repair is extremely important for the safe operation of your machine.The service and repair techniques recommended by FKI and describe in this manual are both effectiveand safe methods of operation. Some of these operations require the use of tools specially designed byFKI for the purpose.To prevent injury to workers, the symbolsand are used to mark safety precautions in this ma-nual. The cautions accompanying these symbols should always be carefully followed. If any danger ari-ses or may possibly arise, first consider safety, and take necessary steps to face.SAFETY13. Before starting work, remove the leads from thebattery. Always remove the lead from the negative( ± ) terminal first.14. When raising heavy components, use a hoist orcrane. Check that the wire rope, chains and hooksare free from damage.Always use lifting equipment which has ample ca-pacity. Install the lifting equipment at the correctplaces.Use a hoist or crane and operate slowly to preventthe component from hitting any other part.Do not work with any part still raised by the hoistor crane.15. When removing covers which are under internalpressure or under pressure from a spring, alwaysleave two bolts in position on opposite sides.Slowly release the pressure, then slowly loosenthe bolts to remove.16. When removing components, be careful not tobreak or damage the wiring.Damage wiring may cause electrical fires.17. When removing piping, stop the fuel or oil fromspilling out. If any fuel or oil drips on to the floor,wipe it up immediately.Fuel or oil on the floor can cause you to slip, orcan even start fires.18. As a general rule, do not use gasoline to washparts. In particular, use only the minimum of gaso-line when washing electrical parts.19. Be sure to assemble all parts again in their origi-nal places. Replace any damage parts with newparts When installing hoses and wires, be sure thatthey will not be damaged by contact with otherparts when the machine is being operated.20. When installing high pressure hoses, make surethat they are not twisted. Damaged tubes are dan-gerous, so be extremely careful when installingtubes for high pressure circuits. Also, check thatconnecting parts are correctly tightened.21. When assembling or installing parts, always usespecified tightening torques.When installing the parts which vibrate violently orrotate at high speed, be particulary careful tocheck that they are correctly installed.22. When aligning two holes, never insert your fingersor hand.23. When measuring hydraulic pressure, check thatthe measuring tool is correctly assembled beforetaking any measurement.24. Take sure when removing or installing tracks of inparticular rubber tracks. When removing thetrack, the track separates suddenly, so never letanyone stand at either end of the wheel.00-4PW75R-200-5PW75R-2FOREWORDThis shop manual has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the operator an ac-curate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements.Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to full effect at every opportunity.This shop manual mainly contains the necessary technical information for operations performed in a serviceworkshop.The manual is divided into chapters on each main group of components; these chapters are further divided intothe following sections.STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONThis section explains the structure and function of each component. It serves not only to give an understan-ding of the structure, but also serves as reference material for troubleshooting.TESTING AND ADJUSTINGThis sections explains checks to be made before and after performing repairs, as well as adjustments to bemade at completion of the checks and repairs.Troubleshooting charts correlating «Problems» to «Causes» are also included in this section.DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLYThis section explains the order to be followed when removing, installing, disassembling or assemblingeach component, as well as precautions to be taken for these operations.MAINTENANCE STANDARDThis section gives the judgement standards when inspecting disassembled parts.NOTEThe specifications contained in this shop manual are subject to change at any time and without anynotice.Contact your FKI distributor for the latest information.VOLUMESShop manual are issued as a guide to carry out re-pairs. These various volumes are designed to avoidduplicating the same information.DISTRIBUTION AND UPDATINGAny additions, amendments or other changes willbe sent to FKI distributors.Get the most up-to-date information before you startany work.FILING METHOD1. See the page number on the bottom of the page.File the pages in correct order.2. Following examples show you how to read the pa-ge number.Example3. Additional pages: additional pages are indicatedby a hyphen (-) and number after the page num-ber.Fle as in the example.Example:10-410-4-110-4-210-5]Added pagesREVISED EDITION MARK(123 )When a manual is revised, an edition mark is recor-ded on the bottom outside corner of the pages.REVISIONSRevised pages are shown on the LIST OF REVI-SED PAGES between the title page and SAFETY pa-ge.SYMBOLSIn order to make the shop manual greatly chelpful,important points about safety and quality are markedwith the following symbols.Symbol Item RemarksSafetySpecial safety precautions are ne-cessary when performing thework.Extra special safety precautionsare necessary when performingthe work because it is under inter-nal pressure.CautionSpecial technical precautions orother precautions for preservingstandards are necessary whenperforming the work.WeightWeight of parts or systems.Caution necessary when selectinghoisting wire, or when working po-sture is important, etc.TighteningtorqueParts that require special attentionfor the tightening torque during as-sembly.CoatParts to be coated with adhesivesand lubricants etc.Oil, waterPlaces where oil, water or fuelmust be added, and their quantity.DrainPlaces where oil or water must bedrained, and quantity to be drai-ned.HOW TO READ THE SHOP MANUALHOW TO READ THE SHOP MANUAL00-6PW75R-2Numero dell'articolo (10. Struttura efunzionamento)Numero di pagina progressivo perogni articolo10 - 3 . bedrained, and quantity to be drai-ned.HOW TO READ THE SHOP MANUALHOW TO READ THE SHOP MANUAL00-6PW75R-2Numero dell'articolo (10. Struttura efunzionamento)Numero. in this shop manual are subject to change at any time and without anynotice.Contact your FKI distributor for the latest information.VOLUMESShop manual

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