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Mô tả: Shop manual máy đào KOMATSU PW130ES-6K Phần Shop manual này bao gồm: FOREWORD SAFETY OPERATION MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS OPTIONS, ATTACHMENTS PW130ES-6KSERIAL NUMBER PW130ES-6K - K35001 and upHYDRAULIC EXCAVATORUnsafe use of this machine may cause serious injury ordeath. Operators and maintenance personnel must readthis manual before operating or maintaining thismachine. This manual should be kept inside the cab forreference and periodically reviewed by all personel whowill come into contact with the machine.Operation & Maintenance ManualUEAM000905WARNING3FOREWORDFOREWORD FOREWORD4FOREWORDThis manual provides rules and guidelines which will help you usethis machine safely and effectively. Keep this manual handy andhave all personnel read it periodically. If this manual has been lostor has become dirty and can not be read, request a replacementmanual from Komatsu or your Komatsu distributor.If you sell the machine, be sure to give this manual to the newowners.Continuing improvements in the design of this machine can leadto changes in detail which may not be reflected in this manual.Consult Komatsu or your Komatsu distributor for the latest avail-able information for your machine or for questions regarding infor-mation in this manual. WARNING●This operation & maintenance manual may containattachments and optional equipment that are not avail-able in your area. Please consult your local Komatsu dis-tributor for those items you require.●This machine complies with EC directive (89/392/EEC).Machines complying with this directive display the CEmark●Improper operation and maintenance of this machine canbe hazardous and could result in serious injury or death.●Operators and maintenance personnel should read thismanual thoroughly before beginning operation or main-tenance.●Some actions involved in operation and maintenance ofthe machine can cause a serious accident, if they are notdone in a manner described in this manual.●The procedures and precautions given in this manualapply only to intended uses of the machine. If you useyour machine for any unintended uses that are not spe-cifically prohibited, you must be sure that it is safe foryou and others. In no event should you or others engagein prohibited uses or actions as described in this manual.●Komatsu delivers machines that comply with all applica-ble regulations and standards of the country to which ithas been shipped. If this machine has been purchased inanother country or purchased from someone in anothercountry, it may lack certain safety devices and specifica-tions that are necessary for use in your country. If thereis any question about whether your product complieswith the applicable standards and regulations of yourcountry, consult Komatsu or your Komatsu distributorbefore operating the machine.●The description of safety is given see “SAFETY INFOR-MATION” on page 5. and in "SAFETY" from page 17.FOREWORD SAFETY INFORMATION5SAFETY INFORMATIONSAFETY MESSAGESMost accidents are caused by the failure to follow fundamentalsafety rules for the operation and maintenance of machines.To avoid accidents, read, understand and follow all precautionsand warnings in this manual and on the machine before perform-ing operation and maintenance.To identify hazards on the machine pictorial decals are used (seePOSITION FOR ATTACHING SAFETY LABELS).RED WARNING TRIANGLE - This is used on safetylabels where there is a high probability of serious injury or death ifthe hazard is not avoided. These safety messages or labels usu-ally describe precautions that must be taken to avoid the hazard.Failure to avoid this hazard may also result in serious damage tothe machine.ORANGE WARNING TRIANGLE - This is used onsafety labels where there is a potentially dangerous situationwhich could result in serious injury or death if the hazard is notavoided. These safety messages or labels usually describe pre-cautions that must be taken to avoid the hazard. Failure to avoidthis hazard may also result in serious damage of the machineYELLOW SAFETY TRIANGLE - This is used onsafety labels for hazards which could result in minor or moderateinjury if the hazard is not avoided. This word might also be usedfor a hazard where the only result could be damage to themachine.NOTICE - This word is used for precautions that must be taken toavoid actions which could shorten the life of the machine.Safety precautions are described in SAFETY from page 1-1.Komatsu cannot predict every circumstance that might involve apotential hazard in operation and maintenance. Therefore thesafety message in this manual and on the machine may notinclude all possible safety precautions. If any procedures oractions not specifically recommended or allowed in this manualare used, you must be sure that you and others can do such pro-cedures and actions safely and without damaging the machine. Ifyou are unsure about the safety of some procedures, contactKomatsu or your Komatsu distributor.SAFETY INFORMATION FOREWORD6NOISE●Sound pressure level at the operator's station, measuredaccording to ISO6396 (Dynamic test method, simulated work-ing cycle)●Sound power level emitted. This is the guaranteed value asspecified in European directive 2000/14/EC.This machine complies with the requirements of RAL (GermanInstitute for quality assurance and marking) pertaining to theaward of the environmental mark (blue angel) for low noise.FOREWORD SAFETY INFORMATION7VIBRATION●The weighted root mean square acceleration value to whichthe operator’s arms are subjected does not exceed 2.5 m/s²●The weighted root mean square acceleration value to whichthe operator’s body is subjected was measured at 0.64 m/s²These results were obtained by accelerometers during trench dig-ging.EMERGENCY STEERINGThis machine is equipped with an emergency steering systemand complies to ISO 5010. In the advent of failure of the source ofpower for the steering system (engine failure) whilst travelling themachine can be steered allowing the machine to be safelystopped.In such a case the effort required at the steering wheel and thenumber of turns to steer the machine will increase. To confirmfunction of emergency steering system raise the front wheels offthe ground (using the work equipment) and with the engine off,turn the steering wheel and check movement of the wheels.INTRODUCTION FOREWORD8INTRODUCTIONINTENDED USEThis Komatsu HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR is designed to be usedmainly for the following work:●Digging●Smoothing work●Ditching work●Loading workSee the section “WORK POSSIBLE USING HYDRAULICEXCAVATOR” on page 135 for further detailsFEATURES●This Komatsu HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR is equipped withvarious controls based on an advanced electronics system.●The monitor panel greatly facilitates daily maintenance andself-diagnosis.●Working mode & travel speed are selectable.●Digging and lifting force can be increased by light-touch con-trol. (For details, see operation section.)●Adjustable wrist control levers make operations smooth andeasy.●Fresh filtered air conditioner assures comfortable operation.●Low noise level and smart urban style design and colouring.●Superb operation performance provided by powerful engineand high-performance hydraulic pump.●Low fuel consumption controlled by an electronic control sys-tem provides an environment-friendly machine.BREAKING IN YOUR NEW MACHINEYour Komatsu machine has been thoroughly adjusted and testedbefore shipment.However, operating the machine under severe conditions at thebeginning can adversely affect the performance and shorten themachine life.Be sure to break in the machine for the initial 100 hours (as indi-cated by the hour meter.)During breaking in:●Idle the engine for 5 minutes after starting it up.●Avoid operation with heavy loads or at high speeds.FOREWORD INTRODUCTION9●Sudden starting or acceleration, unnecessarily abrupt brakingand sharp turning should be avoided except in cases of emer-gency.Additionally for the first 20 hours●Avoid operating engine for prolonged periods at constantspeed (including idle.)●Avoid high speed travelling for periods of more than 5 min-utes.Pay particular attention to oil pressure and temperature indicators& check coolant and oil levels frequently during breaking in.The precautions given in this manual for operating, maintenance,and safety procedures are only those that apply when this productis used for the specified purpose. If the machine is used for a pur-pose that is not listed in this manual, Komatsu cannot bear anyresponsibility for safety. All consideration of safety in such opera-tions is the responsibility of the user.Operations that are prohibited in this manual must never be car-ried out under any circumstances.LOCATIONS OF PLATES, TABLE TO ENTER SERIAL NO. AND DISTRIBUTOR FOREWORD10LOCATIONS OF PLATES, TABLE TO ENTER SERIAL NO. AND DISTRIBUTORMACHINE SERIAL NO. PLATE POSITIONOn the front right of the undercarriageENGINE SERIAL NO. PLATE POSITIONOn valve cover (A).TABLE TO ENTER SERIAL NO. AND DISTRIBUTORMachine serial No.:Engine Serial No.:Product Identification Number :Manufacturer’s name: Komatsu UK Ltd.Address Durham Road Birtley Chester-Le-Street County Durham DH32QX United KingdomDistributorAddress PhoneA . PLATE20G-00-K2382MODELSERIAL No.MANUFACT. YEARMASSENGINE POWERProduct Identification NumberkgkWMANUFACTURERManufactured by Komatsu UK Ltd.for Komatsu Ltd.,Tokyo,JapanMAX. DRAWBAR PULLNManufactured by Komatsu UK Ltd.for Komatsu Ltd., Tokyo, Japan20G-00-K2392TYPFABR. NR.BAUJAHRLEISTUNGZUL.ACHSLAST VORNProdukt Identifizierung NummerHERSTELLERHergestellt vom Komatsu UK Ltd. Birtley Co Durham,United Kingdom unter lizenz der Komatsu Ltd.ZUL.GESAMTGEWICHTZUL.ACHSLAST HINTENkgkgkWkgZUL. ZUGKRAFTN20E-00-K1932for Komatsu Ltd.,Tokyo,Japan.CARICO AMMISSIBILE ASSE POST.WEIGHT REAR AXLEMASSA TOTALE AMMISSIBILETOTAL MAX WEIGHTCARICO AMMISSIBILE ASSE ANT.WEIGHT FRONT AXLEMATRICOLASERIAL NUMBERNUMERO DI OMOLOGAZIONEHOMOLOGATION NUMBERTIPOTYPE-MODELPOTENZA MOTOREENGINE POWERANNOYEARATOATOATODAFROMDAFROMDAFROMMassa rimorchiabile ammissibile:- Massa rimorchiabile con frenata:                 non atto- Massa rimorchiabile con frenatura indipendente:  non atto- Massa rimorchiabile con frenatura ad inerzia:    non atto- Massa rimorchiabile con frenatura assistita:     non attoNumero di Identificazione del Prodotto.Product Identification NumberMANUFACTURERManufactured by Komatsu UK Ltd.kWkgkgkgkgkgkgMANUFACTURING. read, request a replacementmanual from Komatsu or your Komatsu distributor.If you sell the machine, be sure to give this manual to the newowners.Continuing

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