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up CAN THO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ECONOMICS  FULL NAME CHARACTER NOTES ENGLISH FOR ORDER FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING NUMBERS NAMES Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Anh 04 Anh Nguyễn Thị Kiều Hạnh 06 May Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Lan 07 Lan Tiền Cát Mộng Thảo My 08 Mary Topic Điền Thị Phol 11 Phol Lê Thanh Thủy 50 Na RATING INVESTMENT CREDIT Group07 Advisor: Mrs Pham Lan Anh Tháng 4-2018 INTRODUCTION THE TOPIC “INVESTMENT CREDIT RATING” Our group have members: Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Anh (Anh) Nguyễn Thị Kiều Hạnh (May) Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Lan (Lan) Tiền Cát Mộng Thảo My (Mary) Điền Thị Phol (Phol) Lê Thanh Thủy (Na) Today, our group will present about: “Investment credit rating” Our team set up a situation: a new investor would like to know about Vietnam's economy She comes to a credit rating company for advice The presentation is starting now as a meeting TRANSCRIPT PART 1: A MEETING IN COMPANY Cuộc họp diễn vào lúc 8h30 Công ty CP Đầu tư HVA Anh: Chào bạn, hôm tổ chức họp đột xuất để thông báo với bạn ngày mai công ty đón nhà đầu tư đến từ Nhật Cơ muốn biết tình hình phát triển công ty cổ phần dịch vụ du lịch Bến Thành hy vọng cung cấp thông tin cho cô để định có nên đầu tư vào cơng ty hay không May: Vậy cụ thể cung cấp thơng tin gì? Anh: Chúng ta sơ lược tình hình du lịch Việt Nam, Phol phụ trách phần Thứ hai, thơng tin cho biết tình hình tài cơng ty cổ phần dịch vụ du lịch Bến Thành tháng đầu năm 2017, Lan bạn phụ trách phần Kế tiếp, nhận xét tỷ số tài cơng ty giai đoạn tháng May phụ trách Các bạn nhanh chóng cập nhật thơng tin này, chứ? May, Phol, Na, Lan: ok, thưa sếp! Anh: OK, họp diễn lúc 9h30 ngày mai, bạn chuẩn bị tốt nhiệm vụ nhé, chúc bạn buổi sáng vui vẻ! May, Phol, Na, Lan: Chúc sếp buổi sáng vui vẻ! PART 2: A MEETING WITH INVESTOR Anh: Hello everybody As I said we will welcome an investor from Japan, her name is Mary Mary: Hello everyone, my name is Mary, nice to meet you May, Phol, Na, Lan: Nice to meet you too! Mary: I come from Japan, I am a financial investor I want to invest to Vietnam, but I don’t know about Vietnam’s Economy clearly So, I want to know the information from your company On April 24th 2018, credit rating agency S&P affirmed the credit rating of Vietnam at BB-/B I hope the information from your company will help me invest in an appropriate field Lan :We hope to help you Anh: OK, we will start the meeting Anh: So, what you know about “Credit Rating”, Mary? Mary: I have found out here “Credit rating” is an assessment of the credit worthiness of a borrower in general terms or with respect to a particular debt or financial obligation Anh: You also have fairly accurate knowledge about this issue Investors can depend on credit rating of a country to invest their money Mary:Yes, but I don’t know how “credit rating” work? Anh: A high credit rating indicates a high possibility of paying back the loan in its entirety without any issues; a poor credit rating suggests that the borrower has had trouble paying back loans in the past, and might follow the same pattern in the future The credit rating affects the entity's chances of being approved for a given loan, or receiving favorable terms for said loan A credit rating can be assigned to any entity that seeks to borrow money – an individual, corporation, state or provincial authority, or sovereign government Mary: Thank you But, why are investors so interested in credit rating? Anh: Credit rating is important because it communicates the risk associated with buying a certain bond An investment grade credit rating indicates a low risk of a credit default, making it an attractive investment way I will introduce my company to you, right now Our company’s major business is investing and financial consulting HVA will be the target of the consulting firm leading reputation in cooperation and support of enterprise organizations through the provision of strategic advisory solutions to mobilize capital and risk management This is Phol, she will tell you about Vietnam’s Tourism This is Lan, she will talk about the financial situation of Ben Thanh tourist service company And, this is May, she is going to talk about Financial indicators of Ben Thanh tourist service company Mary: Thank you very much So, Phol, can you tell me about Vietnam’s Tourism? Phol : Now I present about Vietnam’s tourism sector One of the highlights of Vietnam's economic picture in 2017 is tourism For nine consecutive months, Vietnam has been the destination of more than million foreign visitors In 2017, Vietnam welcomed 12.9 million international visitors, up nearly 30% compared to 2016 and serves over 73 million domestic visitors For the first time, Vietnam is in the list of countries with the fastest tourism growth in the world Vietnam is ranked sixth among the 10 fastest growing tourist destinations in the world by the World Tourism Organization and the fastest in Asia in terms of speed This shows that Vietnam's tourism brand is increasingly positioned in the international arena With the arrival of 12.9 million international visitors, the total revenue from tourism this year is estimated at over 510,000 billion VND, making an important contribution to the country's economic growth The number of international visitors arriving in Vietnam in 2017 is estimated to be a miracle of Vietnam's tourism, reaching a record number of international visitors in one year and achieving growth With the achievements in recent years, the tourism industry in Vietnam is expected to continue to make a strong mark in the following years Lan: Please, I invite everyone to observe the table Target Sales revenue and service delivery code 01 Demonstration 5.1 2017 819.593.486.289 2016 672.644.117.087 02 5.2 5.583.949.509 3.Net revenue from sales and services 10 5.3 814.009.536.780 667.353.000.804 4.Cost of goods 11 5.4 697.091.401.658 557.284.544.914 5.gross margin on sales and service provision 20 5.5 116.918.135.122 110.068.455.890 6.Financial income 21 5.6 16.456.462.135 9.508.139.070 7.Financial expenses 22 5.7 5.177.711.438 3.099.529.913 Inside, Interest expense 23 2.833.270.443 2.494.433.010 cost of sales 9.Enterprise Cost Management 10.Net interest income on trading activities 25 26 44.328.370.482 53.275.719.274 41.093.565.896 47.448.525.169 30.592.796.063 27.934.973.982 11.Other operating income 31 784.842.223 12 Other costs 13 Other profits 14 profit before 32 40 50 576.472.779 208.369.444 30.801.165.507 887.162.516 2.200.998.344 30.135.972.326 15.Current corporate income tax expense 5.532.393.463 51 _ 14.753.253 24.740.030.029 24.588.825.610 877 854 2.Deduction from sales sold 5.9 30 tax 16.Deferred corporate income tax expenses 17.profit after tax of enterprise income 18.Basic and diluted earnings per share 52 60 70 -Revenue from sales and services in 2017 increased compared to 2016 as the company pushed up, expanding sales more than last year - Financial income in 2017 increases compared to 2016 because the company is expanding its investment in the financial sector -Financial expenses also increase each year due to expansion of investment, the company has to spend more -2017 sales increase over 2016 as the company expands, it costs a lot as more staff are needed to serve sales - Cost of sales in 2017 increased compared to 2016 due to company boards are more goods, there are many activities to attract more customers -Enterprise Cost Management increased due to the company's strong performance and market expansion - Cost norms of the Company such as financial expenses, expenses sales, enterprise management costs of also rising This is also a matter of concern in the process of corporate governance May: Next, I invite everyone to observe the table Financial indicators 2016 2017 ROA (%) 5.78 5.74 ROE (%) 8.95 9.54 ROS (%) 3.4 3.04 ROA provides investors with the information on the returns generated by the amount of investment In the table above, we can see that the ROA in 2017 is slightly lower than in 2016 This shows a decrease in interest on assets but this figure is negligible ROE is the most important ratio for shareholders, which measures the profitability of each shareholder.In the table above, ROE of the 2017 rise compared to 2016 This index is an accurate measure of how much a return is made and how much accrued interest it generates This shows that the profit per capita of the company has increased, which is very suitable for investment ROS indicates how much profit accounted for in revenue This ratio means that the company is profitable.We have seen over years of positive results proving that the company is highly effective By analyzing the indicators of profitability, we can be seen that Ben Thanh tourist effectively uses equity and assets of the company Besides,the financial performance of the company proves that the company's operation is gradually stabilizing and developing in a good way Anh: Based on financial reports and performance of Ben Thanh tourist, we credit the company as follows: - Business capital is over 50 billion: 30 points Sales in the first six months of 2017 increased 16 percent over the same period in 2016, raising profit to 50 billion: 20 points - Being a large company, according to business law: 20 points - All financial indicators are safe, showing that the company's performance indicators are safe: 30 points Ben Thanh tourist achieved a total score of 100 points, based on the enterprise rankings, Ben Thanh tourist ranked AAA Mary:This is a very positive result, thanks for your infomation I will discuss with my CEO and we will decide on this issue soon Have a nice day everyone! Anh: You too, goodbye Mary - PART3: A MEETING BETWEEN MARY AND HER CEO Mary: Hello, miss Na Na: Hi, Mary Howis your meeting with HVA? Mary: This is the meeting minutes this morning, you can see it, please Na: Ok As you can see, what reason made the tourism developed in Vietnam? Mary: The reason for this incredible development is that Vietnam is no longer a foreign tourist destination with international tourists, Vietnam attracts tourists by its long history of culture, rich cuisine and landscapes, interesting natural attractions Na: Ok, I saw the report, I saw the company's performance in the past two years is quite good, high growth rate, based on the enterprise rankings have a total score of 100 points, Ben Thanh tourist ranked AAA, good relationship with credit institutions Moreover, Vietnam is also a country with great potential for tourism development I can see a great source of profits if investing in the field of tourism in Vietnam, especially, Ben Thanh tourist Mary: I think so, through the materials provided by HVA, I think Ben Thanh tourist is a worthy company for investment, and it can earn profit in the future Na: So we will hold a meeting to inform people about this potential project Mary: yes, sir SOURCES Websites: ... interested in credit rating? Anh: Credit rating is important because it communicates the risk associated with buying a certain bond An investment grade credit rating indicates a low risk of a credit. .. this issue Investors can depend on credit rating of a country to invest their money Mary:Yes, but I don’t know how credit rating work? Anh: A high credit rating indicates a high possibility... our group will present about: Investment credit rating Our team set up a situation: a new investor would like to know about Vietnam's economy She comes to a credit rating company for advice The
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