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Writing là kỹ năng tương đối khó đối với các bạn đang theo học môn Anh văn. Việc phát triển kỹ năng viết cần có quá trình rèn luyện một cách nghiêm túc theo từng bước. Một trong những giai đoạn cơ bản nhưng đóng vai trò cực kỳ quan trọng là luyện tập viết câu. Mời các bạn tham khảo nội dung phần 1 cuốn sách. Ỵ CK.0000062271 ¿V VIẾT LAI CÂU' , TIẾN G VÃNH VIẾT LẠI CÂU TIÉNG ANH *%he/ cWừuUỷ HÒNG NHUNG (Biên soạn) C B ỉ iậ p ữ " iể n ỹ C lể t l a K i c â u n Á Hiệu đính: MỸ HƯƠNG & QUỲNH NHƯ NHÀ XUẤT BẢN ĐẠI HỌC QUỐC GIA HÀ NỘI c* L o n ó c đ a u Bạn đọc thăn mến! A 7gày việc học tập nghiên cícu tiếng Anh V trở thành nhu cầu thiếu đông đảo độc giả kì thi học kì, thi chứng chỉ, thi đại học Nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu này, nhóm biên soạn cho mắt bạn đọc “Bài tập viết lại câu tiếng Anh Cuốn sách bao gồm hai dạng tập viết lại câu thông dụng hữu ích, giúp bạn phát triển cách hiệu quà khả viết tiếng Anh mình, giúp bạn ôn luyện từ vựng cấu trúc ngữ pháp nhanh Đặc biệt sau phần tậpphần đáp án kèm theo giúp bạn có thê đổi chiếu tham khảo dễ dàng Chúng hy vọng sách mang lại cho bạn nhiều điểu thú vị khám phả việc học tiếng Anh Trong trình biên soạn chủng khó tránh khỏi thiếu sót, mong nhận đóng góp bo sung ỷ kiến từ phía bạn đọc Chúng xin chân thành cảm ơn C húc bạn thành côngỉ Sàitậpu-iếtểaicàa ùt«ỷ —5 Mọi ý kiện đóng góp Quý độc giả xin gửi Ban biên tập sách ngoại ngữ The Windy - Công ty cổ phần sách MCBooks 26/245 Mai Dịch - cầu Giấy - Hà Nội ĐT: 04.629.66637 Email: tltewindy@mcbooks.vn —Bà/'tậpu-ietểaicânC/Ã/rỷA*Á, PARTA B àitỳ ) u-ietểaicàu tiẻnỷAnh' — Finish each of the incomplete sentences below in such a way that it has the same meaning as the sentence above it (Hoàn thành câu sau cho nghĩa không đổi.) ^ Exercise 1: It is believed that the wanted man is living in New York The wanted It is said that many people are homeless after the floods Many people It is known that the Prime Minister is in favor o f the new law The Prime Minister It is expected that the government will lose the election The government It is thought that the prisoner escaped by climbing over the wall The prisoner It is believed that the thieves got in through the kitchen window The thieves It is alleged that he drove through the town at 90 miles an hour H e It is reported that two people was seriously injured in the accident Two p e o p le — S /tậ p w ĩ'c ể a ic a It is said that three men were arrested after the explosion Three m en 10 It is said that he is 108 years old H e ¥ Exercise 2: They rumoured the man was still living The man They declared that she won the competition She People believed that 13 is an unlucky number Number 13 They say that John is the brightest student in class John People believed that the earth stovayod still The earth Her call to California lasted ten minutes She made a Sam’s new apartment is in a building which has twelve storeys Sam’s new apartment is in a We teach languages We are Bai'tap v-ict fa/cau tie ^ —9 The house is too expensive for me to buy/The house is so expensive that I can’t afford to buy it She has been learning English for 10 years If I had not been busy I could have gone to the cinema Unless you wear your fur coat, you will catch a cold Are they likely to pass the exams? Our hotel booking hasn’t been confirmed yet 10 This is the first time I have seen that man here Exercise 31: He is said to have escaped to a neutral country The sand of the beach was being slowly covered by oil Although we tried very hard, we failed We’d rather you didn’t wear those slippers in the office, Miss Blake The house had its roof blown off by the storm It’s time you were able to dress yourself, Elise There’s no quicker way than this to get into the centre o f the city The cause of the fire was known to only one person There is too little brandy in this punch-bowl 10 So long as the examiners can read your handwriting, they will accept your paper Exercise 32: This work must be finished before six o’clock Re-decorating this room is pointless SoJ tap n it facan tie ty Ank - 85 No cars are permitted to park here/ No parking is permitted hH Despite my having no experience o f skiing, I quickly it up The terrorist threatened to kill the hostage if he screamed We will soon forget our present financial problems For two months now the police have been looking fori murder When was this building built/ When did they build this building? It’s such an expensive car that I don’t think I can buy it 10 We were made to wait for hours Exercise 33: However experienced a driver you may be, Sir, driving a that speed on this road is dangerous Your hair really must be cut, mustn’t it, Paddy? It’s too wonderful an opportunity for us to miss Paul didn’t say a word as he left the room I read very slowly and wrote illegibly when I was at school The surgeon put the operation off as the patient was still tot weak It’s a five door cross-country vehicle Thomas has been working for the company for twelv years They’ve got a big red Italian car 10 She reminded me greatly of her grandmother 86 — Boj tip w it Hucan tiity A d ercise 34: She criticized me for leaving early He’s crazy about cars I don’t feel like going to that party tonight She’s got a low opinion of politicians I fancy going somewhere else for a change A lot o f men disapprove of women working I’m desperate for a holiday She is too old to have any more children He didn’t win the race 10 If he had been more careful he wouldn’t have lost his money Exercise 35: The students regretted not attending to the lecture Unless you saw the programme you can’t really judge It is now 20 years since John and Mary moved to Edinburgh However hard she works she never seems to succeed It was not so much a discussion as an argument Hardly a day passes without my writing to him Mary reported the burglary to the police I never had any intention of going to the meeting I wasn’t early enough to see him 10 apologize for being rude to you yesterday Bat tap v-iet iaicau tiity A n k — 87 Exercise 36: It’s a long time since I have seen so much rain Instead of buying a car, Malcolm bought a motor-cycle Please tell me what this letter means Unless you’re wearing a jacket and tie you can’t go into tha restaurant It’s time we went home Sitting at a desk is the only way I can study properly Jennifer wished she had not behaved foolishly We needn’t have taken so many clothes on holiday last summer Do I really have to arrive so early? 10 The boss has had his car stolen/ the boss has been robbec his car Exercise 37: You need not change your address It will be better for you to stay the night Bill had arranged for his wireless to be repaired A sleep could me good When she awoke she felt terrified If you are lucky, you may get your novel published He has arranged for everyone over 60 to be provided with af, pension Our teacher insists on us writing our essays on alternate lines After he had worked hard for many years, he retired 10 His savings can help him buy a house 88 - Ba/'tip v-iet fa/'cau tie*p A d Exercise : Hardly had she begun to speak when people started interrupting her Getting into work this morning was a bit difficult Much to our regret we are obliged to inform you that your application hasn’t been successful There’s very little anything he doesn’t know about whales The sooner we can solve the problem the better it will be for all concerned So great was the demand that they had to reprint the book immediately They can’t possibly have been playing in this weather He denied stealing the car, but admitted borrowing it If I had only been thinking, I wouldn’t have been made that terrible mistake 10 We were to visit grandmother, so we left early in the morning Exercise 39: No sooner had the burglars left the building than someone rang the alarm The more popular television programmes become, the worse they seem to get He dismissed the whole idea as being ridiculous Anyone found trespassing on this land will be prosecuted by authorities I’d rather go out for a meal than stay at home But for the weather, the weekend would have been superb Bàitàp v-ictiaican ù'ètyA d - 89 10 The team leader criticized John for not waiting for them He might not have got my letter It last snowed here six years ago Only when they told me about it later did I realize what had missed Exercise 40: There were far fewer people there than I had expected On being asked about the strike, the Minister declined to comment You needn’t have gone to all that trouble I wish you wouldn’t say things like that If I hadn’t lost my passport last week, I wouldn’t be having so much trouble now The police caught him climbing over the wall Sad as it is, unemployment is unlikely to go down this year The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car Having nothing else to do, we decided to go for a walk 10 She flatly refused to sleep in that haunted house Exercise 41: They didn’t need to/ they didn’t have to call for help after all Nowhere will you find a more dedicated worker than Mrs Jones Our French exam was not as difficult as our German one No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get the money I am not in the habit of sleeping in the afternoon 90 —Saj tap o-itt iaican tiinp A*i The detective wanted to find out if Mr Johnston had been out that evening It’s years since I last went to a cricket match Although we had warned him, he left camp without taking his rifle Whichever route you may take, it will take you about three hours to get there 10 It’s high time you acquired a few manners Exercise 42: Even though they had been lost in the mountains for three days, they looked strong and healthy It’s too marvelous an opportunity to miss However experienced you are, driving fast is dangerous Doris mistook the woman in front of her for her sister-inlaw I can’t remember when our appointment is Donald kept us waiting for two hours I can’t remember an incident just as mysterious (as that) Our car really must be serviced, mustn’t it? We find it extremely difficult to make ends meet these days 10 We were very disappointed by their attitude Exercise 43: They stole everything except for the television The director wondered who had been sitting in his chair Bat tap v-iet ¿at cau tiity Auk — 91 Living in a big city is not to my liking The atmosphere in that house was so frightening that we had to leave immediately Unfortunately I can’t stay here long enough to visit many of the tourist attractions That puzzle would have been impossible to solve, even for a genius It was foolish o f him to say that That house hasn’t been lived in for years Little does Mary realize how serious her operation is 10 If you were not an unsuspectedly talented mechanic, we would have been stranded there for hours Exercise 44: William’s mother told him not to leave the house until she got back I don’t want to see him tomorrow Everybody was astonished by Alice’s strange ideas You shouldn’t have left the windows open last night Unless you keep your feet dry, you will catch a cold I think that it might rain I have never tasted a more delicious cake before No-one who was there noticed anything unusual It is two years since she left university 10 The gate is closed so that the children can’t run into the road 92 - Ba/tap v-iet dcucda tity Ad Exercise 45: Henry wished that he hadn’t bought the second-hand car Amada finally succeeded in getting a good job That old house at the end of the road has been sold Mrs Rogers told her son not to bite his nails Charles doesn’t live a long way from his aunt’s house I certainly will never go to that restaurant again! The beach was so dirty that we decided not to stay You don’t have to finish the work today I’d rather not have lunch yet 10 Sebastian has been working as a TV presenter for five years Exercise 46: What an excellent meal it was! George told Mary that he had seen the film three times I’d rather not visit the museum If John’s car had not broken down, he wouldn’t have missed the ferry Robert can’t cook as well as Jane Customers are requested not to smoke in this area of the restaurant Martin apologized to Angela for damaging her car In spite o f taking a taxi, Bill arrived late for the concert Carol has no difficulty in making friends 10 Mark is not old enough to see the horror film Bàj'tàf) v-iét fa/cdu tity A l - 93 Exercise 47: This was the first time he had ever been on board a ship While the radio was being read, he kept making angry comments Your father wanted you to become an engineer June suggested our taking some flowers to Aunt Penelope The Chief Constable has had his car stolen The older he grows, the more cheerful he becomes He painted his letter-box red so as to make it look more conspicuous “How far is it to the nearest post-office?” she asked a policeman No-one seems to have predicted the correct result 10 Rather than to live in the suburbs, he prefers to live in the centre of the city Exercise 48: I haven’t played football since 1971 I’m going to have my piano tuned tomorrow The hotel was more expensive than I had expected As I had nowhere else to go, I tried to sleep in the station waiting room 94 You needn’t have gone to so much trouble on my behalf I’d rather you hadn’t written that letter No-one was able to find his passport She admitted to having taken the necklace - Ecu'tap v-iet Haican tiety /¡*1 i However long it may take, I’ll find that man 1 can’t meet all my financial commitments with my income Exercise 49: Traveling by train is much cheaper than traveling by plane If only I were rich and famous They eventually decided to get married The destruction of most of the old city of London was brought about by a fire in the 1600s It is over 20 years since he last went back to his hometown Our house was broken into while we were on holiday I’ll call the police if you want me to As I didn’t know all the facts I rang the police Jerry can’t have stolen the jewels because he didn’t know where the key to the safe was 10 Provided you fill the car up with petrol, you can’t borrow it Exercise 50: “How about painting the house green?” He suggested Only when he was halfway through the exercise did he realize how difficult it was The floods made the further progress impossible He said that it was his wife’s fault that they had arrived late at the concert The place was unexpectedly difficult to find than we had expected Baitap v-iet faic&u titnpAnh —95 10 You need not have carried all those parcels home yourself The cheering from the crowd began as he rose to speak Would you kindly move your car? It’s in my way In case it rains this evening, I’ll take a mackintosh He had a lot of dependants Exercise 51: It is open to question as to whether Jones will get the job According to the drama critic of the “Daily News”, the new play is a major breakthrough Arthur apologized for having hurt her feelings Now I wish I hadn’t asked her to stay Only a very brave person could have done that For fear of waking anyone up, Doris tiptoed up the stairs She said: “You might have invited us too” Nancy prides herself on her cooking Nobody took any notice of my protests 10 I’m sure he didn’t take your umbrella deliberately Exercise 52: We haven’t been here since 1980 Little does Rita realize how serious her husband’s operation is going to be Rather than take it back to the shop he decided to repair the thing himself Kathleen pleaded with her boyfriend not to drive so fast Even if you offered her more money it wouldn't make any difference 96 —Bojtap u-itt iaicau titty Anh If Ivor had not helped we would have been in serious trouble However experienced a driver you may be, Sir, driving at that speed on this road is dangerous Your hair really must be cut, mustn’t it, Paddy? It’s too wonderful an opportunity for us to miss 10 Paul didn’t say a word as he left the room Exercise 53: I lent my car to that man I asked my friend if he/ she would like a cup of tea The room needs sweeping I not play the guitar as well as he does The reason I cannot go to the cinema tonight is that I not have my car She told him not to forget to go to the post office We will break our journey in France on our way to Germany A few days ago the weather was much cooler than it is today Last week’s exercise was easier than this one 10 Her sister is shorter than she is Exercise 54: I was particularly impressed by her accent-free pronunciation At no time was the result o f the match in doubt This will be the first time the orchestra has performed outside London Boj'tap w it da/can When did this roof begin leaking? Lydia has some soup spilled over her new dress last night My family hasn’t written to me recently You can’t have enjoyed that party very much, can you? If I hadn’t had my cheque-book on me, we would have been in trouble You’d better go and ask her yourself 10 There was no justification for the violent criticism of the Prime Minister Exercise 55: Wendy reminded Peter to give her a ring the following day If we take the train, it means changing in Paris That’s an experience I would rather forget You don’t happen to have seen my pen, you? Ruth wanted Mike to avoid staying in the city centre Anyone who can eat this must be desperate I advised Cathy not to come to work for a few days That’s a girl I used to work with There were far fewer people there than I had expected 10 He dismissed the whole idea as being ridiculous Exercise 56: Don’t waste time copying out your work again I dare you to ask David to come with you to the party Brenda can’t stand staying in expensive hotels 98 —Ba/'tap w et fa/'cda t/e*pAn! Martin begged us not to leave him on his own You don’t have to wear uniform Not only did Paul smash a window, but he damaged the television too If only your sister could come as well It looks as if the house had been occupied for several months Before these machines were invented people had to queue 10.1 was the last person to know about the accident B aitap v-iit daican titty A n t —99 ... học tập nghiên cícu tiếng Anh V trở thành nhu cầu thiếu đông đảo độc giả kì thi học kì, thi chứng chỉ, thi đại học Nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu này, nhóm biên soạn cho mắt bạn đọc Bài tập viết lại câu. .. cho mắt bạn đọc Bài tập viết lại câu tiếng Anh Cuốn sách bao gồm hai dạng tập viết lại câu thông dụng hữu ích, giúp bạn phát triển cách hiệu quà khả viết tiếng Anh mình, giúp bạn ôn luyện từ... pháp nhanh Đặc biệt sau phần tập có phần đáp án kèm theo giúp bạn có thê đổi chiếu tham khảo dễ dàng Chúng hy vọng sách mang lại cho bạn nhiều điểu thú vị khám phả việc học tiếng Anh Trong trình
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