Unit 15 countries c12

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THO AN SECONDARY SCHOOL Teacher: Thanh Thuy DO YOU KNOW THIS COUNTRY ? VIETNAM Language:Vietnamese Capital:Ha Noi The large cities: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Da Nang,Can Tho I/ Vocabulary: - a lot of = lots of = many : nhiều - The Red River : Sông Hồng - rain ( unc ) : mưa - forest - desert (n) (n) One flower : : rừng sa mạc lots of flowers * Complete the sentences with the suitable words : It is a ……… desert There are … flowers lots of 3.This is U Minh forest ……… rain We have much… II Hi, My name’s Lan I’m Vietnamese My country is very beautiful We have lots of mountains We have great rivers like the Red and Mekong Rivers We have lots of lakes, too We have lots of rain, so the country is very green We have big forests and we don’t have any deserts We have lots of beautiful beaches, it is a great country Now look at the pictures Complete the passage A D B E C F G Viet Nam has lots of beautiful (A) mountains It has great (B) rivers and lots of (C) lakes There is a lot of (D) , rain so forests and there are the country is very green There are big (E) deserts There aren’t any (G) beaches many beautiful (F) Model sentences • We have * We have many lakes a lot of rivers lots of forests much a lot of lots of rain III.Practice: Note We have lots of a lot of mountains rivers and lakes forests beaches rain Practice: - Does Vietnam have any [ mountains]? - Yes, it does Write it-up: Vietnam has lots of beautiful , it has great And lots of There is a lot of , so the country is very green There are big And there are many beautiful There aren’t any 1 Learn by heart the vocabulary Write a passage to describe Viet Nam 3.Practice to make sentences: -Does Viet Nam have any…? - Yes, it does / No, it doesn’t Thank you for your attendence
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