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Ngày đăng: 01/12/2016, 18:08

Teacher : Dao Thi Thuy Ha WARM UP What’s he doing ? he’s What’s she doing ? she’s UNIT What are they doing? Lesson 1- New words painting masks sơn mặt nạ 1- New words making a puppet làm rối 1- New words playing badminton chơi cầu lông 1- New words making paper planes làm máy bay giấy Tom: What are the pupils doing in the class room? Linda: Well, at the red table, they’re drawing pictures Linda: At the blue table, they are making a paper boat Linda: And at the yellow table, they are making a kite Tom : Are they having an art lesson? Yes , they are Model sentences What are they doing ? badminton They are playing Let’s talk Where is he/ she? he/ she is …………… What ‘s he/ she doing? he/she is ……………… Where are they? they are…………… What are they dong? they are …………… PLAY GAME ! GUESSING GA M E THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION !
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