600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic

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600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic600 từ vựng thường gặp trong bài thi toeic 1 600 TỪ VỰNG THÔNG DỤNG THƯỜNG GẶP TRONG BÀI THI TOEIC MỤC LỤC : L1 Contracts /'kɔntrækt/ N. hng, giao kèo, kh c, giy ký kt 3 L2 Marketing (th ; khách hàng) 3 L3 Warranties /wɔrənti/ 4 L4 Business planning 5 L5 Conferences /'kɔnfərəns/ hi ngh 5 L6 computers 6 L7 Office Technology 6 L8 Office Procedures 7 n t) 7 L10 Correspondence (quan h , s phù hp) 7 L11 Job Advertising and Recruiting 8 L12 Applying and Interviewing 8 L13 Hiring and Training 9 L14 Salaries and benefits 9 L15 Promotions, Pensions and Awards 10 L16 Shopping 10 L17 Ordering Supplies 11 L18 Shipping 11 L19 Invoices 12 L20 Inventory 12 L21 Banking 13 L22 Accounting 13 L23 Investments 14 2 L24 Taxes 15 L26 Property and department 16 L27 Board Meetings and committees 16 L28 Quality control 17 L29 Product Development 17 L30 Renting and Leasing 18 L31 Selecting a Restaurant 18 L32 Eating out 18 L 33 Ordering Lunch 19 L34 Cooking as a career 19 L35 Events 20 L36 General Travel 20 L37 Airlines 21 L38 Trains 21 L39 Hotels 22 L40 Car Rentals 22 L41 Movies 23 L42 Theater 23 L43 Music 24 L44 Museums 24 L45 Media 25  25   26 L48 Health Insurance (  27 L49 Hospitals t chc t thin, t chc cu t 27 L50 Pharmacy ('fɑ:məsi) c khoa 28 3 TOEIC 600 WORDS L1 Contracts /'kɔntrækt/ N. hng, giao kèo, kh c, giy ký kt Abide by v. to comply with, to conform Agreement /ə'gri:mənt/ n. a mutual arrangement, a contract (hng, giao kèo) Agree /ə'gri:/ v. agreeable adj. (ng ý, tán thành, bng lòng, tho thun) Assurance /ə'ʃuərəns/ n. q guarantee, confidence (s chc chn; s tin chu chc chnu tin chc) Cancel v. to annul, to call off (hy b) Determine /di'tə:min/ v. to find out, to influence (nh rõ) Engage / in'geidʒ/ v. to hire, to involve+ ( Establish /is v. to institute permanently, to bring about (  Obligate / 'ɔbligei/ v. to bind legally or morally ( ) Obligation /,ɔ/ n. obligatory adj. ( ) Party n. a person or group participating in an action or plan, the persons or sides (bui tic, liên hoan) concerned in a legal matter (   Provision /provision/ n. a measure taken beforehand, a stipulation u khon) Provider n. provision n. Resolve /ri'zɔlv/ v. to deal with successfully, to declare ( ) Specify /spesi, fai/ v. to mention explicitly (ch nh rõ, ghi chú vào phn chi tit k thut) Specification n. (s ch rõ, s nh rõ) specific adj. (rõ ràng, rành mch) L2 Marketing (th ; khách hàng) Attract /ə'trækt/ v. to draw by appeal (thu hút, hp dn, lôi cun) Attraction n. attractive adj. Compare /kəm'peə/ v. to examine similarities and differences   o to compare the orginal with the copy   (+ to) so sánh o poets often compare sleep to death     Comparison n/kəm'pærisn/. comparable /'kɔmpərəbl/adj. (có th c) Compete /kəm'pi:t/ v. to strive against a rival (nh tranh) Consume /kən'sju:m/ v. to absorb, to use up (dùng, tiêu th) 4 Consumer /kən'sju:mə/ n. i tiêu th (hàng hoá, thc phm ) consumable /kən'sju:məbl/ adj. (có th c, có th tiêu th c) Convince /kən'vins/ v. to bring to believe by argument, to persuade (làm cho tin, làm cho nghe theo, thuyt phc) Current adj. Happening or existing at the present time, adv. To be on top of things (chiu, ng ) Fad /fæd/ n. a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time, a craze (mt) Inspire /in'spaiə/ v. to spur on, to stimulate imagination or emotion. (truyn (cm hng, ý n cm hng cho (ai), gây cm hng cho (ai) Market v. the course of buying and selling a product, n. the demand for a product (giá th ng; tình hình th ng) Marketing n. marketable adj. Persuade /pə'sweid/ v. to move by argument or logic (làm cho tin; thuyt phc) Productive adj. Constructive, high yield (sn xut) Satisfy /'sætisfai/ v. to make happy (làm tho mãn, làm vc yêu cu, u kin )) L3 Warranties /wɔrənti/ (S bm)     Characteristic /,kæriktə'ristik/ adj. Revealing of individual traits (riêng, riêng bic  Consequence /'kɔnsikwəns/ n. that which follows necessarily (tm quan trng, tính tri) Consider /kən'sidə/ v. to think about carefully (cân nh Consideration n. considerable Cover v. to provide protection against (che, ph, bao ph, bao trùm, bao bc) Expire /iks'paiə/ v. to come to an end (mãn hn, kt thúc, ht hiu lc (lut); mai mt, mt  Frequently /'fri:kwənt/ adv. Occurring commonly, widespread (ng xuyên, hay xy ra, có luôn) Imply /im'plai/ v. to indicate by inference (ý nói; ng ý; bao hàm ý) Promise v. n. to pledge to do, bring about, or provide (li hu hu hn c; s ha hn) Protect v. to guard (bo v, s bo v, chê ch) Protection n. protective adj. Reputation /,repju:'teiʃn/ n. the overall quality of character (ting tt, thanh danh, danh ting) Reputable adj. Reputed adj. ('repjutəbl) (có ting tng) Require /ri'kwaiə/ v. to deem necessary or essential (i, yêu cu) Requirement n. requisite adj. – 5 Vary /'veəri/ v. to be different from another, to change (i, bii) L4 Business planning Address v. to direct to the attention of a ch, chuyi ) Avoid /ə'vɔid/ v. to stay clear of, to keep from happening (tránh, tránh xa) Demonstrate /'demənstreit/ v. to show clearly and deliberately, to present by example ( , ) Demonstration n. demonstrative adj. Develop /di'veləp/ v. to expand, progress, or improve (phát trin, m mang, m rng, khu t) Development n. developer n. Evaluate /i'væljueit/ v. to determine the value or impact of nh giá) Evaluation n. evaluator n. Gather /'gæðə/ v. to accumulate, to conclude (tp hp li, t hp ln) Offer v. to propose, to present in order to meet a need or satisfy a requirement (  ngh) Primary /'praiməri/ adj. Most important, first in a list, series, or sequence (ch yu, chính, bc nht) Risk n. the chance of loss or damage (s ri ro, s nguy him) Strategy /'strætidʤi)/ n. a plan of action (chic) Strategize n. strategic adj. Strong adj. Powerful, economically or financially sound (mnh khe, bn vng) Substitute /'sʌbstitju:t/ v. to take the place of another (th, thay th) L5 Conferences /'kɔnfərəns/ hi ngh Accommodate /ə'kɔmədeit/ v. to fit, to provide with something needed (u tit, làm cho thích nghi, làm cho phù hp) Accommodation n. accommodating adj. Arrangement /ə'reindʤmənt/ n , the plan or organization (s sp xp, s sc sp xc st) Association /ə,sousi'eiʃn/ n, an organization of persons or groups having a common interest (hi, hi liên hi, công ty) Attend /ə'tend/ v, to go to, to pay attention to (d, có mt) Attendee n., attendance n. Get in touch v, to make contact with (giu lien lc) Hold v, to accommodate; to conduct (t chc, tin hành) Location /lou'keiʃn/ n, a position or site (v trí) Overcrowded /'ouvə'kraud/ a, too crowded (kéo và Register v, to record  Register n. registration n. – 6 Select v, to choose from a group (chn, la chn) Selection n. selective adj.(s la chn) Session n, a meeting bui hp, k hp, khóa hc Take part in v, to join or participate ( tham gia, tham d) L6 computers Access v, to obtain, to gain entry (truy cng vào) Access n. accessible adj. Allocate/'æləkeit/ v, to designate for a specific purpose (ch nh, chia phn) Compatible /kә ә bl/ a, able to function together ng) Delete v, to remove; to erase (xóa) Display n, what is visible on a monitor; v, to show  Duplicate /´dju:plikit/ v, to produce something equal; to make identical (bn sao, g Duplicate n. duplication n, Fail v, not to succeed; not to work correctly t, không thành công) Failure n. fallible adj. Figure out v, to understand , to solve (ch ra, hiu ra) Ignore v, not to notice; to disregard (b qua, l  Search v, to look for; n, investigation (tìm kim, tìm hiu) Shot down v, to turn off; to cease operation i, ngng li) Warn v, to alert; to tell about a danger or problem (cnh báo) Warning n. warning adj. L7 Office Technology Affordable a, able to be paid for; not too expensive (hp lý) As needed adv, as necessary (cn thit) Be in charge of v, to be in control or command of (có tráchnhi) Capacity n, the ability to contain or hold; the maximum that something can hold (sc cha, kh  Durable a, sturdy, strong, lasting (lâu bn) Initiative n, the first step; an active role (sáng kin) Initiate v. initiation n. Physical a, perceived by the senses (vt chn t nhiên) Provider n, a supplier (nhà cung cp) Provide v. provision n. Recur v, to occur again or repeatedly (tái din, tái hin) Recurrence n. recurring adj. Reduction n, a lessening , a decrease (thu nh, gim bt) Reduce v. reducible adj. Stay on top of v, to know what is going on; to know the latest information (cp nht) Stock n, a supply; v, to keep on hand (d tr, c phn) – 7 L8 Office Procedures Appreciate v, to recognize, understand the importance of; to be thankful for  Appreciation n. appreciated adj. Be exposed to v, to become aware of; to gain experience in Bring in v, to hire or recruit; to cause to appear (dn ti, mang ti ) Casual a, informal (thân mt, không nghi thc) Code n, rules of behavior (b lut, quy lut) Glimpse n, a quick look t qua, thoáng qua) Made of v, to consist of (to nên) Out of a, no longer having, missing (ht, mt) Outdated a, obsolete; not currently in use (ht hn) Practice n, method of doing something (tp luyn) Practice v. practical adj. (cng c, gia c) Reinforce v, to strengthen, support (cng c, gia c) Reinforcement n. reinforcing gerund Verbal a, oral (bng li nói ) Verbalize v. verbally adv. L9 Electronics n t) Disk n, an object used to store digital information  Facilitate v, to make easier (làm cho d dàng, thun tin) Network n, an interconnected group or system (mi) Popularity n, the state of being widely admired, sought i chúng, ph bin) Popularize v. popular adj. Process n, a series of operations or actions to bring about a result (quy trình) Replace v, to put back in a former place or position (thay th) Replacement n. replaceable adj. Revolution n, a sudden or momentous change in a situation (cuc cách mng, quay vòng) Revolutionized v. revolutionary adj. Sharp a, abrupt or acute; smart (sc nét) Skills n, developed ability (k  Software n, the programs for a computer (phn mm) Storage n, the safekeeping of goods or information (kho, s d tr) Store v. n. Technical a, special skill or knowledge (K thut) L10 Correspondence (quan h ) Assemble v, to put together; to bring together (thu thp, lp ráp) – 8 Beforehand adv, early, in advance (sc) Complicated a, not easy to understand (phc tp) Complication n. complicated adj. Courier n, a , a messenger i chuy Express a, fast and direct (chuyn phát nhanh) Fold v. to bend paper (ph, bao bc, gp li) Layout n, a format; the organization of material on a page (S bb trí trang giy) Mention v, to refer to; n, something read or written  cn) Mention n. mentionable adj. Petition n, a formal, written request; v, to make a formal request (li thnh c ngh) Proof v, to look for errors (bng chng) Proofreader n. proofing gerund. Registered a, recorded and tracked  Registration n. registered adj. Revise v, to rewrite (sa li, bn sa) L11 Job Advertising and Recruiting Abundant /ə´bʌndənt/ a, plentiful, in large quantities; n, a large number ( thãi,) Accomplishment /ə'kɔmpliʃmənt/ n, an achievement, a success ( ) Accomplish /ə'kɔmpliʃ/ v.  accomplished adj. Bring together v, to join, to gather ( ) Candidate /'kændidit/ n, one being considered for a position, office ( sinh) Come up with v, to plan, to invent, to think of nh) Commensurate a, in proportion to, corresponding, equal to (( + to, with)   Match n, a fit, a similarity () Profile n, a group of characteristics or traits ( Qualifications /,kwalifi'keiSn/ n, requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something () Qualify /'´kwɔli¸fai/ v. () qualified adj. Recruit /ri'kru:t/ v, to attract people to join an organization of a cause () Recruitment n. recruiter n. Submit /səb´mit/ v, to present for consideration () Submission n. submittal n (s bin h) Time-consuming a, taking up a lot of time (cn nhiu thi jan) L12 Applying and Interviewing (xin vic và phng vn) – 9 Ability n, a skill, a competence (kh  Apply v, to look for (Xin vic, tìm vic) Applicant n. application n.i nc)  (kinh nghim) Be ready for v, to be prepared ( s Call in v, to request (yêu cu, ,mi ti)  (t tin) Confident adj. Confidently adv. Constantly a, on a continual basis, happening all the time (liên tc, luôn luôn, i) Expert n, a specialist (nhà chuyên môn, chuyên sâu, thành tho) Expertise n. expert adj. Follow up v. to take additional steps, to continue (tip tc, tip theo) Hesitate v, to pause, to be reluctant (do dng l) Present v. to introduce, to show, to offer for consideration (trình bày, gii thiu) Presentation n. presentable adj. Weakness n, a fault, a quality lacking strength m yu) L13 Hiring and Training o) Conduct v, to hold, to take place, to behave ng dn, ch o) Generate v, to create, to produce (sinh ra) Hire v, to employ, to offer a job or position n) Hire n. hiring gerund (thuê, tuyn dng) Keep up with v, to stay equal with (gi cân bng) Look up to v, to admire, to think highly of (Khâm phng m) Mentor n, a person who guides (i c vn) On track a, on schedule (Theo dõi) Reject v, to turn down, to say no (t chi) Rejection n. rejecting gerund Set up v, to establish, to arrange; a , arranged (thit lp, to dng) Success n, reaching a goal (thành công) Succeed v. successful adj. Training n, the preparation or education for a specific job o) Trainer n. trainee n. Update v, to make current. N, the latest information (cp nht) L14 Salaries and benefits  cp) Basis n. the main reason for something, a base or foundation (nn tng, n) Be aware of v. to be conscious of, to be knowledgeable about (am hiu v) – 10 Benefits n. the advantages provided to a employee in addition to salary (tin tr cp) Benefit v. (giúp ích cho) beneficial adj. (có ích, có li) Compensate v. to pay, to make up for.(bn bù) Compensation n. (s n bù, s bng)compensatory adj. Delicate adj. Sensitive, adv. With sensitivity (nhy bén, khéo léo) Eligible adj. Able to participate in something, qualified  p) Flexible adj. Not rigid, able to change easily (, d sai khin, d un nn) Negotiate v. to talk for the purpose of reaching an agreement especially on prices or contracts (ng) Negotiation n. negotiator n. Raise n. an increase in salary (s ) Retire v. to stop working, to withdraw from a business or profession (ngh  Retirement n. retired adj. Vested adj. Absolute, authorized c quyc phép) Wage n. the money paid for work done, usually hourly (tin công, tin l L15 Promotions, Pensions and Awards Achieve v, to succeed , to reach a goal c, hoàn thành) Achievement n. achiever n. Contribute v, to add to, to donate, to give , góp phn) Contribution n. contributor n. Dedication n, a commitment to something (cng hin) Dedicate v. dedicated adj. Look forward to v, to anticipate, to be eager for something to happen (ch i) Looked to v, to depend on , to rely on (trông ch vào, ph thuc vào) Loyal a, faithful, believing in something or somebody (trung thành) Merit n, experience, high quality (xut sc) Obvious a, easy to see or understand (rõ ràng, hin nhiên) Productive a, useful, getting a lot done (t, kh c) Promote v, to give someone a better job; to support, to make known  t) Promotion n. promoter n. Recognition n, credit, praise for doing something well (s công nhn, s tha nhn) Value n, worth  L16 Shopping Bargain n, something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer (mc c) Bear v, to have a tolerance for, to endure (chng)  (cách ng xi x) [...]... fulfillment n (sự hoàn thành) Integral a, necessary for completion (cần thi t, ko th thi u) Inventory n, goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods (Ki m kê (hàng hóa) Minimize v, to reduce, to give less importance to (gi m tới m c t i thi u) Minimal adj Minimum n (t i thi u) On hand a, available (sẵn sàng, sẵn có) Remember v, to think of again (nhớ, nhớ lại) Ship v, to transport; to send (vận chuy... issue, topic of interest (vấn đề, chủ đề) Periodically adv From time to time (định kỳ) Period n periondic adj Priority n something of importance, something that should be done before other things (ưu tiên) Prioritize v prior adj Progress n a movement forward, v to move forward on something, especially work or a project (sự tiến bộ, sự tiến lên) 16 – Progression n progressive adj sự tiến tới Waste b not... (Phương tiện truyển thông) Assignment n., v., something, such as a task, that is assigned (nhiệm vụ, công việc) Choose v., to select one thing over another (lựa chọn) Choice n., choosy adj., Constant n., something that is unchanging or invariable(不变的,永恒的)(trung thành, chung thủy) Constitute(制定,建立) n., to be the elements or parts of (tạo thành, thành lập, thi t lập) Decisive adj., characterized by decision... n., a section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole (phân chia, khẩu phần) Regardless adv., in spite of (Bất chấp, không đếm xỉa tới, không chú ý tới) Salary n., a fixed compensation paid regularly for work done; one’s pay (lương) Suitable adj., appropriate to a purpose or an occasion (thích hợp với) Suit v Hợp với, suitably adv., ( L49 Hospitals (tổ chức từ thi n, tổ chức cứu tế) Admit... /ri'zʌlt/ n., an outcome (kết qu ) Statement /'steitmənt/ n., an accounting showing an amount due; a bill (sự bày tỏ, sự trình bày, sự phát bi u) Usual /'ju: u l/ adj., ordinary, expected (thường, thông thường, thường lệ, thường dùng, dùng quen) L50 Pharmacy ('fɑ:məsi) dược khoa Consult /kən'sʌlt/ v., to seek advice or information of (hỏi ý kiến, tham kh o) Consultation n., consultative adj., Control /kən'troul/... dự án lớn) Essential a, indispensable, necessary (cần thi t) Everyday a, common, ordinary (thông thường, thông dụng) Function v, to perform tasks (ch c năng, trách nhiệm) Function n functional adj Maintain v, to continue, to support, to sustain (duy trì) Maintainability n maintainable adj Obtain v, to acquire (đạt được, có được) Prerequisite n, something that is required or necessary as a prior condition... Garment n an article of clothing (áo quần) Inspect v to look at closely, to examine carefully or officially (ki m tra, thanh tra) Inspection n inspector n Perceive v to notice, to become aware of, to see (nhận th c, lĩnh hội) Perception n perceptive adj (sự nhận biết, mẫn c m) Repel v to keep away, to fight against (đẩy xa, khước từ) Repellent n adj Take back b to return something, to withdraw or retract... approximate the amount or value of something; to form am opinion About something (ước lượng định giá) Estimation n estimating gerund Impose v, to establish or apply as compulsory; to force upon others (áp đ t, ép buộc, bắt ai ph i l m gì đó) Imposition n imposing adj (đánh (thuế ai đó) Mistake n, an error or a fault (lỗi) Mistaken v adj Order n, a request made to purchase something ; v, to command or direct... determine the value or rate of something (ước định, định lượng) Assessment n., assessable adj., 25 – Diagnose (诊断) v., to recognize a disease; to analyze the nature of something (chẩn đoán) Diagnosis n lời chuẩn đoán diagnostic adj., Triệu ch ng Effective adj., producing the desired effect; being in effect ( nh hưởng) Instrument n., a tool for precise work; the means whereby something is achieved (điều trị)... chiếm) n a felling about something or someone (thái độ, quan đi m) n a promise (thỏa thuận, thỏa ước, cam kết) noncommittal adj adj Cautious, restrained (b o thủ, thận trọng) n an amount of money for something specific, v to provide money for (nguồn tiền, quỹ dự trữ) Invest v to put money into a business or activity with the hope of making more money, to put effort into something (đầu tư) Investment n . 1 600 TỪ VỰNG THÔNG DỤNG THƯỜNG GẶP TRONG BÀI THI TOEIC MỤC LỤC : L1 Contracts /'kɔntrækt/ N. hng, giao. Priority n. something of importance, something that should be done before other things  Prioritize v. prior adj. Progress n. a movement forward, v. to move forward on something, especially. completion (cn thi t, ko th thi u) Inventory n, goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods (Kim kê (hàng hóa) Minimize v, to reduce, to give less importance to (gim ti mc ti thi u) Minimal
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