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PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 95 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 95 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. payable definition (c) may be settled A2 adj. annual definition (b) occurring once a year; yearly A3 adj. straightforward definition (b) frank; candid; sincere; honest; simple; uncomplicated A4 v. give up definition (c) to surrender; to quit; to stop doing A5 v. detail definition (d) to list; to describe; to specify; to assign A6 n. official definition (a) person who holds public position; authority A7 v. encounter definition (a) to meet by chance; to face; to meet with (difficulties, hardships, etc.) A8 v. refer definition (d) to send; to direct; to ascribe to; to relate to; to apply to; to call attention to A9 adj. abundant definition (b) plentiful; copious; profuse; full abounding with A10 n. reply definition (a) answer; response 456 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 96 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 96 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. appealing definition (b) begging; attractive; interesting A2 adj. prime definition (c) major; chief; select; of the highest quality; excellent A3 adj. adequate definition (a) sufficient; suitable; appropriate; proper A4 adj. recent definition (d) new; fresh; late; of late times A5 adj. exact definition (a) precise; meticulous; extremely accurate A6 adj. self-employed definition (d) independent; independent contractor; business owner; person who is not a hired laborer A7 adj. number definition (b) anesthetized; lacking sensitivity (to pain); in shock; senseless A8 adj. current definition (b) recent; common; prevalent; present; popular A9 adj. contrary definition (d) opposed A10 adj. minute definition (b) tiny; extremely small; trivial; petty; accurate 457 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 97 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 97 (Answer Keys) A1 n. aim definition (c) purpose; goal; objective; target A2 n. inventory definition (d) stock; list of assets; act of checking stock A3 n. entertainment definition (d) something interesting or amusing; fun; hospitality A4 n. addition definition (a) supplement; mathematical operation A5 n. care definition (b) attention; concern; caution; supervision; management A6 n. utilization definition (a) the proportion of available time that an item of equipment is operating A7 n. queues definition (b) line; file (British); row; braid; plait A8 adj. potential definition (d) possible; capable of becoming; able to be A9 n. save definition (c) action or instance in which the ball or puck is prevented from entering the goal A10 n. box definition (b) case; crate; punch; hit 458 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 98 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 98 (Answer Keys) A1 v. acquaint definition (b) to make familiar; to present someone; to introduce someone A2 v. journey definition (d) to travel; to take a trip A3 v. eliminate definition (d) to remove; to get rid of A4 v. build definition (a) to construct; to create; to increase intensity; to energize A5 v. approach definition (d) to come near to; to tackle (a problem or situation) A6 v. allow definition (b) to permit; to enable A7 v. inhabit definition (c) to occupy; to live in; to dwell in; to reside in; to populate A8 v. reference definition (b) to add a footnote; to place a note that directs readers to another source of information (in a book, journal, etc.) A9 v. pounce definition (d) to fall on; to storm; to invade; to attack; to seize; to assault A10 v. occur definition (b) to happen; to take place; to transpire; to come to mind; to suggest itself 459 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 99 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 99 (Answer Keys) A1 n. package definition (b) bundle; parcel; container for storage or transportation; inseparable combination of items A2 v. store definition (c) to amass; to accumulate; to supply; to equip A3 adj. inalienable definition (b) non-transferable A4 n. witness definition (d) testifier; onlooker; bystander; testimony A5 adj. superior definition (c) higher in rank or position; above average; exceptional A6 v. customize definition (d) to make or to fit according to individual needs or desires; to personalize; to individualize A7 adj. digital definition (c) using numbers; with numbers A8 n. encounter definition (a) chance meeting A9 adj. innocent definition (d) not guilty; pure; simple; naive; unsophisticated; harmless A10 adj. return definition (c) reciprocal; done in response to a previous action; repeated; recurring 460 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 100 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 100 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. overhead definition (a) of general expenses; general A2 adj. resolute definition (d) determined; firm; steadfast A3 adj. sick definition (b) ill; nauseous; feeling the need to vomit; disgusted; fed up A4 adj. outbound definition (c) leaving; sailing; traveling to another country A5 adj. inspiring definition (c) motivating; stimulating; encouraging; provoking; inhaling A6 adj. great definition (d) large; important; huge; immense; wonderful; exciting A7 n. rectangle definition (a) parallelogram A8 adj. resident definition (c) staying in a particular place; not migratory; intrinsic; existing A9 adj. appropriate definition (c) suitable; fitting A10 adj. head definition (c) chief; leading; main; principal 461 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 101 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 101 (Answer Keys) A1 n. rush definition (b) speed; haste; sudden increase in activity or speed A2 n. backup definition (c) copying of data for safety purposes; substitute; reserve; spare A3 n. parentheses definition (a) grouping symbols () A4 n. prescription definition (c) written order for a medication; instruction; directive; order; command A5 n. boiler room definition (a) a fraud scheme involving cold calling A6 n. fabric definition (d) textile; weave; structure; framework; construction A7 n. consortium definition (a) partnership; association A8 n. likelihood definition (b) probability; chance; feasibility; possibility A9 n. bulk definition (d) volume; mass; main part; most A10 n. temper definition (d) disposition; mood 462 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 102 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 102 (Answer Keys) A1 v. release definition (b) to set free; to emancipate; to make available to the general public; to surrender A2 v. gross definition (c) to make or earn a total of (before taxes and other expenses) A3 v. stretch definition (c) to extend; to elongate; to reach out; to pull; to strain A4 v. conclude definition (c) to finish; to infer; to deduce; to make a decision A5 v. neglect definition (d) to disregard; to ignore; to forget to perform (a duty); to shirk; to abandon A6 v. fall off definition (b) to separate; to be separated; to decrease; to become smaller A7 v. illustrate definition (d) to exemplify; to clarify; to explain; to depict; to elucidate A8 v. demonstrate definition (a) to present; to show or illustrate something through example, or physical demonstrations A9 v. appreciate definition (b) to esteem; to regard highly; to become more valuable A10 v. size definition (d) to arrange according to dimension 463 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 103 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 103 (Answer Keys) A1 n. repetition definition (c) reiteration; act of redoing something A2 v. ticket definition (a) to label; to fine A3 n. capitalization definition (c) process of turning money into profit A4 adj. warning definition (c) cautioning; giving advice about danger A5 v. omit definition (a) to delete; to skip over; to neglect A6 n. total definition (b) sum; whole A7 v. budge definition (d) to move; to be moved A8 n. bother definition (d) effort; nuisance A9 n. pioneer definition (a) pathfinder; forerunner; person who paves the way; member of a military engineering corps A10 n. press definition (a) journals and newspapers collectively; act or process of printing 464 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 104 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 104 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. outdoor definition (d) of nature A2 adj. liberal definition (d) in favor of reform; supporting a progressive philosophy; tolerant; open-minded A3 adj. difficult definition (d) hard; troublesome; complicated; complex A4 adj. subject definition (b) under the rule of; subordinate; exposed to; liable to; conditional A5 adj. terrible definition (a) awful A6 adj. expensive definition (a) costly; precious; opposite of cheap A7 adj. becoming definition (a) appropriate; noble A8 adj. plain definition (c) clear; evident; simple; flat; smooth A9 adj. main definition (d) principal; head; chief A10 adj. foster definition (c) entrusted to the care 465 Questions Index [...]... expense 4 82 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 122 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 122 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index v lease definition (c) to rent out property for a specific period of time; to let A2 v complain definition (c) to find fault; to express displeasure; to protest A3 v identify definition (d) to recognize; to show to be the same; to sympathize; to relate A4 v certify... bombastic; pompous; garish 48 4 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 24 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 24 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index adj collectible definition (c) payable; subject to or requiring payment especially as specified A2 adj germane definition (a) pertinent; relevant; connected A3 adj guilty definition (a) deserving of punishment; responsible A4 adj committed definition... ability; area of expertise 4 72 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 12 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 12 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index adj concrete definition (b) tangible; real; substantial; solid A2 adj straight definition (b) having no curves or bends; frank; continuous; honest; consistent A3 adj perfect definition (c) flawless; complete; undamaged A4 adj weak definition (a)... abandoning; placement 47 4 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 14 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 14 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index v limit definition (c) to create boundaries; to restrict; to reduce; to function as a border A2 v unlock definition (c) to open; to free from restraints; to release A3 v cushion definition (d) to reduce; to protect; to soften; to upholster A4 v levy definition... combination; conjunction; group; mixture 48 0 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 120 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 120 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index adj frequent definition (a) happening often; regular; common; usual A2 adj mean definition (d) average; middle; unkind; base; inferior A3 adj excellent definition (d) superior; extraordinary; outstanding A4 adj meaning definition (a) significant;... tremendous definition (c) very great in numbers; huge; powerful 48 5 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 125 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 125 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index n comparison definition (d) pointing out of similarities and differences; similarity; likeness A2 n special definition (c) reduced price; sale on particular items; extra newspaper edition A3 n spy definition... wildlife 48 6 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 126 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 126 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index v appropriate definition (c) to set aside; to allot; to adapt; to embrace; to accept A2 v cement definition (c) to reinforce; to bind together; to strengthen a connection A3 v account definition (c) to explain; to give a report; to cause; to regard A4 v discount... to take payments 48 7 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 127 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 127 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index n visitor definition (d) guest; migrating bird A2 adj including definition (c) comprising; containing; embracing A3 n visit definition (a) temporary stay somewhere; instance of spending time with a person or group of people; inspection A4 n subordinate... to crumble into granules 48 8 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 128 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 128 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index adj suspect definition (a) doubtful; dubious A2 adj responsive definition (b) answering; reacting (esp positively or sympathetically) A3 adj generous definition (c) benevolent; giving; unselfish; abundant; plentiful A4 adj outstanding definition... optional; uncertain; changeable; open; unrestricted 48 9 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 129 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 129 (Answer Keys) A1 Questions Index n exit definition (d) passage that leads out A2 n waiter definition (c) one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub A3 n injury definition (c) hurt; wound; harm; damage; insult A4 n institution definition (b) organization; . printing 46 4 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 04 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 04 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. outdoor definition (d) of nature A2 adj. liberal definition. temper definition (d) disposition; mood 4 62 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 02 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 02 (Answer Keys) A1 v. release definition. mark; unique ability; area of expertise 4 72 Questions Index PHOTOCOPIABLE © Answers 1 12 TOEIC Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 1 12 (Answer Keys) A1 adj. concrete definition
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