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[...]... again! Tuesday, March 21 , 20 06 REGISTRATION: 1 1:00 a.m LUNCH: 12: 00 a.m SEMINAB TIME: 1:00 p.m LOCATION: lmperial Six Theater 10'l Lawrence Avenue East, Chicago SPEAKER: Brenton Mcleod -CEO RSVP: seminars@seacloud.com by Monday, March 2, 20 06 Please contact our sales representative for fudher details SEACLOUD INVESTMENTS floor, 56 Albert Rd Chicago, lllinois Tel: 755- 326 5 Faxi 755 -22 22 Toll-f ree: 1 -800-874-5330... pieces will also be invited to attend the 2- week summer art camp in Paris - next summer Have fun 62 - and please submit your artwork on time! H 02 186, For whom is the announcement lntended? (A) Adists (B) Residents (C) Jim (D) Judges 187 How much would an elderly couple in their mid-sixties have to pay to enter the exhibit? (4 $5.00 (B) $1o.oo (c) $15.00 (D) $2o.oo 188 What is NOT mentioned about the... 179-180 refer to the lollowing e-mail 02 Margaret, lwill be making a business trip to the US and Canada, and lwas wondering if you could get in contact with your counterpart at EMA Canada regarding a tour of their plant site I will be arriving in Chicago in the morning of Nov 20 to see you and the operations of your plant site and will then be off to Toronto on Nov, 22 lf they are available 0n that day,... Pay the entry fee (C) Speak to the coordinator (D) Send in their checks 190 On which day was the notice posted? (A) September 21 (B) October 21 (C) November 1 (D) November 2, 1 63 Questions 191-195 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail lUe're Hiring Date: Septemler 3, 20 06 Position: National Operations Manager (FooJ Se'vic.s I"dustty) I Pay Be'."fits, $65,000 - $75,000 + " ,llo*.r"" nJ Lonus... of the City of Tampa are eligible 2 Judges will be selected by the Tampa City Council on April 25 , and no personal information about anyjudges will be provided by the council Judges may not be 1 contacted by any entrant 3 The appointed judges have total discretion, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding judges' decisions 4 As the main point of this contest is the beautification of Tampa,... (A) The United States (B) Canada (C) Singapore (D) Hong Kong 59 Questions 181-185 refer to the following letter and its response September 3, 20 06 Jason Chal mers 21 Reel ster Boul evard Vancouver, BC Dear Jason, I am writing to update you on your account status ( #29 58A) with Truestar Corporation As a result of our consolidated efforts to restructure your repayment plan in March of this year, it is with... forward ,flwo"/8r.0*r Truestar Corporati on Finance Department Manager 60 to working with you again soon t 181 The word "outstanding" in ihe first letter, line 2 is closest in meaning to (A) superior (B) noticeable (C) unpaid 02 (D) essential 1 82, How will Mr Chalmers remit the payment? (4 He witl send a check every month (B) lt will be taken out of his bank account (C) lt will automaiically be deleted... supporl {or young ortists Tickets ore on sole now ond ore ovoiloble for $ I 0 (odults) ond $5 {students ond seniors) Children under the oge of l2 will be odmiited for free The Downtown Arlison's Club looks forword to seeing you therel Pleose contoct Jim ot (905) 4 12. 8980 {or more informoiion Downtown Artisan's Club Art F.:rhibit - Oeadline br lour aft submission! To all our talented young artists get ready... the contest? (A) Their gardens must be out in the open (B) They must be referred by a city council member (C) They must submit a photo of their gardens (D) They can only enler one category of the contest 171 Which of the following will NOT be evatuated by the judges? (A) The condition of the flowers (B) The arrangement of the garden (C) The appearance of the garden (D) The scent of the flowers 1 72 When...NO TEST MATERIAL ON THIS PAGE Ouestlons 153-155 rerer to the following advertisement - d- SAVE 2Oo/o It's only o phone coll owoy MAYCOT:T HOTELS Over 30 five-star hotels all over the nation to suit your every need Reserve a room today, and you will save 2O/o on all rooms at Maycott "Room for the Day" (excluding tax) by using your
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