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Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 1 - Choose the correct answer for each the following sentences. 1. When you have thought ……. what I have said, you will understand. A. of B. over C. about D. again 2. To come … means to meet by chance. A. into B. across C. between D. up 3. I could tell he was pleased …. the expression on his face. A. by B. for C. at D. in 4. It isn’t quite certain that he will turn … at the meeting. A. up B. back C. down D. on 5. One of the primary causes of skin cancer is overexposure …. the sun without the use of sunscreen. A. in B. under C. with D. to 6. You’ll get a better …… of exchange at another bank. A. rate B. value C. worth D. charge 7. Science has a language that is … in every country. A. alike B. similar C. same D. the same 8. I lost too much money betting at the races last time, so you won’t …. me to go again. A. convince B. impress C. persuade D. urge 9. Last year the potato harvest was very disappointing, but this year it looks as though we shall have a better… A. product B. impress C. amount D. crop 10. The shop assistant was … helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice. A. entirely B. exactly C. quite D. totally 11. It’s an awful … Jane couldn’t come. I was looking forward to meeting her. A. harm B. sorrow C. shame D. shock 12. The new manager explained to the staff that she hoped to … new procedures to save time and money. A. restore B. control C. establish D. manufacture 13. I like his essay because it is very …. A. imaginary B. imaginative C. imaginable D. imagination 14. Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have …. any solutions. A. looked into B. thought over C. got round to D. come up with 15. I don’t know what was wrong with her this morning. She is usually quite …. A. glad B. pleased C. cheerful D. satisfied 16. The air in the house felt cold and … after weeks of bad weather. A. wet B. moist C. damp D. satisfied 17. He has a very … temper and often says things he regrets later. A. angry B. quick C. warm D. bad 18. Don’t forget your appointment. You’d better put it in your … A. agenda B. diary C. calendar D. directory PHƯƠNG PHÁP LÀM BÀI TẬP TỪ VỰNG (ðÁP ÁN BÀI TẬP TỰ LUYỆN) Giáo viên: VŨ THỊ MAI PHƯƠNG Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 2 - 19. You know I’ll always stand …. you if you are in trouble. A. by B. with C. for D. up 20. The taxi drew … at the gate promptly at six’s o’clock A. up B. along C. outside D. over 21. I’ve been trying to ring him all evening but I can’t …… A. get over B. get through C. get across D. get by 22. The doctor …. him to smoke a few cigarettes each day. A. let B. made C. stopped D. allowed 23. Father would not … us to go there for the weekend. A. let B. permit C. agree D. consent 24. Grandfather has never really …. from his nervous breakdown. A. mended B. cured C. repaired D. recovered 25. All traffic is being … because of the military parades. A. diverted B. converted C. changed D. altered 26. Angela has grown up but she hasn’t …. her shyness yet. A. got through B. got under C. got over D. got away from 27. Your progress will be … in six months’ time. A. counted B. valued C. admired D. evaluated 28. The little girl … over stone and fell flat on her face. A. tripped B. dripped C. stepped D. walked 29. There was so much noise that we could hardly … what the speaker was saying. A. take in B. take up C. bring in D. bring up 30. I am sorry to hear that Peter and Dick have … They were such good friends. A. fallen against B. fallen out C. dropped out D. dropped against. 31. Paul was so …. with his examination results that he didn’t smile all week. A. disappointed B. delighted C. proud D. satisfying. 32. She smiled … at the joke. A. loudly B. strongly C. quietly D. widely 33. Which would you … have, the red or the blue one? A. better B. prefer C. rather D. choose 34. We’re going on a day …. to the island tomorrow. A. visit B. voyage C. journey D. trip 35. The article was …. the front page of the newspaper. A. on B. at C. in D. of 36. I’ve always posted my letters first class, … it costs more. A. because B. since C. while D. although 37. When I first started work, I found her advice … A. priceless B. invaluable C. worthy D. irreplaceable 38. In other to achieve the desired result in this experiment, it is necessary that he … as fast as he can. A. work B. works C. worked D. will work 39. I am sure we can believe her. She is usually very… A. true B. truthful C. trustful D. trustworthy 40. The number of …. in the factory has increased so much that the police have been asked to investigate. A. thieves B. thefts C. robbers D. robberies 41. The smell of floor polish still brings …… memories of my old school. Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 3 - A. up B. on C. back D. over 42. Youths have to … military service in our country. A. do B. make C. join D. attend 43. At the end of the winter, the price of winter clothes in the shops usually…. A. lowers B. drops C. falls D. reduces 44. Your room is a mess! … it up at once. A. Arrange B. Make C. Do D. Tidy 45. That song …. me of my childhood. A. recalls B. reminds C. remembers D. recollects 46. When you retire, you will receive a(n) … from the government. A. allowance B. benefit C. grant D. pension 47. The proportion of elderly people in the population is steadily …. as they live longer. A. growing up B. rising C. falling D. raising 48. Early retirement is a … of reducing the workforce while avoiding redundancy. A. growing up B. source C. proposal D. means 49. In the …. of proof, the police could not take action against the man. A. shortage B. lack C. want D. absence 50. My uncle took … golf when he retired from work. A. up B. over C. on D. after 51. For my birthday I was given a writing ser …. two pens, envelopes and notepapers. A. comprising B. involving C. holding D. consisting 52. One condition of this job is that you must be … to work at weekends. A. available B. capable C. acceptable D. accessible 53. I am going to …. my dress dry-cleaned. A. make B. send C. get D. take 54. Don’t …. to bring a hairdryer. I’ll lend you mine. A. mind B. bother C. forget D. worry 55. The building was badly … in the fire. A. hurt B. wounded C. damaged D. injured 56. He is unhappy because his parents do not …. very well. A. get over B. get off C. get on D. get away 57. …. a wrong number, it is important to apologize before hanging up. A. You dial B. Dialing C. If you dial D. If it is dialed 58. Lost of people … yoga to relax. A. practice B. take up C. give up D. take in 59. Even though she hated the food, her mother …. her eat it all. A. let B. made C. forced D. allowed 60. The twins look so … their father. A. like B. alike C. likely D. liking 61. It took him ages to …. living in the new town. A. use to B. get used to C. used to D. accustomed 62. Maybe we should …. Mr. Smith to see his rose garden A. call at B. call on C. call for D. call out 63. Drunkenness is …. for many road accidents. A. guilty B. responsible C. cause D. faulty Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 4 - 64. The police are said to be looking … the matter. A. for B. into C. up D. over 65. If you park there, you will have to pay a …. A. fee B. ticket C. fare D. fine 66. Having finished the report, … A. is was submitted to his boss by him B. he submitted it to his boss C. his boss was submitted it by him D. he had submitted it to his boss 67. Oil … if you pour it on water. A. floated B. has floated C. will be floated D. floats 68. Modern buildings should … with the surrounding area. A. blend B. fit C. match D. join 69. The Government have … an inquiry to investigate bribery in local elections. A. set out B. set to C. set about D. set up 70. The water workers’ claim for a 10 percent pay rise has been under …. by the Government. A. application B. consideration C. inquiry D. regard 71. Mr. James Smith retired early … ill health. A. on account of B. on behalf of C. in front of D. ahead of 72. A man’s pay usually …. from the number of hours he works in a week. A. results B. depends C. starts D. earns 73. Dentists will always try to save teeth rather than take them … A. off B. over C. out D. down 74. What he told me was a …. of lies. A. load B. pack C. mod D. flock 75. We can only give you the …. number of refugees crossing the border at the moment. A. suggestive B. indefinite C. approximate D. unclear 76. This ticket …. two persons to the show. A. delivers B. includes C. admits D. enters 77. Trains stop here to …. passengers only. A. get off B. pick up C. get past D. get on 78. It isn’t quite …. that he will turn up at the meeting. A. certain B. exact C. right D. sure 79. Many difficulties have … as a result of the changeover to the new system A. raised B. been raised C. arisen D. experienced 80. The …. of the lake is covered with reeds and rushes. A. beach B. coast C. shore D. bank 81. I was not …. by his many arguments so finally we agreed to differ. A. convinced B. persuaded C. concerned D. assured 82. All the children have gone … mumps. A. along with B. down C. out with D. through with 83. After waiting an hour he realized that the bus was …. to come. A. improbable B. impossible C. uncertain D. unlikely 84. When Rosemary is concentrating she … me of her grand mother. A. reminds B. recalls C. revises D. remembers Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 5 - 85. He refused to give up work, …. he had won a million dollars. A. even though B. despite C. as though D. however 86. We are …. him to arrive at any moment. A. wishing B. hoping C. expecting D. waiting 87. The house still remains in after the hurricane. A. good condition B. a good condition C. good conditions D. the good condition 88. My uncle is in … of 60 engineers and workers. A. management B. leadership C. direction D. charge 89. If they aren’t careful with their money, they’ll get into … A. loss B. problem C. debt D. missing 90. When we arrived at the campsite, it was …. with rain. A. running B. pouring C. falling D. dropping 91. He promised to mend the broken wheel soon without …. A. fail B. failure C. trouble D. mistake 92. Many scientists are sure there is …. on other planets. A. existence B. creature C. people D. life 93. People who are unemployed can receive the … A. pension B. dole C. scholarship D. allowance 94. Some workers earn more money by working…… A. overhours B. over C. overtime D. extra time 95. Before he lift school, his father told him to start thinking about choosing a …. A. profession B. career C. work D. occupation 96. You can’t smoke in here. It is …. the law. A. anti B. against C. opposite D. according 97. She …. her work by being careless. A. threatened B. spoiled C. stained D. puzzled 98. You need a special …. to go into this part of the area. A. permit B. permission C. allowance D. agreement 99. Write to me and tell me … about your holiday in China A. every B. much C. some D. all 100. The dentist told him to open his mouth … A. broad B. much C. greatly D. wide 101. I walked away as calmly as I could …. they thought I was a thief. A. in case B. or else C. to avoid D. owing to 102. the stolen jewels were …. a lot of money. A. valued B. cost C. worth D. priced 103. The children loved …. the old castle. A. exploring B. discovering C. hunting D. detecting 104. …. being tired, I went for a picnic with my family. A. That B. Since C. Although D. Despite 105. Armstrong is not very fit. He doesn’t … any exercise A. practise B. have C. take D. make. 106. Patrick has got a yacht and a helicopter. He …. be extremely rich. A. can B. must C. should D. may Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 6 - 107. Why didn’t you do it? You promised you …., for certain. A. could B. must C. would D. might 108. They left only an hour ago. They …. hardly have arrived yet. A. can B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. may 109. I can’t see my umbrella anywhere. I … have left it in my office. A. can B. must C. should D. would 110. Have you heard about all the complaints? It … have been a pleasant holiday for them. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. mayn’t 111. There’s a chance that he’ll arrive in time for supper, but he …. be a lot later. A. would B. must C. should D. might 112. We waited for you for over an hour. You really … have telephoned to say you were not coming. A. can B. must C. might D. need 113. You didn’t have to come all the way by bus. We … have gone to the station in the car to pick you up. A. could B. must C. would D. should 114. You …. have told that joke. Everybody has heard it too often. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. should D. might 115. The Mercedes overtook us at a very high speed. It …. have been doing more than 150 k.p.h. A. could B. must C. should D. might 116. He was clearly …. to see her again. A. delightful B. delighted C. cheerful D. cheered 117. It was a very …. evening. Nothing really happened. A. dull B. fed up C. bored D. disinterested 118. I am not really …. this kind of music. I prefer music you can dance to. A. in B. for C. into D. with 119. It’s …. for people to get depressed if they are out of work. A. normal B. everyday C. ordinary D. typical 120. He deals with the … matters in the office, his boss deals with the important ones. A. everyday B. average C. usual D. standard 121. House prices …. greatly from one area to the next. A. contrast B. vary C. distinguish D. differentiate 122. Eighty kilometers is the …. fifty miles. A. equivalent of B. equivalent from C. equal of D. equal to 123. She is quite …. and is certainly capable of doing a more demanding job than the one she is doing now. A. wise B. bright C. practical D. sensible 124. I read a (n) …. of the accident in the newspaper. A. material B. effort C. account D. event 125. She quit her job because she was not … with her salary. A. contented B. delicate C. serious D. grateful. 126. The … of the air has certainly brought great benefits to man. A. conquer B. conquest C. conqueror D. conquering 127. More …. should be given to these people to continue their studies. A. courage B. encourage C. encouraging D. encouragement 128. It is essential that the Professor …. warmly welcomed at the airport. A. is B. be C. will be D. would be Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 7 - 129. People who live in cities spend their lives in an atmosphere of …. noise. A. continuous B. continual C. continuing D. continued 130. We walk in streets where the noise of traffic is almost … A. deaf B. deafening C. deafened D. deafness 131. If trouble breaks out, they may be arrested and event …. A. prisoned B. imprisoned C. imprisonment D. imprisoning 132. Retirees now have all day in which to disease the …. things they always said they never had time to do before. A. numberless B. numbering C. numerous D. numerical 133. Travelling in big cities Is becoming more …. every day. A. troublesome B. trouble C. troubled D. troubling 134. To be successful, an artist must show great …… A. origin B. origins C. original D. originality 135. It’s good news: the factory’s … has increased considerably this year. A. output B. input C. put-in D. put-out 136. The hall was very crowded with over fifty people …. into it. A. pushed B. packed C. stuck D. stuffed 137. The teachers at the school … with flu one after the other. A. went down B. went off C. went out D. went under 138. To promote him so quickly you must have a very high …. of his ability. A. view B. opinion C. idea D. feeling 139. He was born during the war, which would … him about 50 now. A. give B. make C. age D. calculate 140. The noise got … as the car disappeared into the distance. A. smaller B. fainter C. weaker D. slighter 141. I had to be up early he next morning, so I …. myself and left the party. A. refused B. thanked C. excused D. apologized 142. The … part of the week is always busy for me. A. front B. start C. early D. near 143. When you come tomorrow, why not …. your brother with you? A. fetch B. take C. bring D. carry 144. We had to drive carefully because the road was icy in several……. A. blocks B. places C. pieces D. bits 145. The hotel receptionist said she would …. what she could do about the dripping tap immediately. A. find B. try C. see D. look 146. He … very quickly after a long illness. A. covered B. uncovered C. discovered D. recovered 147. As his car had broken down, she gave him a …. to work. A. drive B. carry C. lift D. passage 148. It didn’t take the inspector …. to solve the murder. A. time B. much C. lot D. long 149. His face has rather a sad … A. aspect B. look C. visage D. light 150. As it was so hot in the office he …. his tie. A. tightened B. let out C. slackened D. left. Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 8 - 151. I can’t make …. who it is. He is too far-away. A. out B. in C. for D. up of 152. I am in charge when Mr. Smith is …. . I took over from him on June 1th. A. out B. in C. off D. away 153. There are other harmful drugs … alcohol and nicotine. A. except B. from C. beside D. besides 154. She wasn’t paying attention and crashed … a parked car. A. with B. down C. into D. over 155. This is the coldest winter … years. A. since B. in C. for D. after 156. He left he was badly let …. by his best friend. A. down B. off C. out D. away 157. They took … his passport so that he wouldn’t leave the country. A. up B. off C. out D. away 158. The bank can make loan …. individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses. A. with B. for C. out D. to 159. I was besides myself with joy when my father said the car was … my disposal. A. at B. of C. with D. into 160. Spacemen have to practice living in weightlessness before they fly … outer space. A. out B. out C. to D. into 161. No longer …. to do all her housework with her hands because our family now owns some new labour saving devices. A. my mother has B. has my mother C. did my mother have D. does my mother have 162. Can you …. your papers with you when you come to see me, please? A. bring B. collect C. take D. get 163. He gave listeners a vivid …. of his journey through Peru. A. news B. communication C. account D. tale 164. She opened the packet and emptied the …. into a saucepan. A. fullness B. contents C. insides D. container 165. High interest rates …. people from borrowing money. A. decrease B. decide C. disgust D. discourage 166. The house stood by itself in the middle of a field. It was completely …. A. lonely B. isolated C. unaccompanied D. unsupported 167. The judge … the criminal to twenty years in prison. A. condemned B. punished C. inflicted D. sentenced 168. He was an …. writer because he persuaded many people to see the truth of his ideas. A. ordinary B. influential C. unlimited D. accurate 169. Workers who do not obey the safety regulations will be … immediately. A. refused B. rejected C. disapproved D. sacked 170. He had to leave his family … when he went abroad to work. A. at a loss B. behind C. out D. at all costs 171. When I went to talk to the manager, he told me he could only …. me a few minutes. A. provide B. spare C. hear D. let Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 9 - 172. Can you … the BBC World Service on your new radio? A. put on B. take in C. get at D. pick up 173. A few hours after the injection the feeling of numbness in your arm will …. A. wear off B. fade out C. drop away D. fall through 174. At first the children enjoyed the game but quite soon the novelty. A. went B. died out C. died down D. wore off 175. What you say is true, but you could have … it more tactfully. A. talked B. phrased C. observed D. remarked 176. The situation was further complicated by John’s …… . A. decision B. undecided ness C. indecision D. indecisiveness 177. Duong’s mother gave him …. of sweets. A. a hand B. hands C. a handful D. a handful ness 178. In his anxiety to make himself … , he spoke too loudly and too slowly. A. understand B. understood C. understanding D. understand 179. Now that she has got a job, Huong is …. of her parents. A. dependent B. dependable C. independent D. depending 180. It is quite …. to ask him again. He’ll never agree A. point B. pointing C. pointed D. pointless 181. If you behave with this sort of … to your customers, I don’t thick you’ll remain in business long. A. unpolite B. impolite C. impoliteness D. impoliteness 182. The speaker showed his …. by constantly straightening his tie. A. nerves B. nervous C. nerveless ness D. nervousness 183. Is there any difference between egoism and ….? A. selfish B. selfishness C. selfless D. selflessness 184. My son, now that you’re head of the family, you must take your …. place at the head of the table. A. right B. rightness C. rightful D. right-hand 185. I need a new secretary. I want someone who is charming, efficient and absolutely … A. trusting B. trustful C. trusted D. trustworthy 186. In the past, most people believed that the world’s resources could never be used … A. up B. all C. whole D. at all 187. I do not think that purple shirt …. with your yellow skirt. A. suits B. fits C. goes D. wears 188. The main road through Salisbury blocked for 2 hours to day after an accident …. several vehicles. A. containing B. connecting C. involving D. including 189. The company directors asked the government to …. in the dispute and prevent a strike. A. intervene B. interact C. intercept D. interpose 189. After the campaign a special medal was …. to all combatants. A. gained B. awarded C. earned D. deserved 190. The usual reason for exemption from tax does not … in this case. A. apply B. impose C. regard D. concern 191. We don’t sell foreign newspapers because there is no …. for them. A. request B. claim C. requirement D. demand 192. In the legal profession, men …. women by 5 to 1. A. outnumber B. supersede C. overcome D. gains Khóa học LTðH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương Phương pháp làm bài tập từ vựng – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng ñài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12 - Trang | 10 - 193. I must take this watch to be repaired as it …. over 20 minutes a day. A. increases B. progresses C. accelerates D. gains 194. That was absolutely delicious. Can you give me the ….? A. formula B. instruction C. prescription D. recipe 195. The coins are …. to be over a thousand years old. A. described B. said C. told D. mentioned 196. A large number of students in this school …. English fluently. A. speak B. speaks C. is speaking D. has spoken 197. Tony’s boss doesn’t want him to …. a habit of using the office phone for personal calls. A. make B. do C. have D. increase 198. You can’t enter this camp without …. from the General. A. a control B. a demand C. a permit D. an allowance 199. Buy the new …. of soap now on sale; it is softer than all others. A. model B. brand C. mark D. manufacture 200. The forecast predicted …. weather with snow, sunshine, wind and thunder and that is just what we have had. A. differing B. various C. variable D. fluctuating 201. That’s a nice coat, and the colour … you well. A. fits B. matches C. suits D. couples 202. I can no longer afford the cost of … two cars, so I am selling one. A. managing B. running C. controlling D. operating 203. You should …. a lawyer before you sign the document. A. consult B. counsel C. check D. communicate 204. He could find a teaching …. in Vietnam without difficulty. A. work B. occupation C. post D. employment 205. If you deposit money in the bank, you get about 8% … A. increase B. interest C. rent D. loan 206. Which of the following is not right? A. a dozen ages B. a steak of meat C. a box of matches D. a bunch of bananas 207. … the committee, I’d like to thank you for generous donation. A. According to B. On behalf of C. In addition to D. Thanks to 208. I saw a very good … advertised in the paper yesterday. A. job B. work C. occupation D. career 209. She often wears a ring, a necklace and other …… A. figures B. documents C. monuments D. ornaments 210. Which of the following things would help you see distant objects more clearly? A. spectacles B. a microscope C. a telegraph D. binoculars 211. The …. in the north of Sweden is really beautiful. A. scenery B. nature C. view D. scene 212. He was …. with robbery. A. imprisoned B. charged C. arrested D. accused 213. My uncle was …. ill last summer but fortunately, he is now making a slow but steady recovery. A. critically B. deeply C. fatally D. seriously . very crowded with over fifty people …. into it. A. pushed B. packed C. stuck D. stuffed 137. The teachers at the school … with flu one after the other nature C. view D. scene 212. He was …. with robbery. A. imprisoned B. charged C. arrested D. accused 213. My uncle was …. ill last summer but fortunately,
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