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Practice Tests and Hints for IELTS ppt

Practice Tests and Hints for IELTS ppt
... on page 105.104101 Helpful Hints for IELTS IELTS TEST - BASIC HINTSBEFORE THE TESTCHOOSE A REALISTIC AND ACHIEVABLE GOALTo obtain a satisfactory IELTS Band Score, it is necessary to be realistic. ... that candidates often find thisthe most demanding of the four tests. You need to be able to:• read the instructions and questions• listen for general information• listen for specific information• ... Hints 7 and 8.)Always look at and listen for the example.(See IELTS Test - Basic Hint 9.)• As you listen:Accurately specify the topic before choosing the keywords/phrases to listen for, and be...
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Check your Vocabulary for IELTS 2

Check your Vocabulary for IELTS 2
... editionVocabulary for Colloquial EnglishVocabulary for English: FCEVocabulary for English: IELTSVocabulary for English: PETVocabulary for English: TOEFLVocabulary for Hotels, Tourism, CateringVocabulary for ... CHECK YOUR VOCABULARY FORENGLISH FOR THEEXAMINATIONA WORKBOOK FOR STUDENTSby Rawdon WyattPETER COLLIN PUBLISHINGCHECK YOUR VOCABULARY FOR ENGLISHFOR THEI E L T SEXAMINATIONA WORKBOOK FOR STUDENTSbyRawdon ... 1-901659-60-7Typesetting and design by The Studio Publishing Services, Exeter EX4 8JNPrinted in Italy by LegoprintWorkbook SeriesCheck your :Vocabulary for Banking and FinanceVocabulary for Business, 2nd editionVocabulary...
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