G225 metamorphism

Tài liệu Báo cáo " Late Eocene metamorphism and ductile deformation age of Con Voi range, the Red River shear zone: evidence from the garnet Sm/Nd dating" docx

Tài liệu Báo cáo
... evidenced the existence of two parageneses which developed during the deformation and metamorphism Con Voi range was the southernmost segment of the Ailao Shan -Red River shear Petrological features of ... Samples description To constrain the age of highly ductile deformation and metamorphism of the gneissic rocks along the Con Voi range, sample VNSH14-2 was selected for garnet Sm/Nd dating It was ... metamorphism of Con Voi range culminated Although the zircon had very high closure temperature but the direct link to the metamorphism and ductile deformation lacked Therefore, the interpretation of the...
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Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks
... (blueschist and eclogite metamorphism) Regional metamorphism Zone where wet fractional melting starts Contact metamorphism Figure 8.18 BE ABLE TO SKETCH THIS, AND EXPLAIN Plate Tectonics And Metamorphism ... under the coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands Figure 8.18 1-burial metamorphism; 2-high p, low T metamorphism Plate Tectonics And Metamorphism (3)  Regional metamorphism: where continental ... burial metamorphism As temperatures and pressures increase, burial metamorphism grades into regional metamorphism Regional Metamorphism A Consequence of Plate Tectonics    Regional metamorphism...
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Lecture 16 metamorphism

Lecture 16   metamorphism
... Agents of metamorphism Heat Pressure (stress) Chemical activity (fluids) Metamorphic environments Contact ... metamorphic rocks Non-foliated rocks Quartzite Fused quartz grains Coarsening of grain size during metamorphism Quartz grains develop interlocking boundaries Common metamorphic rocks Non-foliated ... metamorphic rocks Non-foliated rocks Stretched pebbles in a quartzite matrix Meta-Conglomerate Types of Metamorphism: Contact Magma invades pre-existing parent rock This heating forms a “halo” or zone...
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