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HACCP - An Applied Approach

HACCP - An Applied Approach
... (PREREQUISITES/GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES) The manufacturing plant’s HACCP program cannot and is not meant to be a stand-alone program Instead, it is part of a larger system including company Good Manufacturing ... the HACCP plan A thorough hazard analysis is essential to preparing an effective HACCP plan If the hazard analysis is not done correctly, and the hazards that warrant control within the plan are ... the HACCP plan The team should be cross-functional and include employees from production, sanitation, quality assurance/control, microbiology, engineering, and management Occasionally, the HACCP...
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Báo cáo hóa học: " Research Article Network Modulation: An Algebraic Approach to Enhancing Network Data Persistence" doc

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... as an effective paradigm to deliver high data persistence in networked systems Like channel coding, its basic idea is to introduce data redundancy to the network The redundancy spread over the network ... the data [8, 9, 11, 12], and for wireless sensor networks and peer -to- peer networks to deliver significant improvement in throughput [16–21] and reliability [13, 22–25] Also, algebraic approach to ... approach that is referred to as network modulation (NeMo) NeMo is based on algebraic number theory to enhance data persistence This approach adopts an algebraic way to “combine” symbols, which...
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Báo cáo hoa học: " Research Article An Approximation Approach to Eigenvalue Intervals for Singular Boundary Value Problems with Sign Changing and Superlinear " doc

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... Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol 181, no 3, pp 684–700, 1994 H Lu, D O’Regan, and R P Agarwal, An approximation approach to eigenvalue intervals for ¨ singular boundary value problems with sign ... sign changing nonlinearities,” Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, vol 11, no 1, pp 81–98, 2007 H Lu, D O’Regan, and R P Agarwal, “Existence to singular boundary value problems with sign ... Netherlands, 2003 R P Agarwal and D O’Regan, “Twin solutions to singular Dirichlet problems, ” Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol 240, no 2, pp 433–445, 1999 D O’Regan, Theory...
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