Marketing theory a student text 2nd ed michael j baker and michael saren

Báo cáo khoa học: "Specifying the Parameters of Centering Theory: a Corpus-Based Evaluation using Text from Application-Oriented Domains" pot

Báo cáo khoa học:
... leaflet was treated as a separate segment We then identified by hand those violations of Constraint that appeared to be motivated by too broad a segmentation of the text. 2 Automatic computation of ... segmentation and about ranking We discuss some of the problems in what follows (The latest version of the annotation manual is available from the GNOME project’s home page.) Utterances Kameyama (1998) ... The principle we used to evaluate the different configurations of the theory was that the best definition of the parameters was the one that would lead to the fewest violations of Constraint and...
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twisted network programming essentials 2nd ed. - j. mckellar, a. fettig

twisted network programming essentials 2nd ed. - j. mckellar, a. fettig
... and ISBN For example: Twisted Network Programming Essentials, Second Edition, by Jessica McKellar and Abe Fettig (O’Reilly) Copyright 2013 Jessica McKellar, 97 8-1 -4 49 3-2 61 1-1 .” If you feel your ... maintain a python -twisted package as well as packaged versions of Twisted s dependencies To install Twisted on a dpkg-based system, run: apt-get install python -twisted On an rpm-based system, run: ... messages in lineReceived Example 2-5 from twisted. internet.protocol import Factory from twisted. protocols.basic import LineReceiver from twisted. internet import reactor class ChatProtocol...
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