45974 irregular verbs bingo

26565 past simple bingo 2 irregular verbs

26565 past simple bingo 2  irregular verbs
... taught caught forgot rang knew paid stoo d began forgot knew sold stoo grew d paid fought san g Past Tense Bingo – Call Cards lose break fall fly pay lost fell paid know broke flew knew sing grow catch...
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English irregular verbs

English irregular  verbs
... World 12 13 Cup after he failing a drugs test Another of the greatest players was the 13 14 Englishman George Best, but again the pressure of being a star was too great 14 15 for him He ... least 200 words on ONE of the following topics: (10 points) Topic The difficulties of learning English and how to overcome them Topic If you could change one important thing about your hometown,...
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irregular verbs - gap filling

irregular verbs - gap filling
... English Banana.com Test Your Grammar Skills The Funny Noise – Irregular Verbs in the Past Simple Tense (gap- fill) Answers: Dear Ethel I’m writing to tell you about something that happened...
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... spoilt spotlighted, spotlit spread sprang stood starved staved, stove stayed, staid stole stuck stung stank, stunk strewed struck strode strung NGUYEÃN TROÏNG QUAÂN shot shown, showed shred, shredded ... spoilt spotlighted, spotlit spread sprung stood starved staved, stove stayed, staid stolen stuck stung stunk strewed, strewn struck, strucken strid(den) strung shoot show shred shrink shrive shut ... overslept overspread overtook overthrew overworked partook paid pleaded, pled prepaid proved put quit, quitted raised NGUYEÃN TROÏNG QUAÂN outgone outgrown output, outputted outrideen outrun outsold...
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