29128 all about me book

all about me activity book

all about me activity book
... this booklet to form a wee story all about you Me Stick your picture below and then write who you are Making My Mark! Trace around or draw your hand to leave your mark Tell us something about ... Activity key Find out/ask family Talk in your group or class Write Cut and stick All About Me All people are different We have different friends, ... funny face! Sometimes people use different names for these parts of the body Can you find out about them? 13 Make a Face! Cut and stick the parts of the face Then draw or stick on some hair You...
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30464 all about me

30464 all about me
... favourite food? E I like football What is your favourite game? F Yes I can / No I can’t Do you like English class? G I have a sister called Susan Can you swim? H My name’s Fred Interview your friend: ... Match the questions and answers What’s your name? A I have a goldfish called Bubbles Where you live? B I like spaghetti Have you got any brothers or sisters? ... _ What is your favourite food? _ What is your favourite game? _ Do you like English classes? _ Can you ride a bike?...
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