39498 infinitive gerund

Bài tập infinitive gerund

Bài tập infinitive  gerund
... GERUND OR INFINITIVE Use the correct form of the verbs in the parentheses I hope .( have) a job Try...
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Gerund Or Infinitive?

Gerund Or Infinitive?
... earn, scrubbing, make, blackmailing Page INFINITIVE, GERUND, PRESENT PARTICIPLE Put the verbs in brackets into a correct form When more than one form is possible it will be noted in the key When ... day! 19 Try (forget) it: it isn't worth (worry) about 20 There is no point in (remain) in a dangerous place if you can't anything (help) the people who have (stay) there 21 The horse won't be ... use either gerund or infinitive, but there tends to be a slight difference in implication * like + gerund usually means 'enjoy'; it also usually implies that the action is/was performed: I like...
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How to use Gerund and Infinitive (grade 6-9)

How to use Gerund and Infinitive (grade 6-9)
... came to know him well towards the endof the war / He didn’t want to he left alone Do you mean to say he actually approves of it b To inf ” thường sử dụng sau động từ : To make up one’s To take ... with prefer : -Prefer + gerund : I prefer staying home to going to the concert -Prefer + inf : I prefer to stay home than (to) go the concert -Forget ** followed by agerund usually occurs in ... first time He stopped to eat I’m to tied I stop working , for a moment a/ The teacher permitted them to turn the assignment in late b/ The teacher permitted going out… B To inf : dùng trường...
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Gerund- Infinitive and Bare Infinitive

Gerund- Infinitive and Bare Infinitive
... (go) and see the boss and say what you've done If you put off _ (explain) it to her, she'll only more annoyed 47 No, that's not what I meant (say) How can I make you _ (understand)? 48 ... job, but she wasn’t Max finished (do / to be done / to / doing) his homework and then he went to the party with George and Bill 10 Please don’t forget (feeding / fed / to feed / to be fed) the baby ... the Queen in London Sun-young avoids (buy / to buy / bought / buying) underwear at the second-hand store The girls agreed (to be divided / to divide / dividing / divide) the cake equally The...
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... banana skin Gerund, infinitive and present participle 149 Gerund, infinitive and present participle PEG 266-71 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms Note that sometimes a bare infinitive ... people Infinitive, gerund, present participle PEG 266-75, 295 C, 295 D This exercise includes examples of both ing forms, the gerund and the present participle Either present participle or infinitive ... and (let) the workers (decide) the matter themselves 150 Gerund, infinitive and present participle PEG 266-71 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms Remember that sometimes a bare infinitive...
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grammar unit 3: gerund and infinitive + ex enclosed

grammar unit 3: gerund and infinitive + ex enclosed
... + gerund Verbs + preposition + gerund I expect to see you again  I look forward Adjective / nouns + preposition + gerund Do you like swimming  Are you fond Verbs + Object + ... Verbs + possessive + gerund Is it alright if I close the door?  Would you mind Verbs + object + to inf If I were you, I wouldn’t stay up too late  I advise Verbs + object + preposition ... cancer ring UNIT 3: PARTY Exercise 3: Rewrite each sentences as directed pay attention to the structures given above Structure Example Verbs + gerund/ to infinitive/ bare inf Why don’t we stay...
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Bai tap Gerund and to-infinitive

Bai tap Gerund and to-infinitive
... problem 30 She is fed (queue) for her unemployment benefit every thursday Exercises on gerund and to-infinitive 1.Our front gate is falling to pieces It really wants (repair) I was beginning ... hopuse 40 I’ve never been to Ireland but I’d like (go) there 41 I’m in a difficult question What you advise me (do)? 42 We were kept at the station for hours and then we were allowed (go) 43 ... don’t you try (drink) some water? 21 She got annoyed because her husband stopped (look) in every shop window 22 Just stop (talk) and listen for a moment 23 If we hadn’t turnedthe music off they’d...
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gerund and infinitive

gerund and infinitive
... secretary" 85 We were opponents of the political regimes , and that led to (we/come) the United State thirty-five years ago 86 Did you understand the solution to the calculus problem? " No, Dr Baker's ... homework? " 106 Martin hasn't been very well lately and he wants (examine) by a good doctor 107 I took a cheap travel in Europe by (take) a train and( eat) in inexpensive restaurant 108 (Make ) a ... morning 68 They don't approve (we/leave)early 69 George asked(I/call) him last night 70 We understand (he/have) to leave early 71 John resented (George/ lose) the paper 72 We object ( they/ call)...
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tap hop cac truong hop su dung gerund va infinitive

tap hop cac truong hop su dung gerund va infinitive
... are looking forward (we/visit) them 75 Susan regrets ( I/ be) in trouble 76 I'm worried ( fail) my final exam in maths 77 (Mike/get) the scholarship really surprised me 78 Many Northerners look ... in such poisonous condition 101 " What's wrong with Henry? " - " He needs(cheer )up" 102 " Why are you mad?" - " I dislike(you/ call ) me by my first name " 103 " Which baseball team you support?" ... (eat) hamburgers " 88 We insisted (see) by the manager 89 (You/ nominated ) for director must have surprised you 90 "What are you reading"? " It's a magazine article (make) your own furniture " 91...
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