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... compilation of homonyms, as in KK and MW3, extra homonym sets or larger sets can be produced across the dialects For instance, two words OPERATIONALLY DEFINED HOMONYMS which are not homonyms within ... size of the data set inevitably reduces the number of homonyms, even in this data set of non-specialized, non-foreign, and non-archaic words, the homonyms make up a significant percentage of the ... where each of these groups has the same pronunciation as a non-dialectal homonym set Summary and Conclusions To summarize our results, an exhaustive compilation of the homonyms of elementary...
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A study on homonyms in English

A study on homonyms in English
... Lexical meaning 2.1.1 Direct meaning 2.1.2 Indirect meaning 10 2.2 10 Grammatical meaning CHAPTER II: HOMONYMS IN ENGLISH I Definitions of homonyms 14 II Classification of homonyms 17 The main ways ... has only one meaning, and each meaning is associated with only one sign This one-to-one relationship is not realized in natural languages When several related meanings are associated with the same ... Seal, n – a sea animal Seal, n – a design printed on paper by means of a stamp 1.2.2 Partial homonyms Partial homonyms are subdivided into three subgroups: A Simple lexico-grammatical partial homonyms...
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4039 homophones and homonyms

4039 homophones and homonyms
... have a very strong scent The woman wears old _ but they always look nice clothes My grandmother is very to me dear I got it my birthday for I f I slept in a cave all winter ... need one more _ to have enough money cent 12 Only _ students attended class today eight 13 Grandma said never _ your mind to new ideas close 14 Dad pressed hard on the to stop the car ... drops few on the trees during the night dew 25 The groom said ‘I ‘in a loud voice 26 Both Joey and Paul ate two mangoes Therefore they ate _ mangoes in all four 27 I have an appointment on...
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