plural forms of nouns worksheet 1

29034 plural of nouns

29034 plural of nouns
... large lakes with tons of fish and there is a beautiful orchard with many kinds of fruit It’s really a very nice farm 7) Underline on the text above the words that are in the plural: 8) HUNTWORD ... of job There are big animals on the farm like cows, oxen, horses and little animals like hens, gees e and pigs He has many buffaloes and sheep He’s a rich farm Every year he sells thousands of ... W L C J T H M Z W D H T E E T KNIVES LADIES LEAVES LOAVES MEN MICE MONKEYS MOSQUITOES PIANOS ROOFS TEETH WOMEN X P C A J M O E N S H E H O R O B D E E R C S E K C W M R L S Y E K N O D I R I...
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