Find and correct the errors III tiếng anh 12 ngô đình bảo thoa

Find And Correct The Errors III

Find And Correct The Errors III
... with the procedures would not know how to handle the situation A B C D 23 Standing among so many strangers, the frightened child began to sob uncontrollable A B C D 24 The teacher tried to make the ... the meeting ought send a short note to the chairperson A B C D 27 The teachers and the administrators are having such difficult time agreeing on a contract for the A B forthcoming year that the ... A B C D 33 The political candidate talked as if she has already been elected to the presidency A B C D 34 The salad tasted so well that my brother returned to the salad bar for another helping...
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... prepare for the wedding A approximately B generally C frankly D simply 38 The ………….to success is to be ready from the start A key B response C agreement D demand 39 We are trying to control the constancy ... up 29 The number of women living in poverty has risen by 50% since 1970, the number of men by 30% A stayed on B gone up C kept away D cooled off 30 Getting good education and making money themselves ... letter D answer 11 In case of………… , you can call me at the office A fiction B automation C urgency D importance 12 ………………surely leads to the loss of many factory jobs A automatic B automation...
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