write about your last holiday

Write about your favorite book

Write about your favorite book
... Books about real things non-fiction : books about real events and facts 4/ A book someone's life biography : books about the life story of a person written by someone else autobiography : a book ... ideas or subject of a book be about , be set in, be based on, theme, Writing tips : When you are writing about your favorite book: 1/ - Say briefly what it's about It's about a young boy called ... khảo textbook : a book that contains detailed information about a subject for people who are studying that subject sách giáo khoa dictionary atlas : a book of maps 6/ s.o who writes books : writer,...
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Write about your favourite sport Swimming Basketball Badminton Cricket Football Volleyball Baseball Tennis Tips for answering this topic

Write about your favourite sport  Swimming  Basketball  Badminton  Cricket  Football  Volleyball  Baseball  Tennis  Tips for answering this topic
... game also Basketball to me is overall the best sport out of all of the other sports such as baseball, soccer, and football I also believe out of all these sports basketball is the best sport to ... constantly! Tips for answering this topic: What kind of sport it is ? Who you play it with ? Where you play it ? And explain why you enjoy playing it If you pick an outdoor games like cricket, football, ... it.Some sports, like American football, are rough and dangerous But volleyball is friendly and gentle Just don't forget to wear knee-pads to protect yourself when you dive for the ball 7 .Baseball: ...
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Write down your thoughts and feelings about yourpast pps

Write down your thoughts and feelings about yourpast pps
... can buy the daily necessities easily and my children may go to school I will buy a piece of land and cultivate cash crops I will start on a subsistence basis and will finally end up in commercial ... nature I learnt the most valuable lesson about true friendship and mere hypocrisy I fell into a reflective mood Why should people become materialistic and self-centered when they become successful? ... briefcase and there, to my utter astonishment was thousands of dollars Unfortunately, at that very moment, my assistant superintendent stepped in with some constables He looked astonished and speechless...
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Tài liệu Talk about your career plan docx

Tài liệu Talk about your career plan docx
... consider these following: Your Marketing Plan Nothing can help you identify your goals more than your marketing plan You learn a lot about your company, your competitors and your long-term goals by ... by creating and following your marketing plan Create a Plan of Action This model shows you how freelancers and agencies put their own plan of action in place Define Your Advertising Budget Books ... the next day allows your sub-conscious to work out ways to improve your productivity while you sleep – at least that’s what we’ve found to be true in our organization + Your career After I graduate,...
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