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Glycoprotein methods protocols - biotechnology 048-9-001-013.pdf

Glycoprotein methods protocols - biotechnology 048-9-001-013.pdf
... different methods are available: solution assays such as colorimetric assays for hexose and sialic acid; membrane-based methods such as slot-blotting and staining with periodic acid-Schiff reagent; ... correct volume of 10 Davies and Carlstedt ice-cold dry propan-1-ol to give a 100 mM solution DFP is unstable in water but can be stored at –20°C in propan-1-ol After dilution, the vial as well as ... putative cell membrane-associated mucin Biochem J 338, 325–333 Desseyn, J.-L., Guyonet-Dupérat, V., Porchet, N., Aubert, J.-P., and Laine, A (1997) Human mucin gene MUC5B, the 10.7-kb large central...
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Báo cáo khoa học: " Medication errors: a prospective cohort study of hand-written and computerised physician order entry in the intensive care unit"

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... analysed the results and drafted the article MS was involved in critically revising the draft JG made substantial contributions to the data analysis GB was substantially involved in the analysis, ... Proportion of medicationorder entry (CPOE) using the Clinical Informacomputerised physician order entry (CPOE) using the Clinical Information System with 95% confidence intervals Hand-written prescribing ... bias in the results and is a limitation of the study Medical errors are among the leading causes of death in the United States In its highly publicised report, the Institute of Medicine estimates...
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Báo cáo khoa học: "Impact of computerized physician order entry on medication prescription errors in the intensive care unit: a controlled cross-sectional trial"

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... data, statistical analysis and drafting of the manuscript BC was responsible for data acquisition, analysis of the data, and drafting of the manuscript JD was responsible for conceiving the study, ... ml/minute The parameters needed to calculate the creatinine clearance were always available in both the PB-U and the C-U In addition to the pharmacists' own professional knowledge, clinical guidelines ... in the case of vancomycin prescriptions, physicians had to order a 'vancomycin loading dose' and a 'vancomycin dose according to plasma level', without having to adjust anything, which virtually...
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Calculation of material balance for catalytic reforming of naphtha fractions

Calculation of material balance for catalytic reforming of naphtha fractions
... In order to account for the influence of various catalysts on the reforming of naphtha cuts, numerical values of these rate constants must be known After integrating and transforming Eqs (5)-(8), ... Figs - Also shown for comparison are the analogous relationships for the process of reforming over an aluminosilicate catalyst of one of the earlier modifications 16 An analysis of Eqs (1) and (9), ... used to calculate the rate constants of reforming reactions in reactors with either a fixed or moving bed of catalyst Examples of numerical calculations of these constants are given in Table...
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